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25 Creative Wallpaper Ideas for Your Kitchen

One of the revitalized interior design trends that we often marvel at is wallpaper. The resurgence of wallpaper in the last few years has been simply sensational and often reminds us of a time not too long ago when it was looked at as a ‘cheap way’ to decorate the house. Those who were frantically getting rid of wallpaper just a decade ago are now once again embracing it gleefully! Despite this amazing resurgence, one room in the house that is still largely wallpaper free is the kitchen.

Wonderful use of color in the eclectic kitchen [Design: Andrea Schumacher Interiors]

While we find plenty of designers gladly adding wallpaper in the bedroom, living room and even bathroom, the kitchen is a completely different affair. Yet, wallpaper in the kitchen can have same stunning visual effect, as in any other part of your house. Versatile and easy to work with, it is a wonderful alternative to those who want to move away from convention. And here are 25 fun inspirations for design enthusiasts who wish to go down this less-explored path –

Kitchen wallpapers need not always be colorful affairs [Design: Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects]
Wallpaper in neutral hues is more apt for contemporary kitchens [Design: E.R. Miller]
Colorful wallpaper enhances the ‘under ocean’ theme of the kitchen [Design: Orchid Newton]
Mix color and pattern in the eclectic kitchen with wallpaper [From: Holly Marder]
Wallpaper is a perfect choice for the retro kitchen [Design: Sarah Phipps Design]

A Pinch of Color

Wallpaper is one of the easiest and quickest ways to add color to a room. While there is nothing new with this, when it comes to the kitchen we often turn to tiles to get this job done. Moreover, if you want to use wallpaper as a backsplash in the kitchen, it needs to be specially coated so that it can take the wear and tear. A good way to get around this problem is to pick other materials for the backsplash and use the wallpaper for the rest of the kitchen. From gorgeous pinks and flowery patterns to cool blues and exciting purples, you can obviously switch between shades once every few months as well.

Classy Mediterranean kitchen in blue [Design: Tenney Construction]
Dare to usher in a bold print to enliven the contemporary kitchen [Photography: Debi Treloar]
Small kitchen uses wallpaper in a beautiful manner [From: Sheila bridges design]

The more neutral your kitchen, the greater the visual impact of the wallpaper. This is precisely why wallpaper is gaining popularity in contemporary kitchens and minimalist designs that mainly employ white and gray. Simple, small wallpaper sections can make a big impression in such trendy kitchens…

Add a touch of flashy pink to the kitchen with wallpaper [Design: Kleppinger Design]
Regal purple wallpaper backsplash in the kitchen [Design: Sylvia Fridman]
Snazzy wallpaper brings a dynamic blend of colors to the kitchen [Design: Native Son Design Studio]
A touch of green for the minimal kitchen [Design: Roundhouse]

Play with Pattern

A big reason for the renaissance of wallpaper is the way designers have started using neutral colors for fun patterns instead of just limiting themselves to the bright, bold hues. This has allowed homeowners to use the wallpaper in places where they would want to introduce pattern without altering the existing color palette of the room. This is a good approach to take in the kitchen as well, and wallpapers in neutral colors tend to easily blend in with the existing theme. Be it abstract patterns or artsy blossoms, stylish prints or cool zebra stripes; wallpaper in the kitchen is a great way to highlight an architectural feature and also bring an additional textural layer into the space.

Thibaut wallpaper adds pattern to the kitchen [Design: New England Design Works]
Fabulous wallpaper adds to the touch of black in the kitchen [Design: Elegueller Arquitetos]
Woods wallpaper in the modern kitchen [Design: Fivedot Design Build]
A touch of class for the transitional kitchen [Design: McBurney Junction]
Interesting blend of tile and wallpaper in the kitchen [Design: Heather Garrett Design]
Stylish wallpaper creates an instant focal point without disturbing the color scheme [From: 360 design studio]

Kitchen and Beyond!

While decorating the kitchen with colorful and vivacious wallpaper is indeed exciting, make sure you absolutely love the audacious print that you have picked. Otherwise, it will not be too long before you get bored with it and all that color will seem like an eyesore. This is precisely why using wallpaper that is less colorful and far more understated is a better, long term option. Another fantastic way to use wallpaper is by repeating it in various parts of the open-floor living area. This will visually connect the dining room, kitchen and living space and give the home a more cohesive look, even as each area uses a different color scheme.

Brilliant use of wallpaper in the contemporary kitchen [Design: Imagine Living]
Elegant wallpaper unites the kitchen with the dining and living space visually [From: Fotograf Lisbet Spörndly]

Using wallpaper in the kitchen is indeed an unusual choice. But don’t let conventions stop you from following your heart. If you are a bit bored with those tiles or want to punctuate certain parts of the kitchen that seem forgotten, give wallpaper a shot. It sure will revamp the ambiance and give the space a fresh, new look!

Add fun pattern to your kitchen with the wallpaper [From: Holly Marder]
Bold wallpaper pattern enlivens the kitchen island! [Design: Eclipse Homes]
Classic kitchen with the Teapot wallpaper [Design: Stange Kraft]
Traditional kitchen with an inviting ambiance [From: Durrant Associates]

Sherry Nothingam

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