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50 Bathroom Lighting Ideas to Brighten Your Space

Most of us start and end our days in the bathroom, so it is understandable that this important spot in our home should feel like a place of serenity and cleanliness — a spot where you can relax, recharge, and unwind. But if your bathroom is dim and dark, it certainly will not feel appealing. A dimly lit bathroom can be problem number one for a space that is uninviting, cold, and harsh.

Proper lighting can improve your bathroom space, especially if you want a bathroom that is spa-like, relaxing, and beautiful. In order to help you improve the lighting in your bathroom, we have rounded up some spectacular lighting ideas for the bathroom that we know you are going to love!

Photo Credit: The Pankonien Group

Things to Consider Before Choosing Your Bathroom Lighting

The procedure for choosing lighting for a bathroom can be overwhelming. The many areas in the bathroom that require different types of lighting. The vanity, tub area, and shower may require different fixtures based on your bathroom layout, but the room’s overall design still needs to feel trendy and cohesive.

Here are some things to keep in mind before you begin pursuing the light section at your local home improvement store or shopping online.

Don’t Wait to Think About Lighting

Consider your bathroom lighting early on in your renovation. It may be necessary to move around electrical, and you will want to do this before any cosmetic work is started.

Consider How Much Lighting is Needed

When selecting bathroom vanity light fixtures, consider how much light you will need. Bathrooms without natural light from a window are likely to need more brilliant vanity lights. In most cases, a vanity fixture alone can’t provide enough overall light for an entire bathroom. They are best used in conjunction with recessed or another overhead lighting.

Stick to Similar Finishes 

While it’s not required for all lighting to match exactly — for example, you can have a different style of sconces other than your overhead fixtures but it’s best to keep them in the same finish family to maintain harmony in the bathroom’s overall design.

Don’t Forget the Tub Area

A sconce is an excellent solution for creating a special atmosphere for a tub area. It adds to an overhead fixture’s soothing atmosphere that can be challenging to achieve.

Size Matters

Depending on the size and style of a bathroom, a pendant light or chandelier can make it feel grand and palatial. The proper fixture can make a statement and set the tone for the bathroom’s design.

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Now that we have given you some food for thought, let’s take a look at some fixtures and designs that are sure to inspire!

Under Cabinet and Mirror Lighting

For bathrooms that are short on natural light, you can light up the space in other ways without clogging the bathroom (no pun intended) down with tons of light fixtures. Under vanity lighting or under cabinet lighting is a great way to add light to an inconspicuous space.

You can also mount lighting directly on a mirror. This takes a little bit more finesse work, but a full wall-to-wall mirror with the lighting applied directly on it looks absolutely regal.

Photo Credit: Jennifer Welch Designs
Glam white master bathroom featuring pops of pink for soft accents invites a chic appeal. Off white double washstand with a white quartz countertop and a paneled vanity mirror completed with a gray marble hexagon floor creates a well designed and timless space.
Photo Credit: Amanda Reynal Interiors

A back-lit mirror is also another way to add inconspicuous lighting. You can illuminate your vanity and its surroundings without taking up valuable real estate with a ton of fixtures.

Photo Credit: Kitchens By Deane
Photo Credit: Kitchens by Deane

This bathroom has a ton of natural light thanks to two high windows but that doesn’t mean you still can’t play up the space with under cabinetry lighting and unique contemporary lighting fixtures.

This black modular chandelier creates a stunning focal point. The mixed finishes of the black chandelier and the brass wall sconces work because there is also black in the scones. The black finish is also picked up in the frame of the windows for all over cohesive contemporary vibe.

Photo Credit: MAWR

With a stunning floor like this, how could you not want it illuminated by under vanity lighting?

Photo Credit: Latala Homes

Wall Sconces for Days

Wall sconces are the most popular choice for lighting around the vanity, and you’re pretty safe with a lighting choice around a vanity if you opt for a traditional wall sconce, but why play it safe? Lighting should be fun and exciting — it should be an extension of your creative style and tastes, so when choosing a wall sconce, don’t miss the opportunity to really showcase some character and uniqueness.

Fun and Playful

Flower Power! The fun flower shape base to these gold wall sconces adds a playful yet chic vibe to this stunning powder room.

Photo Credit: Christine Markatos

How fun are these bubble-balloon wall sconces!? This certainly adds a playful charm to this space but doesn’t go overboard with that feel. This bathroom still has a unique sophistication about it that we just love!

