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Posh Penthouse in Kiev Dazzles with Exquisite Use of Gray!

We have recently swooned over the growing trend of combining elegant gray with cheerful yellow in modern homes. The exquisite Graphite Penthouse in Kiev, Ukraine seems to embrace this dynamic duo, even if the splash of yellow is restrained and limited! Designed by Denis Rakaev, the penthouse apartment showcases how to use gray in the most mesmerizing, urbane fashion while adding textural and visual contrast with interesting 3D wooden panels. In fact, these ornate additions capture your attention immediately in the entrance and living area and add cozy warmth to the setting.

Unique entryway design of the Graphite Penthouse

While white is also extensively used indoors, it is ‘graphite gray’ in the form of the heavy curtains, accent walls and bathroom surfaces that stands out visually. The use of both white sheer curtains and graphite gray drapes allows the homeowners to shift between complete sound insulation and regulated natural ventilation with ease. Proper sound insulation was one of the major requirements put forth by the clients, and the architects turned to features such as bedroom walls with genuine leather panels along with the drapes to get this done. The snazzy living area also includes the dining room and a contemporary, sleek kitchen.

Scupltural wood panels on the wall add texture to the contemporary home

Sheer curtains along with dense graphite curtains in gray offer perfect insulation

Gorgeous use of creative bookcase in the living room

Fabulous yellow accent chair in the posh living room

Beautiful chandelier above the dining table steals the show

Smart placement of the mirror ensures in better ventilation of the room

Open plan living area with a sleek kitchen and smart dining space

Fireplace surrounded by the 3D carved wooden panels becomes the focal point of the room

Located on the 26th floor of a waterfront building, the penthouse offers stunning views of the Dnieper River and the city. Completing this captivating home is the spectacular bathroom, which promises to drape you in complete opulence. With stunning lighting and the brilliant use of pendants, the bathroom brings home spa-style luxury, of course wrapped in trendy gray!

Cozy little home workspace incorporated within the bedroom

Exquisite bedroom with an exciting bed in yellow

Wall-mounted entertainment unit for the bedroom

Wooden surfaces and drapes keep out the street noise with ease

Bedroom offers stunning views of Dnieper

Brilliantly lit contemporary bathroom with unique mirrors and vanity

Exquisite use of pendant lights in the stunning master bath

Stunning master bath design in gray with gorgeous lighting

Ergonomic home office are aof the modern penthouse

Creative display and storage space alongw ith focussed lighting for the home office

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