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Modern Garden House in Toronto Makes Smart Use of Limited Space

When it comes to stylish urban residences, space is often the biggest constraint, and many of us often believe that a larger, more lavish home is the only answer. But the premium that you need to pay for every square foot of additional urban landscape means we have to make do with the available room. Doing precisely that with practicality and elegant aesthetics is the gorgeous Garden House in Toronto, designed by LGA Architectural Partners. The owners of the house previously lived in a larger Edwardian home but wanted a more modern, trendy house even if it meant sacrificing some space. This bright contemporary home offers all that and a whole lot more with its unassuming charm!

Elegant contemporary house in Toronto with smart design

The exterior of the private residence is clad in low-maintenance cedar, giving it a warm, inviting appeal, while its deft design combines adequate privacy with wonderful views. Dark cement boards separate the house from the shared laneway, while a simple breakfast room welcomes you inside and also doubles as an indoor porch. The lower level also houses the kitchen and the dining area on an elevated platform along with a sunken living room, while large sliding doors coupled with sheer curtains connect the interior with the backyard.

Low maintenance Cedar drapes the exterior of the house

Sheer curtains and sliding glass doors connect the interior with the outdoors

Decor with Midcentury flair give the home a timeless yet modern look

Kitchen and dining area with pops of green

Sleek shelves help shape a creative and organized kitchen

Dining area combined with the kitchen saves up on space

Sitting on the second level is the library that also serves as the home office, while the top floor contains the master bedroom and bathroom. Skylights and large windows bring in ample natural ventilation, even as the backyard offers a wonderful private refuge. A neutral color scheme dominated by white is used extensively, with pops of bright colors such as orange and turquoise enlivening the space. Lovely wall art, unique decor additions and vintage pieces give the home its inimitable personality.

Bedside table idea for those short on space

Small bedroom design with ample natural ventilation

Home office with ample storage space for books

Beautiful Toronto residence combines privacy with cheerful ambiance

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