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Refurbished Spanish Home Focuses on Unabated Views and Energy Efficiency

If there is one thing that winter reminds us of each year, it is the value of a home with proper insulation. Nestled in a lovely little neighborhood of Madrid, Spain, La Moraleja is a private residence that was originally built in 1984. The owners of the home wanted a quick renovation that not only altered the existing floor plan and ambiance of the house, but also improved its insulation and energy efficiency several fold. Taking on this task of refurbishment while giving the landscape outside a new, revitalized look, architects from ÁBATON Arquitectura completely transformed this three-decade-old Spanish home.

Gorgeous backyard of the expansive Spanish home witha  relaxing pool

The interior of the 750-square-meter home was altered radically, eliminating the dull and dreary look that it previously was stuck with while making a turn towards cheerful, contemporary allure. White is the color that is used extensively to shape the backdrop, while pops of turquoise, rustic Spanish decor and smart pendants usher in visual and textural contrast. Spread across three different levels, the overhang of each higher level provides ample shade for the balcony and outdoor living spaces on the level below. A gorgeous backyard with an impressive garden becomes an extension of the living area indoors, thanks to the seamless connectivity offered by glass doors.

Overhang gives the outdoor spaces ample shade from the midday sun

Rear of the beuatiful Spanish home opening up towards the backyard

Beautiful vases used to decorate the private balcony

Outdoor lounge and dining space are an extension of the interior

Pergola inspired design of the roof keeps away the sun

View of the pool from the first floor balcony

Sliding glass doors connect the living area with the balcony

Pops of turquoise and antique decor pieces enliven the space

Contemporary interior of the house with a cheerful ambiance

A blend of eclectic decor adds color to the contemporary space

Apart from improving the natural ventilation of the house that helped cut back on energy consumption, an additional layer of external insulation was added to improve the thermal efficiency of the home. A smart makeover that combines efficiency, ergonomics and aesthetics in a flowing fashion…

Dining table and chairs add a hint of rustic charm to the modern home

Sleek, ultra-modern kitchen in white

Small bedroom in white with a splash of purple

White sheer curtains improve the insulation of the bedroom even while letting in naural light

Smart home office with lovely desk lamp and tripd floor lamp!

Walkways and outdoor landscape give the home a serene, natural appeal

Revamped landscape adds to the beauty of the elegant Spanish home

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