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Chic Living Room Decorating Trends to Watch Out for in 2015

The euphoria of the New Year and the high of the Holiday Season might have waned away with passing days, but early January is still the time for making new beginnings and embracing designs trends that will serve you well for the next 12 months. From beautiful Spring Collections that promise to drive away the winter blues within no time to sparkling pendant lights that promise to enliven your world, it is the time to treat yourself to the latest decor finds. And as you get ready to give your home a makeover, the hot design trends that are predicted to rule 2015 will aid you in creating an even more smart and fashionable home.

Audacious contemporary living room with a circular bookshelf [Design: Fabio Galeazzo]

Today we take a look at the living room decorating trends that combine a sense of timeless design with the current hot trends to shape a classy and tasteful interior. While some will serve you well for years to come, others promise to bring a dash of excitement and playfulness that will transform your existing living space. Take a look at the top four decorating trends that will shape living rooms in 2015 –

A Splash of Cozy Color

Gone are the days of the plush living room couch in boring beige, simple white and unassuming gray. It is time add a bit of vibrant color to the contemporary living room with a colorful sofa that reflects the style of the room. Considering how most modern living rooms already use a neutral backdrop, it is barely surprising that home decorators are turning towards bold couches in bright hues to create an instant focal point in the room. A couch in bright red, sensational blue, daring green or even energizing orange will fit in with almost any theme you have going.

Harris sofa in gorgeous blue for the Midcentury family room [Design: Nest Modern]
Bold green sofa along with the timeless Platner armchair in the living room [Design: Dotter & Solfjeld Architecture + Design]

Picking a classic like the Chesterfield sofa in one of these primary colors is also a safe bet that works in most rooms. And in case you are not happy with just one peppy hue, there are also several multi-colored options that will steal the show and provide a balance between the traditional and the modern.

Comfy sofa adds colorful zest to any interior it adorns [Design: D Swift]
Beautiful contemporary couch in dazzling red [Design: Charles Pavarini III Design Associates / Rikki Snyder Photography]
A splash of yellow for the all-white living room [From: Houzz]
Curvy traditional couch with a colorful, modern fabric is an absolute showstopper [Design: Darci Goodman Design]

A Gorgeous Galley Wall

There is something about a collection of picture frames or curated artwork that turns a normal house into a cozy, inviting home. It is this personal touch a gallery wall brings to the living room that makes it a must have in the contemporary home filled with glazed surfaces and simple, straight lines. There are plenty of ways that you can compose a gallery wall without actually investing in an expensive art collection. Use your favorite family photographs to shape a truly ‘memorable’ accent wall in the living room. Using frames with similar styles and finishes is often the best way forward, as it gives a coherent look to the collection.

Curated art collection shapes a fabulous gallery wall [Design: OLSON LEWIS + Architects]
Dramatic gallery wall uses the unique contours of the room to its advantage [Design: Slater Interior Design]

Framed black and white photographs or monochromatic artwork is another trendy way to shape a gallery wall that will hold the attention of friends and family. This spring, add a colorful backdrop to the framed collection to let it stand out visually. And for those living in a rental home, picture ledges offer a smart alternative that allows you to shape a gallery wall without having to drill any holes to hang the picture frames!

Give your art display a stunning, fashionable lilac backdrop [Design: Peg Berens Interior Design]
Serene living room with a smart gallery wall [Design: Kerrie L. Kelly]
Shape a cool gallery wall using personal photographs [Design: Elizabeth Metcalfe Interiors & Design]
Picture ledges used to create an inimitable gallery wall [Design: M/I Homes]

Flip over New Trends

Adding a bookcase to the living room might sound like a very simple idea on the surface. But considering the wide array of options you have in regards to stunning, sculptural bookcases and exquisite wall units, it can get a bit overwhelming. Irrespective of the choice you make, ensure that the bookcase becomes an organic and integral part of the living room. It need not be filled with a ton of books right away, though. Give yourself the time to build a collection and use other decorative pieces in the meantime to fill up the empty space. Standalone bookshelves can also be used to demarcate space in an open-floor living area without actually using half-walls.

Snazzy bookshelf draws your attention instantly despite bright red decor! [From: Lisa Petrole Photography]
Smart bookshelf used as a room separator [From: Corynne Pless Photography]
Custom bookshelf is a perfect addition for the living room [Design: Candelaria Design Associates]
Bookshelf blends in with the Midcentury style of the room [Design: Platform Home Staging]
Book display in dark blue offers the perfect backdrop for the living room [Design: Cory Connor Designs]

Your Three-Legged Buddy!

Rounding up the fantastic four are tripod floor lamps, which have taken the interior design world by a storm in late 2014. This is set to continue through the next year, and you will do well to add one of these cool lighting fixtures to the living room. For most of us, though, space is the biggest issue when we think of tripod floor lamps. Clear out a cool corner or make some extra room by moving the side table at the end of the couch for one of these. A bit of de-cluttering and editing is all you need! If you are blessed with a really large living space, then you can even add an oversized tripod that will set the tone for the rest of the room.

Eclectic living space with twin tripod floor lamps [Photography: Chris Snook]
Elegant use of the tripod floor lamp in the small living room [Photography: Chris Snook]
Exclusive tripod lamps with colorful lampshades [Design: Jessica Helgerson Interior Design]
Brass tripod floor lamp adds metallic glint to the space [Design: Darbyshire Designs]
Vintage tripod light and colorful couch in the living room [Design: Cheryl Burke Interior Design]

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