Photo Credit: Vanessa Rome Interiors

Modern and contemporary, these unusual wall sconces lend this bathroom a masculine and almost space-age vibe that fills this space with character and uniqueness.

black vanity half bathroom board and batten wall dotted wallpaper round white mirror
Photo Credit: Black Lacquer Design
Photo Credit: IBB Design

Forever Farmhouse

Farmhouse-Industrial with a slight vintage touch. This bathroom channels a day out in the country. The gooseneck industrial farmhouse wall sconces are just the perfect addition to this charming space.

Photo Credit: Tiffany Farha Design

If black doesn’t suit your taste, you can opt for a gooseneck wall sconce in gold. We love the look of just one wall sconce in a smaller bathroom space.

A gold vanity mirror is hung from a white vertical plank trim and lit by a brass swing arm sconce. Beneath the mirror, an oil rubbed bronze wall mount faucet is fitted above a concrete vessel sink mounted to a bronze sink vanity.
Photo Credit: Graystone Custom Builders

It wouldn’t be a farmhouse bathroom without a beautiful set of barn light wall sconces. These beauty sets in a chrome finish pull this farmhouse cottage-style bathroom together.

cottage style bathroom with navy shiplap farmhouse lights double vanity
Photo Credit: Seabrooks Style
A frameless oval family mirror is lit by an oil rubbed bronze 2-light vintage barn sconce and fixed over a curved pedestal sink with a matte black faucet kit.
Photo Credit: Purity Designs

Traditional and Classic

Just because we told you to have fun with your wall sconces doesn’t mean you can’t stick with traditional and classic looks, though. Lighting like these will stand the test of time and not date you, so for those who want to play it safe, you can still achieve a luxurious and elegant look without worrying about trends.

Photo Credit: Sita Montgomery
Photo Credit: Karen B Wolf

Go Big with a Breathtaking Chandelier

If you have a large bathroom and space will allow, fill the middle of your bathroom with an abundance of light from a stunning chandelier. To create a spa-like atmosphere at home, you can incorporate a chandelier into your bathroom design.

A lucite and brass chandelier lights a black and white cast iron bathtub placed on black and white hexagon floor tiles and paired with a floor mount chrome tub filler. The tub filler is mounted in front of black framed windows, while stacked feather art in black frames is hung behind the bathtub.
Photo Credit: Hendel Homes

Nothing says rich and luxurious like gold and crystal; together, these two materials make the most stunning chandeliers.

Photo Credit: Kim Grant Design

A white lamp shade drum chandelier is great for those bathrooms that want modern but still like a touch of the classic and traditional. These lights can swing either way, making them a perfect addition to most bathrooms.

Photo Credit: Change & Co.

This stunning bathroom has a whole Mediterranean modern look, from the detailing on the mirror to the gorgeous chandelier. The French patio doors that open up and let in lots of natural light allow this designer to expand to the non-traditional style of bathroom lighting.

Photo Credit: Burnham Design

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Photo Credit: Middle Fork Luxury

Modern luxury comes to mind for this space. A contemporary stylish chandelier that is quite literally dripping style and taste. This large palatial bathroom is the lap of luxury for sure.

Photo Credit: Lindye Galloway
Moroccan style master bathroom features an open shower clad in ivory and cream tiles framing marble mosaic accent tiles and flanked by Moroccan style doors.
Photo Credit: Brooks and Falotico

Deep Rich Color

Beautiful wall sconces and light fixtures need an equal amount of beautiful paint colors. Go bold, deep. and rich with your paint colors. Gold is an easy fixture finish to work with as it complements pretty much every deep rich color choice.

Photo Credit: Zoe Feldman Designs
Brass and glass cylinder sconces mounted to a blue wall flank a brass framed inset medicine cabinet fixed above a blue washstand. The washstand dons aged brass knobs and an aged brass faucet fixed to a marble countertop under a marble shelf mounted against a marble backsplash.
Photo Credit: Amie Corley
White glass and brass sconces are mounted flanking a black French vanity mirror hung over a white bath vanity fitted with a slatted shelf, brass hardware, and an aged brass faucet kit. The washstand sits on taupe and black geometric floor tiles beside a white porcelain toilet fixed under a black and white art piece.
Photo Credit: Blakely Interior Design

Farmhouse Country Chic

Farmhouse-inspired furnishings paired with chic-style lighting are certainly a stylish combination. These hanging rope pendants aren’t a typical choice for vanity lighting as most designers opt for wall sconces, but we can’t help but swoon over this creative and unique chance this designer took with this bathroom renovation.

