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The Best Bathroom Plants For Your Interior

This winter, I’ve noticed just how stark my powder room appears to be, especially since the countertops are white and the fixtures are clean-lined and modern. I love the sleek look, but every time I try and add a bright dose of color to the bathroom, somehow it looks…out of place. The answer: going natural with a heavy dose of greenery! But will plants work in a space with low light and lots of humidity? Absolutely! While we may not all be lucky enough to have a powder room that resembles the tropical stunner below, there are plenty of possibilities… [from Eduarda Correa Arquitetura & Interiores]

Tropical bathroom filled with natural beauty

So just what plants are best for the powder room? Believe it or not, there are options for every interior, regardless of the lighting conditions involved. Today we present a range of bathroom plants that have the power to transform your space. Check out the design ideas and suggestions below, then tell us about your favorites at the end of the post…

Ideal Spots for Bathroom Plants

Let’s start with a few obvious display areas for powder room plants! Like your countertop… This is exactly where I plan on placing the plants in my bathroom. What greenery will work in this spot? It depends on the amount of available light. Plants such as aloe vera and mother-in-law’s tongue are ideal for low-light situations, while azaleas and air plants work well in sunny spaces. There are species of orchids and ferns that will thrive in either low-light or light-filled spots depending on the species. Check with your local nursery for specifics! [from Hudson Street Design]

Orchids are ideal bathroom plants

Another popular spot for powder room plants? By the tub! If you don’t have a built-in copper planter like the one below, you can make room for the vegetation of your choice. [from Leslie Harris Interior Design]

Built-in bathtub planter

Below we see a lush tropical plant strategically placed behind a gorgeous freestanding tub. Add a plant on the ledge and another on the windowsill, and you have a powder room retreat! Another reason to love plants: They purify the air. [photo by John Heineman from Beauparlant Design]

Overflowing bathroom plants

In the next image, we see a cast iron plant (great for low lighting) and delicate ferns lining the stairs leading up to the tub. Note how the green of the plants brings out the verdant tones of the tile backsplash… [from Powell/Kleinschmidt Interior Architects]

Greenery by the tub

For a look that’s more charming than tropical, you can always opt for a topiary. The bathroom below makes great use of a tub ledge, highlighting the adjacent window as a focal point. The topiaries frame the view and flank a large floral centerpiece. What an inviting scene! [from Lonny]

Bathroom plants on a bathtub ledge

Unexpected Plant Perches

We continue today’s post with a series of “green” images that prove where there’s a ledge, there’s a plant… Don’t hesitate to make a spot for greenery, even if it isn’t an obvious one. While you might assume a shower is a strange place for vegetation, we think it’s the perfect nook for moisture-loving plants. Once again, we see a manicured topiary in the window. Doesn’t it freshen up the space? [from Lonny]

Topiary on a bathroom windowsill

While a windowsill is hardly an unexpected place for a plant, we love the unexpected display technique shown in the image below! Aren’t those patterned bowls the perfect place for small pots of greenery in this Moroccan-inspired bathroom? Stash petite plants in decorative containers that reinforce the style of the room… [from Lonny]

Trio of plants in a Moroccan-style bathroom

No place for a plant? Make one! Bring in a small shelf that can hold a variety of materials, from soaps and lotions to reading materials. And of course, a potted plant, such as the orchid below. [from Lonny]

Beautiful orchid in a wallpapered bathroom

…or just go ahead and put your plant in the sink! While we can’t see exactly where the sink-resting fern below is perched, we suspect there may be a little shelf or pedestal to elevate it a tad. This powder room is filled with ferns, which make ideal bathroom plants. Note the plethora of potted greenery on the wall-mounted shelf to the right of the sink. [from House to Home]

Green ferns in a white bathroom

Plant-Driven Bathroom Decor

Don’t forget that plants can become an important part of your bathroom’s decor, rather than mere accent pieces. I’m seriously considering making plants a substantial part of my powder room design strategy! When I look at beautifully orchestrated spaces like the one below, I see just how a careful selection of interesting plants can be an integral part of a room’s charm and appeal. [from Lonny]

Potted plants in a bohemian-eclectic bathroom

While my powder room might not end up looking quite like this next one, it’s tempting to get swept away by the allure of plants… [from Awakening Sacred Flow]

Plant-filled bathroom

Have you discovered a plant that thrives in the powder room? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below…

Kate Simmons

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