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Relaxing Modern Seaside Home Down Under Blends in with the Landscape

The beautiful and relaxing town of Portsea on the Mornington Peninsula in Australia is the setting for this exquisite and understated seaside house that charms you with its simplicity. Designed by Mitsuori Architects, the Portsea Beach House feels more like a serene vacation home rather than a mundane residence with an exterior that is clad in wood. With the homeowner wanting a residence that became a part of the seaside community in a fluid fashion despite offering contemporary comfort, a fusion of modern and beach styles was the obvious choice. Despite the monochromatic feel, the exterior still appears elegant.

Modern beach style home in Melbourne with a woodsy sheen

An open plan living area, dining space and kitchen open up towards the lush green garden with the footprint of the house being kept deliberately minimal. This gives it a much eco-friendlier vibe and allows those inside to enjoy the landscape unhindered. Transition between the living area inside and the wooden deck outside is just seamless and the woodsy neutral look is embraced in every room in here. Fabulous modern décor and smart lighting complete the living area with the bedrooms and other private spaces being tucked away discreetly.

Minimal and understated footprint of the house allows it to blend in with the landscape
Open plan living area of the home finds its way on to the deck outside in a seamless manner
Sliding, stackable glass doors with a wooden frame connect the living area with the deck outside
Street view of the Portsea Beach House designed by Mitsuori Architects
Warm lighting illuminates the fabulous beach house after sunset
Wooden flooring adds warmth and elegance to the dining area and kitchen in white

Pops of blue and green in different rooms of the home and warm lighting drive away any sense of boredom even as smart acoustics keep noise away from the living areas. A fusion of open living and adequate privacy, this is a modern beach style house with a difference! [Photography: Michael Kai]

Charming little wooden deck with al fresco dining space extends the living area outdoors
Combining modernity with relaxing beach style inside the modern home
Contemporary decor in gray and white shapes the dining area and kitchen of the house
Light wooden tones on the outside create a monochromatic exterior for the beach house
Design plan of Portsea Beach House by Mitsuori Architects Down Under

Sherry Nothingam

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