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31 Gorgeous Floor Vase Ideas For A Stylish Modern Home

When we talk of adding beautiful ‘vases’ to our home, then most often we just think of the lovely flower vases that adorn the side table in the living room or the dining table. Yet, floor vases are a wonderful way of turning a dull and forgotten corner into the focal point of the room. The variety that they offer allows one to use a floor vase in various different settings with ease. They work well in every room and most often fit in nicely with your existing theme as well.

Turn the floor vase into a work of art!

by Barrett Studio architects

Of course, it all depends on the type of floor vase you use and the theme that you opt for. Check out the diverse interiors here and the way in which they incorporate the floor vase into their design and you will be tempted to pick on up as well.

Beautiful living space houses lovely floor vases that steal the show

by Albi Homes

Chic living room with flower-filled large glass floor vase
Cool contemporary loft sports a glass floor vase with dried stems
Eclectic living room with a striped floor vase

by Tobi Fairley Interior Design

Giant floor vase fills up the empty corner next to the staircase

by Nicole Hollis

Semi-minimalist bathroom with a striking floor vase sporting some green
Sleek and stylish floor vase ideal for a modern residence

by Kimberly Demmy Design

A World of Choices

From the tall and imposing, to the delicate and the understated, floor vases come in every different shape, size and color you can possibly imagine. The variety on offer here is simply endless. This makes them a perfect accessory for every home. No matter what you room lacks; there is always a floor vase that will fill that void with ease!

Twin tall vases next to the mirror give this residence a regal charm
Wine cellar sports a gorgeous floor vase filled with corks!

by Nadia Designs

Use the floor vase to bring a sense of symmetry to the room along with a floor lamp

by Decorating Den Phoenix

You can add a touch of color with floor vases that come in bright and vivacious tones. There are those that will seamlessly blend in with the rest of your décor. For those who love a more minimalist look, there are those stunning floor vases in neutral colors that simply blend in with the walls of your room.

Adding long branches makes your floor vase visually taller

by Brian Dittmar Design

Bright metallic floor vases offer textural contrast in this contemporary living room

by Heather Garrett Design

Elegant placement of floor vases next to some matching wall paintings
Floor vase covered in coiled rope brings a touch or rustic charm
Lovely floor vase next to the fireplace in the bedroom

Perfect For Every Theme

While most modern homes find it pretty easy to incorporate the floor vase into their setting, these snazzy pots work pretty well in contemporary homes and sleek, urban minimalist settings as well. An eclectic space can always employ a colorful floor vase, while a traditional home can opt for a more rustic look. Irrespective of what the present theme of your home is, rest assured that a floor vase will add a touch of class and a sense of sophistication.

Stunning orange floor vase takes center stage here!

by Planika Fires

Sun-room in white with a floor vase that blends in seamlessly

by Ryan

Textured floor vase with an agave tree helps invite in some natural goodness

For those with gifted creative skills, it will not be too difficult to turn the floor vase and the surroundings pace into an exquisite art installation. All you need is a bit of imagination and some free time to spare.

Simple floor vase brings balance to this compact room

by Ana Williamson Architect

Tall glass vases with birch branches that blend beautifully with the wooden flooring

by Unique Spaces

Colorful way to fill up a difficult corner with floor vases
Glamorous dining room sporting a tall silver floor vase

by Lisa Silverman

Let your floor vases blend in with surrounding decor for flowing interiors

A Breath of Freshness

Floor vases are an obvious way to invite some natural green into our homes. Most modern residences often tend to sport a very bland look thanks to the immense popular muted color palette that they adopt. While a splash of color in the form of cool accessories helps, nothing matches the allure of fresh flowers and green plants. You can even use birch branches or bamboo to fill up the floor vases this also makes them visually more prominent.

An array of floor vases liven up this living room

by Present Moment Designs

Glass floor vases with spring branches add a hint of freshness to the room

by Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

Stylish floor vase in white continues the green theme of the room!


Floor vases are often used to bring in a sense of symmetry to the room. By placing them in a smart fashion, one can restore a sense of balance, while still maintaining an uncluttered look. The best part about floor vases is the fact that you can easily change both their placement and the flora they sport to alter the look of a room with ease. Invite one home to notice the difference!

Place an imposing floor vase at the entry way to fill up the awkward corner

by Karen Maximo-Fernando

Large white floor vases combine with existing decor and wall art to create an Asian-themed setting

by Rebekkah Davies Interiors + Design

Transparent floor vase showcases real birch branches

by Leclair Décor

Modern dining space sports unique floor vases in white

by Ieteke Ruypers Volpini

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