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How to Use Dark Curtains to Shape a Dramatic, Cozy Interior

There are some styles, colors and decorating nuisances that homeowners across the globe tend to steer clear of, as they consider them a touch too risky to try out. Some are scared to go with bold and brilliant colors like orange or fuchsia, while others tend to keep black away from their color scheme almost fanatically. The use of dark drapery is one strategy that many feel is an exercise best left to interior designers and experts. Yet, by religiously staying away from dark curtains, you might be missing out on a great way to create an inviting, comfy home that is an absolute showstopper.

Go dark in style inside the bedroom [Design: Hennessey]

Do not be scared of dark curtains, as using those heavy drapes in black is much like using the color itself in the room. Dark curtains bring along with them a variety of advantages and are available in a wide array of hues. Not to mention, you can opt for styles ranging from the classic blackout drapes to the sensational sheer curtains. Today we take a look at 25 such inspirations, along with simple tricks that will allow you to work with these rare beauties.

1. Mastering the Dark Arts!

We start off with a few gorgeous rooms that use dark drapes but do not resort to the stereotypical black. That’s right; for those afraid of black, there are other hip and far more exciting options such as shades of gray and blue. Of course, it is the darker shades of these colors that fit the billing here, and often they can complement the color scheme that you already have going in the room. A living space or bedroom with light, pastel blue walls along with curtains in dark navy blue can truly seem spellbinding. So, before you settle on black, or deeper shades of brown or gray, give more exciting colors a shot.

Deep navy curtains for the transitional bedroom [Design: Echelon Custom Homes]
Shades of blue are perfect for darker curtains [Design: Summer Thornton Design]
Think beyond black for the dark drapes [Design: BGDB Interior Design]
Eclectic kitchen in London full of color [Design: Amanda Neilson Interiors]

2. Sweeping Large Spaces

It is no secret that dark curtains seem more at home in spacious, airy interiors where you can use them to anchor the space without actually overwhelming the setting. Double-height living rooms, luxurious bedrooms and even grand formal dining rooms are all perfect for those classic black drapes. In an open plan living area, these curtains can be used to delineate spaces by creating a unique backdrop, or one can even utilize them to bring some privacy as the large glass doors connecting the living room to the backyard open up. If you think solid-colored curtains are boring, throw in some geometric or flowery patterns to spice things up.

Exquisite living room with posh decor [Design: Fanny Zigdon Interiors]
Darker drapes look better in larger rooms [Design: HUSH]
Dark curtains help regulate the natural ventilation with ease [Design: Boutique Homes]
Add some pattern with vibrant curtains [Design: Doreen Schweitzer Interiors]

3. A Moody Affair

Not everyone wants a home with bright ambiance filled with a flood of natural light and clad in unassuming neutral hues. There are those among us who actually prefer the chic, sophisticated look of a dark room with beautiful colors, moody lighting and a sparkling chandelier or two to top it off in style! Silky, dark drapes are absolutely perfect for this Hollywood Regency-inspired style and you can give it contemporary touches to ensure that it is hip and trendier! Even if this ‘over the top’ style is not what you are shooting for, dark curtains can still allow you to find that balance between relaxing and romantic in the modern bedroom.

Dark drapes look as elegant as lighter, whiter versions when used right [From: Simon Eldon Photography]
Refined contemporary bedroom with dark sheer curtains [Design: Sacha Jacq Interiors LLC]
Industrial kitchen has with dark, elegant beauty [Design: TONIC Design]
Sophisticated traditional dining room with black curtains in the backdrop [Design: J. Hirsch Interior Design]

4. Lavish, Comfy Ambiance

Speaking of bedrooms, there is absolutely no doubt that dark drapes coupled with light, white sheer curtains have become a huge hit in the contemporary bedroom. This classy combination not only seems aesthetically apt in a room dominated by neutral colors, but also works brilliantly for those who wish to strike that perfect balance between lovely ventilation and complete privacy. This two-layered approach to drapery also allows you to easily adapt to the changing seasons, as the darker curtains will offer perfect insulation during winters and recede into the backdrop during the cozy summer months.

Use sheer curtains and dark drapes for both privacy and ventilation [Design: Tom Stringer Design Partners]
Chic bedroom in red, black and white [Design: Arthouse Baku]
Combine light sheer curtains with blackout drapes in the bedroom [Design: Wheeler Kearns Architects]
Gray curtains are an ideal choice for the trendy living room [Design: Kingston Lafferty Design]

5. Keeping It Light!

We talked about taking the dark, moody approach earlier, but admittedly, it is the crispy, cheerful interior that is the bigger hit in the world of interior design today. Dark curtains work beautifully in these rooms as well, as they provide visual contrast, create interesting focal points and complement other pops of black or dark gray in the room perfectly. The more neutral a room, the more gorgeous dark curtains seem! They can also shape a stylish black and white backdrop that is both timeless and versatile, allowing those colorful accents and modern wall art pieces to shine through.

Black and living room with a dash of greenery [Design: Jason Pavlacka Design]
Dark drapes anchor the light, breezy living room [Design: Interior Marketing Group]
Light color scheme of the living room complements the dark drapes perfectly [Design: Handman Associates]
Orange is indeed the new black! [Design: Sacha Jacq Interiors LLC]

6. Sheer Dark Beauty

When it comes to sheer curtains, white is definitely not the only option. Sheer curtains in black, dark blue, gray and dark brown also hold the power to sweep you off your feet in the right setting. Sure, they might not fit in with a home embracing the beach style or a relaxing Mediterranean vibe, but they make their presence felt in industrial, minimal and contemporary settings. Allowing in filtered natural light, even as they fashion a dramatic backdrop, dark sheer curtains are quickly climbing up the trends chart in 2015.

Who needs night tables with a bed like this! [From: S&A Decor]
Browns steal the show in this eclectic living room [Design: Natalie Younger Interior Design]
Curtains standout visually thanks to the floor plan [Design: Lo Chen Design]
Patterned curtains in gray for the chic modern living room [Design: Ania J Interior Styling]

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