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How to Fashion a Sumptuous Dining Room Using Majestic Purple

Exotic, inspiring and regal, purple has been a shade associated with royalty from ancient Rome to modern times. Its many shades evoke a sense of opulence and visual richness that is probably only matched by gold. But unlike gold, it can be used more extensively in the world of interior design, and despite its overwhelming aura, purple can end up shaping the most stunning of interiors when used right. Traditionally the bold color has been largely relegated to bedrooms and at times finds its way as a stirring accent addition in living rooms and contemporary kitchens. Yet today, we take a look at 15 awesome dining rooms that are draped in purple.

Combine classic and modern touches in the purple dining room [Design: Mod & Stanley Design]

Purple dining rooms bowl you over with their luxury, sophistication and splendor that is hard to replicate with other shades. While working with purple can be risky, these dining rooms showcase how rewarding it can be when you get things spot on.

1. Draped in Luxury

The last few years have seen an increase in the use of purple and its various shades in interior decorating, with homeowners taking a bolder approach towards color palettes. The easiest way to incorporate this color into your dining room is by painting the walls purple. But doing this is definitely easier said than done. Pick a light and bright shade of purple if you want to give the dining room an airy, fresh ambiance. Darker shades of purple with deeper tones are hard to pull off unless you really are committed to the color completely. If you are in love with a darker variation of purple, use it sporadically to achieve a balanced look.

Purple offers a sensational backdrop for the table and chairs in white [Photography by Lindsay von Hagel]
Cheerful and fun dining room with tropical style [Design: MP Studio Interiors]

2. Muted and Magnificent

The wide shades of purple allow you to easily switch between themes varying from the modest and understated to the extravagant. Combining cooler purples with elegant neutral hues such as gray is a great option for those trying to achieve a contemporary, serene atmosphere in the dining space. Lighting plays a pivotal role in defining the overall appeal of the purple dining room. It becomes imperative that you get it spot on while using such a striking color, and a blend of natural light and artificial illumination is the way forward. Whether you use muted or glossy purple, make sure that there are no dull corners in the room.

Grayish-purple is ideal for those who love an understated look [Design: Stephanie Holoien Parks]
Natural light gives the purple dining room a soothing appeal [Design: Juliette Byrne]
Pendant lamp in purple is perfect for the dramatic dining room [Design: FiSHER iD]

3. Energizing Accents

While most of us turn to painting walls almost instantly when we are in love with a new color, taking the ‘accent route’ is probably the most sensible option. In fact, for purple it is better to try out the look with a few pops of this energetic color before committing to it fully! From smart pendant lights to lovely dining table chairs, you can pick from a wide variety of available choices. Drapes are another easy way of filling the room with a purple glow without really making any major changes. Contemporary dining rooms with a neutral backdrop can make a big visual impact even by using simple purple vases or wall art.

Stylish purple accent wall in the contemporary dining room [Design: Laura Boisvert Designs]
Beautiful purple pendants add color to the room without altering its relaxed ambiance [Photography: Chris Snook]
Turn to dining table chairs to bring in some purple [Design: Summer Thornton Design]

4. A Blend of Tones

The idea of taking a tone-on-tone approach to decorating is a timeless trend that has been around for centuries. In the case of purple though, make sure you do not drench the room in too much color. Balance it with some lovely neutrals and use grayish-purple hues more elaborately to give the room a coherent, classy vibe. When it comes to the purple dining room, a sparkling chandelier or pendant is almost a must have! This glittering focal point take away from the deep, serious aura of a room filled with multiple hues of purple.

Drapes and ceiling in purple bring an air of luxury to the room [Design: Reveal Studio]
Felt table runner drives home the gorgeous color scheme [Design: Sticks and Stones Design Group]

5. Beyond the Walls

We did talk about adding purple to the room using decor and drapes earlier. But few things make as much visual impact in a dining room as a gorgeous rug in plush purple. Overdyed and Persian rugs have been a hot trend in recent times, and you can use this to your advantage by incorporating a sensational rug that steals the show. If you have a dining room with a neutral color palette, you will need to make very few changes to pull off this look. It is also a wonderful way to delineate the dining space in an open-floor living area.

Fabulous rug in multiple shades of purple steals the show in this dining room [Design: Callaway Architects]
Elegant and uncomplicated way of adding purple to the dining room [Design: Post Architecture / Andrew Snow Photography]

6. Give It a Golden Glint!

While purple might not work all that well with other bold colors, gold or bronze works with it almost magically. You will not need to do a whole lot either, as a few smartly placed bronze pendant lights or dining table additions can do the trick. Warm metallic accents coupled with an imperial purple backdrop create a dining room that will turn heads and end up being the most glamorous room of your house. Once again, it’s lighting that will make or break the appearance and feel of this thrilling space.

Using purple in the dining room is indeed something out of the ordinary. And that is precisely why it brings a ‘wow’ factor to the table. So, are you bold enough to paint it purple?

Glamorous dining room with hand-painted wallpaper and golden accents [Design: Peg Berens Interior Design]
Warm metallic accents instantly stand out in this regal purple backdrop [Design: Kathryn MacDonald Photography & Web Marketing]

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