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Ingenious Tree Trunk Decor Brings Home A Hint Of Sleek Rustic Charm!

Exuding a sense of raw, natural passion and plenty of style, the fabulous Mountain Collection is all about celebrating the wild outdoors. Designed with contemporary panache despite using rustic elements, this amazing series of furnishings is a must have for any nature lover. Conjured up and created by Alexander and Matteo Bagnai for Momenti, each of the pieces in the Mountain edition draws your attention instantly and ensures that your interiors assume a fresh, creative look. The warmth of natural wood is combined with modern finishes to give the tree trunk decor an exceptional appeal.

Mountain collection of Tree Trunk Furniture

Featuring a mesmerizing collection of tables, benches, mirrors, stools and even floating shelves, the complete series promises to transform the ambiance of your home. One of the instantly recognizable features of the Mountain Collection is the versatility and adaptability it brings to the table. Each of the pieces seamlessly fits in with any design theme that you have going, ranging from the farmhouse and the rustic to the minimal and the contemporary. Mirrored finishes and glossy surfaces balance the raw, natural wood to offer cool visual and textural contrast.

Tree trunk bench and table with a glass top

Naural tree trunk slices turned into gorgeous stools

Salavaged tree trunk decor idea for the contemporary living room

Simple and uncomplicatde form of the tree trunk furniture

Twin coffee tables from tree trunks with a polished, glossy top

Amazing Specchio wooden shelf in the bedroom

Bright metallic legs of the Tree Trunk Decor

Combining the contemporary with the rustic

Tree Trunk Decor from Momenti

Exquisite tree trunk shelves with a modern, polished surface

The ottomans and poufs with legs crafted from tree trunks blend comfort with ergonomics, while it is tree trunk mirrors made from solid wood and silver mirrors that end up being the showstoppers. There are also the trendy cocktail tables with metallic bases, and shelves and consoles that move away from the beaten path of design with clean, straight lines.

Imaginative, elegant and posh, these tree trunk furnishings add character and a sense of individuality without trying too hard!

Floating tree trunk shelf with a mirrored finish

Floating tree trunk shelves look great even in the contemporary home

Give your home a natural look with cool wooden stools

Modern decor crafted from salvaged tree trunks


Give your home a rustic makeover with the tree trunk decor

Give the bedroom a revamp using a mirror with wooden frame

Stylish living room pouf from tree trunks

Comfy stools with a base crafted from natural wood

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