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30 Bright and Comfy Sofas that Add Color to the Living Room

We always talk of the living room as a monolithic unit. Every little detail in the room is like a small piece of the larger jigsaw. Disturb one and you might have to end up creating an entirely new picture! The fabulous and comfy couch is definitely at the center of this delightful setting and is inarguably the most important piece of décor in any living space. A couch can define the style of your living room and as an extension that of your kitchen and dining space as well. It pretty much lays down the marker for everything else and is the one large addition that can transform the living room ambiance.

Senza from Karup combines the sofa and chaise lounge into one

A sofa in neutral hues that vary between pristine white to light browns and bluish-grays are generally the norm in most living rooms… that is, till just a few years ago! Today’s living rooms are going down a more exciting path with revitalized trends from ravishing 80s and nostalgic 70s making a grand comeback. A colorful and striking sofa is definitely a part of this exuberant new look. Visually captivating and yet still decidedly modern, here are 30 latest sofas and sectionals that combine comfort with color and panache –

Modular Sofas and Adaptable Daybeds

Modular sofas – they are quickly becoming the next big thing in contemporary living rooms. Allowing you to use the small urban living room in multiple ways and turning the large, open living area into a more social setting, modular sofas work well in pretty much every home. Apart from allowing you to easily move around individual pieces to fashion multiple compositions, modular sofa units also give you the convenience of adding more seating with growing family needs. Adaptable, fun and undoubtedly colorful, they bring an air of playfulness to the living room.

Adding color and pattern to the living room with modular sofa units from Calia Italia
Fun combination of modular units for a comfy lunging experience from Fama
Modular sofa units from Calia Italia add color, contrast and design comfort
Unique and exceptional modular design of DS 600 from de sede
Cassius Deluxe Excel Lounger in pink from Innovation

The DS-600 from de sede is an icon in its own right. Unique, sculptural and presenting an unending array of possibilities, this unmistakable sofa is for those who wish to add something truly amazing to their living space. Providing and entirely different, yet equally versatile are sofas like the Cassius Deluxe Excel Lounger that can also double as a daybed. Then there are alternatives like the sofa bed from ACTONA turns the small living room of your studio apartment into an additional guest room with ease.

Dark bluish-gray sectional and daybed for the living room
Modular sofa beds allow you to turn the small apartment living room into an extra bedroom
Velvety red luxury for the audacious interior
Compact sofa bed designed by ACTONA Company

Space-Savvy Sectionals

Much like the colorful couch, sectionals were considered as ‘irrelevant dinosaurs’ of a different era during the 90s. And just like bright and brilliant sofas, the convenient and adaptable sectional has made a grand comeback in the last few years. Today’s sectionals are all about maximizing space, utilizing the living room corner, creating an organized living room and setting the tone for an ergonomic interior. Providing ample sitting room and also bringing modular ease, sectionals have become a staple of sorts in most urban apartments. Even in the expansive living areas, a colorful sectional can delineate space without seeming out of place.

Matching ottoman adds to the comfort and class of the colorful couch
Refined and striking sectional in red
Sectional utilizes the corner in the small living room
Combining a light hue with darker shade to create a unique living room
Gorgeous and colorful sectional from Freistil Rolf Benz

A Red Tinge

Looking beyond functionality and focusing on aesthetics, we start off our journey by delving into a world of sofas with a distinct red hue. The many shades of red and the finish of the sofa allow the bold and conspicuous red couch to be a part of many different living rooms. A dashing sofa in wine red and clad in leather looks as much at home in modern and eclectic living rooms as it does in traditional living spaces. Modern couches in lither tones of red, pastel pink and even burnt orange are increasingly becoming part of smart homes where neutral backdrops demand a splash of uplifting brightness.

Classic modern sofa in bright red
Smart nordic design allows the trendy couch to fit into contemporary space
Contemporary sofa in red from Chateau d’Ax
Neutral living space with sofas in red
Bold orange couch from Vibieffe

An Array of Blues

Blue for the living room couch is no longer viewed as a daring decorating choice. In fact, bluish-gray contemporary sofas are popular among the most popular around. But those craving for snazzier and more dazzling shades of blue might want to think twice before they bring home a sofa in cobalt or peacock blue! It is not so much about whether they look good on the catalog page as it is about how much you really like the particular shade and tint of blue. If it is just a passing fascination, then you might have to splurge on a brand new sofa just a few seasons down the line!

Dark colored sofa acnchors a living room in neutral hues with ease
Dazzling peacock blue for the couch is a showstopper
Elegant light blue couch is a smart space-saver
Bright and beautiful sofa in dark blue from Vilmers with modular design

Explore Different Hues

While blue sofas lead the pack when it comes to colorful couches and red come sin second, the likes of yellow, green and orange are not all that far behind either. Yellow sofas look best in black and white, monochromatic and sun-kissed interiors where the cheerful couch stands out visually. Green is a rare choice and it is best to repeat the color in the living room to create more coherent look. Orange is a spunky alternative and makes an instant impact. Do not believe us? Then just recollect the gang of Friends hanging out in central Perk and you will realize that it is the big orange sofa that springs to mind instantly!

Exquisite leather sofa in Scandinavian style from Bolia
Ingenious sofa in yellow is he perfect way to give the living room a cheerful focal point
Striking green couch from bruhl
Yellow sofa is a fine choice for the modern eclectic living space
Comfy modern couch in bright yellow from Jakobsen Home
Dashing sofa brings a touch olive green to the living room

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