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The Artful Woodpile: 30 Fabulous Firewood Storage Ideas!

Winter is that time of the year when we automatically tend to gravitate towards the warmth of the fireplace. It becomes the natural focal point of the setting and part of some cherished memories spread across the Holiday Season and beyond. Contemporary fireplaces come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles. And unless you are using one of those ultra-modern gas-fueled designs, you will need a good supply of firewood to keep the flames bright and burning throughout the season. Yet most of us seem to overlook the storage options for woodpiles when planning for a new wood-burning fireplace. Today’s inspirations seek to put an end to it for good!

Custom living room unit with log storage [Design: Blakes London]

Going beyond mere functionality, woodpiles can be turned into artful displays that add texture and style to your modern interior. Be it the living place, kitchen, bedroom or patio, creative firewood storage ideas can turn an ordinary space into an absolute showstopper. Here are 30 exquisite ways to get it done this winter and beyond –

Ingenious firewood storage complements the low-slung style of the room [Design: On Site Management]
Fireplace and floating wood storage unit separate the living and dining rooms [Design: McInturff Architects]
Gorgeous stone fireplace with storage space for logs underneath [Design: Crisp Architects]
Fabulous contemporary living room brings together a wide range of textures [Design: Melanie Turner Interiors]
Smart firewood storage space becomes an artistic addition in this dining room [Design: Jessica Helgerson Interior Design]
Stacked firewood flanks the fireplace and adds elegance to the room [Design: Eldorado Stone]
Firewood adds texture and balance to the serene dining room [From: Holly Marder]

Trendy, Creative Columns

Winter is indeed the time to bring firewood indoors, and this season you can do it in style by turning to ingenious nooks and elegant columns that will turn wooden logs into captivating pieces of art. The long, vertical column in the living room has become a bit of a trend when it comes to firewood storage in contemporary homes. While some of them reach all the way up to the roof, others are crafted to fit the dimensions and style of the room. You can even use the forgotten living room corner for a cozy nook that is cleverly hidden from plain sight.

Custom storage nook cleverly conceals the firewood [Design: Capoferro Design Build Group]
Stacked wood shapes a brilliant backdrop for the cozy reading spot [Design: Designdock Lakberendezés]
Firewood storage idea with a touch of symmetry [Design: D’apostrophe Design]

It makes sense both from an aesthetic and practical perspective to design these floor-to-ceiling storage niches not too far away from the fireplace itself. You might need a good step ladder to reach for those logs at the top, but it will be well worth the effort. And what happens when you run out of all the log wood in summer or fall? Fill the space with a few natural dried branches or even a large floor vase and you have an equally alluring focal point in the room!

Sleek firewood storage space in the smart living room [Design: Terrat Elms Interior Design]
Niche with firewood makes quite a visual impact in the large family room [Design: Meister Construction]
Simple and stylish firewood storage option [Design: InHouse Design Studio]
Elegantly stacked wood brings visual contrast to the dark living space [Design: Boutique Homes]

Taking It Outside

But firewood storage is not just about keeping the logs safely stashed in winter. Once winter sheds its white, cold coat and late spring and early summer bring in plenty of warmth, it is time to take the unused firewood outside. While this might seem all too easy, remember that outdoor firewood storage requires plenty of care and protection from the elements. Consider the location of the storage carefully and keep an emergency plan ready (maybe tarps) in case of an unexpected shower or two. If you have a cool pergola-covered patio, this is probably the best place for a creative woodpile. Put it next to the outdoor fireplace and add some plush seating, and you have a cozy, elegant outdoor lounge.

Seating next to the fireplace doubles as firewood storage space [Design: Katherine Field and Associates]
Structure of the pergola offers plenty of protection from the elements [Design: Carney Logan Burke Architects]
Beach style porch has ample space for firewood storage [Design: Sandvold Blanda Architecture + Interiors]

The woodshed is another option for those who need to store plenty of firewood and want to keep it away from their home structure because of termite or critter issues. Smart woodsheds can become a fun addition to your backyard, if you have the space and the resources to spare. Make no mistake about it, maintaining an outdoor woodpile is not as simple as throwing a few logs together.

Stacked firewood gives this entry a dramatic makeover [Design: NZ Builders]
Firewood storage space under the firepit in the patio [From: Fabio Galeazzo / Galeazzo Design]
Creative freestanding woodshed can become a unique addition to your backyard [From: Omaste Witkowski – owFotoGrafik]
Take the firewood outdoors in the warmer months [Design: The Construction Zone]

Shelves, Styles and More

Firewood storage can enhance the style of your living room or bedroom in a natural and understated fashion. Imaginative woodpile displays work well, especially in contemporary interiors where stone, glass and concrete define the structure. This allows the woodpile to make an impact visually while giving the space an additional texture and a dynamic pattern. Much like any other nature-centric addition, woodpiles seamlessly fit in with any style you have going – eclectic, minimal, rustic or modern. Sometimes all you need are simple shelves filled with firewood to transform the ambiance of the room.

Airy rustic living room with a Danish woodstove [Design: Kimberly Peck Architect]
Cozy, eclectic living room with a fireplace at its heart [Photography: Rikki Snyder]
Old crates in the corner with firewood add organic elegance to the setting [Photography: Ira Lippke]
Stack those logs inside the firebox in warmer months [Design: Jamie Laubhan-Oliver]

Be it a simple bookshelf that has been turned into firewood storage in the living room or a custom-crafted nook that turns heads and steals the show, give your boring woodpile an exciting new lease on life this winter. You will also be pleasantly surprised by the sculptural beauty it brings to your interior.

Neutral backdrop of the room ensures that the woodpile stands out with ease [Design: Studio Revolution]
Extended fireplace design creates space for the firewood [Design: Blaze Makoid Architecture]
Use your existing shelves to store firewood in an artistic fashion [Photography by Gordon Beall]
Think horizontal for rooms with low ceiling! [Design: Studio One Architecture]

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