The jute wrapped hanging pendants keep with the Farmhouse style but lend a chic nautical vibe without going too much.

Photo Credit: Drew Castelhano

Another set of hanging pendants over a vanity. This time, these pendants have a light, airy feel, so the space is kept bright and simple.

Photo Credit: Hogue Interior Design

Modern Farmhouse

If you love farmhouse, but you’re over the cutesy, cottage farmhouse look, you may want to lean more towards modern farmhouse or even farmhouse-industrial. This bathroom here encompasses a little from each of those style tastes.

The large concrete counter and sink give off an industrial feel, while the sconces and hanging pendant give way to a modern farmhouse look.

Photo Credit: Divine Custom Homes

Just the Right Amount of Gold

One of our favorite finishes for light fixtures is gold. It’s chic, trendy, and elegant but can be overdone. This bathroom is a perfect example of just the right amount of gold complemented nicely alongside some stunning blue tile.

Photo Credit: Annie Downing Interiors

Over the Tub Lighting

If you’re lucky enough to have a free-standing tub, don’t waste an opportunity to incorporate a stunning visual display above with a light fixture that is charming, stunning, and full of character.

This lovely star-hanging pendant steals the show in this all-white and black modern bathroom. It’s the only bit of gold, and it really creates some sweet eye candy.

Photo Credit: House of Jade Interiors

A classical and timeless piece — this chandelier floats gracefully over this stunning tub, and with the marble tile as a backdrop, you can’t help but swoon over this rich and luxurious-looking space.

Photo Credit: Sita Montgomery

This flower-painted drum pendant is one of a kind and adds a unique bit of art to this all-white bathroom. It breaks up the white on white and lends just a small amount of color to add personality and style.

Photo Credit: Rose and Funk

Lend your space a rich and elegant feel with a beaded crystal chandelier. It’s lights like this that look magnificent in a modern space to add just that touch of old-world elegance.

walk in shower tiled wall behind oval tub crystal chandelier
Photo Credit: Two Hawks Designs

Don’t Be Afraid to Have Too Many Lights

If your bathroom is small or in cases of sloped ceilings, you can add a substantial amount of light with the use of ceiling mount lights and wall sconces.

Photo Credit: Jonathan Raith

Simple and Sweet

Being overdone and bold is not always best for a space. Sometimes you just have to let the lighting be simple and blend in with the space. In this bathroom, the bold blue color of the vanity really shines, and the lights have more of a supporting role, and that’s ok!

White and blue cottage bathroom boasts a blue dual washstand placed on charcoal gray herringbone floor tiles and fitted with shelves holding woven bins. The washstand is accented with polished nickel cup pulls and polished nickel faucets fixed beneath curved nickel mirrors. The mirror are hung over white staggered backsplash tiles and mounted to white shiplap under glass and nickel conical sconces.
Photo Credit: Marea Clark Interiors

Black, Bold and Elegant

Sophistication and style come together in this modern elegant bathroom. The black marble countertop finds an equally stunning partner in the modern gooseneck wall sconces.

Fixed to shiplap trim, gold and black sconces flank a square gold beveled mirror is hung over a honed black marble floating sink vanity finished with a brass faucet kit fixed to a black marble backsplash.
Photo Credit: Elizabeth Dinkel Design

Long and Linear

You may want to consider something long and linear for a contemporary and modern vibe. This style of light is becoming increasingly popular. You can hang two on either side of a mirror vertically or hang one above the mirror horizontally.

Bathroom features gold pulls on a black floating sink vanity with a white countertop and a brushed gold gooseneck faucet under a tall black vanity mirror flanked by long white and brass sconces.
Photo Credit: Emily Kates Design
Bathroom features a full length gold mirror flanked by long brass and glass sconces and white subway tiles with black grout over a black dual bath vanity with marble look countertop and oil rubbed bronze vintage faucets and black mosaic floor tiles.
Photo Credit: Lisa and LeRoy

These long styles of lights also look great installed on top of a mirror.

Marble and brass sconces on a frameless beveled vanity mirror above a black washstand with a white quartz countertop and brass pulls.
Photo Credit: Micah & Co

Hanging Pendants

Pretty, Pink, and Extraordinary

These unique hanging pendants are the perfect example of just how far you can go with creativity, from the glitter pink backdrop behind the mirror to the floral wallpaper and then circled right back to the exquisite design of these pendants. This bathroom has everything going on, and we love it!

