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Modern Moroccan-Inspired Bathrooms That Promise Exotic Indulgence

Over the last few weeks we have turned our attention towards Moroccan-inspired interiors, which are quickly becoming a hot design trend across the globe. Bright colors, lovely patterns and bold motifs play a significant role in bringing home a dash of Moroccan elegance. Whether it is exotic bedrooms or breathtaking living spaces, Moroccan accents and decor are becoming an integral part of contemporary homes. While some prefer simple additions like the shiny ottoman, others love a more expansive and authentic approach. Today we finish this month-long journey with Moroccan-inspired bathrooms.

Luxurious contemporary bath uses the Moroccan design elements [Design: Gordon Stein Design]

The bathroom is probably the best place to usher in exotic design and decorating elements that also offer visual and sensual opulence. Ticking both these boxes with affluence and panache are Moroccan-style additions that range from the subtle to the sensational. Here are some amazing inspirations that get you started on the right path in the quest for that perfect modern bathroom with Moroccan charm.

Exciting Colors and Patterns

Opulent and colorful bathroom with strong Moroccan influence [Design: Chris Barrett Design]

Moroccan-style blue tiles, a wooden canopy over the bathtub that adds an exotic punch and fabulous decor additions with distinct Mediterranean flavor turn this modern bathroom into a serene and comfy personal retreat. Obviously the homeowner decided to commit to the style fully, and the results are truly mesmerizing. The addition of the patterned rug and the custom-crafted ceiling enhance the style.

Moroccan patterns meet Spanish Colonial style in this lavish bathroom [Design: PavoReal Interiors]

This cool bathroom is a wonderful mix of Spanish Colonial style with typical earthen hues and patterns that were borrowed from North African culture. Obviously, both styles are influenced by one another, while the addition of the gorgeous arched nook behind the bathtub gives it a subtle Mediterranean appeal.

Finish of the bathtub adds to the trendy Mediterranean style [Design: House + House Architects]

It is the finish of the walls, the bathtub and the floating vanity that instantly draw your attention here. It has a rustic, earthen vibe that is hard to miss, while the bright blue and orange usher in the Moroccan vibe. The lack of patterns gives the entire space a more Mediterranean look, but just add a colorful rug with a bold print and it is transformed instantly.

Rich color and texture usher in the Classic Moroccan Style [Design: Utopia Lifestyle]

While we often talk about the significance of color and pattern in the classic Moroccan style, we tend to miss the amazing contrast of textures it demands. The walls of this lovely master bathroom remind us that a subtle change in texture can make a huge difference to the overall appeal of a Moroccan-inspired interior. An intricate mirror frame and metallic accents further enrich the ambiance of the bathroom.

Contemporary reinterpretation of a lavish Moroccan bathroom [Design: Moroccan Design]

This sleek, contemporary bath reinterprets the traditional attributes of Moroccan design and gives the style a whole new twist. Grasscloth wallcoverings in purple give the bathroom a majestic appeal, while Moroccan-style windows and lantern light additions create a beautiful, dreamy feel.

Custom-crafted window and lantern-style lighting steal the show [Design: Wendy Black Rodgers]

Lantern-style lights are the easiest way to give your existing bathroom lovely Moroccan overtones without completely committing to the style. Here, the bold use of color and the custom-designed window behind the bathtub accentuate the style with ease. If you observe carefully, the mirror above the vanity, intricately carved vanity doors and even the smartly placed painting add to the Moroccan style.

Add color and pattern to your relaxing spa-like bath [Design: TNT Simmonds]

The versatility of Moroccan tiles allows you to add them to even Mediterranean-inspired patios and living rooms without any hassle. So, it only is natural that they play a key role in giving the modern bathroom a fabulous Moroccan vibe. With a tiled backdrop like the one above, you can switch between the accent and decor additions to change from Moroccan to Mediterranean style with ease.

A Fusion of Styles

Moroccan architectural style combined with contemporary style [Design: Gordon Stein Design]

We love this chic contemporary bathroom for its creative blend of Moroccan style with modern design. The architectural features of the bathroom, the Mashrabiya-style window and the beautiful arches behind the bathtub give the bathroom a fascinating and inimitable look. Yet the bold color and daring patterns of Moroccan design are done away with and you have a clean, pristine white backdrop. A perfect fusion of two contrasting styles!

Bathroom tiles and mirrors give it a distinct Moroccan appeal [Design: Facings of America]

Often we turn towards bathroom windows, flooring, backsplashes and accessories to give it a Moroccan vibe. Yet here the interior designer used mirrors in a clever fashion to give the transitional bathroom a hint of Moroccan glamour. Obviously the patterned tiles also complement the look, but it is the mirrors that steal the show!

Drapes and Decor give the bath a Moroccan appeal [Design: Andrea Schumacher Interiors]

This is a perfect example of how one can use decor and drapes to give an existing bathroom Moroccan overtones without actually committing to the style fully. This approach also means you do not have to worry about a full-scale renovation just to alter the design style of the bathroom. Shop at your local flea market and add a few vintage finds to complete the look.

Contemporary reinterpretation of a Moroccan-style bathroom [Design: Mary DeWalt Design Group]

If the bathroom above had a more traditional appeal, this one goes in the opposite direction. In fact, one could argue that there are no obvious decor additions and patterns that give the space a Moroccan style. Yet this contemporary master bathroom draws from the magnetism of the earthen color scheme and the subtle arches that are an integral part of the North African design style.

Moroccan pattern wallpaper and wall art give the space a quick makeover [CM Glover Photography]

Moroccan-patterned wallpaper is easy to find, available in a wide range of hues and offers a quick, budget-friendly way to bring playful excitement to the bathroom. Here carefully curated art installations add to the aura of the space and emphasize the Moroccan-inspired theme.

A blend of Spanish revival and Moroccan styles [Design: Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects]

Look at the amazing pattern that the Moroccan-style lantern casts on the walls all around it! This is one of the many reasons why they are becoming such popular additions in homes irrespective of the theme itself. Here, the master bathroom combines the Spanish Revival style with Moroccan accents to create a tranquil retreat.

Add a subtle Moroccan flavor to the bathroom with the right tile [Design: Mercury Mosaics and Tile]

And finally we have a bathroom for those who are still not happy about taking a deeper plunge into the Moroccan style. If nothing else works, then give your bathroom a quick makeover this summer with some Moroccan tiles. The choices here are endless, and they seamlessly blend with any style and theme that you already have going.

So, are you tempted to give your bathroom a magical Moroccan makeover?

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