A round gold mirror hangs from pink iridescent backsplash tiles lit by brass and rippled glass mini pendants fixed over a brass faucet kit.

Photo Credit: Tracy Lynn Studio

Crystals with Black

For a simple look that also has a bit of class and elegance, break up an all-white bathroom with a little black in your light fixtures. These hanging pendants here are perfect for this space, and the black is stunning but softened by the crystals.

Photo Credit: Fox Group Construction

Mirror and Wall Sconces Pairings

These wall sconces were made for this mirror! They blend seamlessly and look almost as if they are an extension of the mirror.

blue wall with wallpaper gold mirror wall sconces in half bathroom with white sink towel rack
Photo Credit: Lauren Leonard Interiors

A show-stopping mirror deserves to be the center of attention in this bathroom. It’s ok to let your lighting take second place to a pivotal element in your bathroom design. The gorgeous scallop design of this mirror mixed with the deep, gorgeous navy color allow this mirror to take center ring and have the wall sconces act as the second act, but that doesn’t mean they’re not important.

These simple chrome wall sconces add just the right bit of tradition to this stunning powder room.

Chic white and navy blue bathroom showcases a navy blue scalloped mirror flanked by polished nickel sconces and hung from a wall clad in white and gray wallpaper over a white pedestal sink fixed to gray staggered floor tiles.
Photo Credit: JK Interior Living

Lighting and Wallpaper

If you want to dress up a pair of plain wall sconces, try installing them on top of pretty patterned wallpaper. Wallpaper can make such an impact and statement in a bathroom and can help accentuate your lighting.

black frame oval mirror in half bath with pedestal sink wall sconces on either side toilet
Photo Credit: 22 Interiors

If you’re going to with a wallpaper that is busy and bold, make sure your light choice is more subdued. Too much bold can overwhelm the space and distract from a serene like atmosphere.

bold graphic wallpaper in bathroom with black arch mirror white wall sconces pedestal sink
Photo Credit: Terracotta Design Build

You don’t have to mount your wall sconces on either side of the mirror or over the top. Try something a little different and unique by mounting your wall sconces on either side of the wall. This is great for bathroom spaces where your mirror is sandwiched in between two walls.

We are totally crushing on these ornate candle wall sconces. They add a unique antique look to this trendy and vintage-style bathroom.

gold arch mirror in half bathroom with white pole wrap sink gold candle wall sconces with floral wallpaper
Photo Credit: Olly and Em
bold tile in half bathroom with gold faucet sink circle design on wall with gold sconce
Photo Credit: Kara Adam Interiors

How fun is this fish pattern wallpaper? It adds a masculine touch without being too cottage-like. This fish pattern wallpaper is modern and hip, and the wall sconces chosen are a perfect complement. They are not too busy but add ample light to brighten up the space due to the dark wallpaper.

Photo Credit: Andrew Flasher Interiors

Frequently Asked QuestionsFAQ

What light bulbs are best for bathrooms?

As a guideline, bulbs labeled “daylight,” which generally have a color temperature of 5000 Kelvin to 6500 Kelvin, or bulbs labeled “cool white” or “bright white,” with a color temperature of 3500 Kelvin to 4100 Kelvin, are best for the bathroom.

What are the best lighting options for small bathrooms?

If you're short on space in your bathroom, you will want to consider options like LED mirrors, lighted mirror medicine cabinets, strip lighting under cabinets, narrow vertical lighting, flush mount, or recessed lights. These are all excellent lighting options for small bathrooms, especially when space is limited.

How many lights should be in a bathroom?

As a standard, you want at least one watt of incandescent light for every square foot of space that you have in the bathroom. However, if you are using indirect lighting, recessed lighting, or your bathroom is on the dark side, you will want to increase this by at least half, maybe even 100%.

Is LED lighting good for bathrooms?

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, LED light bulbs can last up to 25,000 hours, which significantly outlast standard light bulbs. Therefore, LED light bulbs are some of the best bathroom fixture bulbs because they are energy-efficient and less prone to overheating.

Can you put any ceiling light in the bathroom?

As long as you follow the correct safety procedures and make sure you install lights outside of the zones requiring IP rated fittings, you can use any lighting to make your bathroom as stylish as you like.

How far above the bathroom mirror should the lights be?

Place a single light above the mirror around 80 inches from the floor for an ideal height. The bottom of the fixture or shade should be at least two inches above the top edge of your mirror. Look for fixtures slightly smaller than your mirror's width or height for an ideal visual ratio.

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