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Pendant Lights That Steal The Show!

There is something innately brilliant about a pendant light that makes it an instant focal point in any room that it graces. With modern designers pulling out all the stops when it comes to creating truly unique pendant light designs, it seems like the options are simply endless. From the large suspension light creations that act as captivating contemporary chandeliers to trendy, compact pendants like the Chouchin Mini we showcased a few days ago, an array of possibilities awaits you. Today, we bring a few curvy delights that will sweep you off your feet while fitting in seamlessly with any design scheme that you have going around your house.

Sticking to the golden rule of three

by lisa schmitz interior design

While pendant lights are most often used in the kitchen and dining room to bring an additional layer of focused lighting, they also serve as excellent bedside lighting installations in small bedrooms. So dig into this mesmerizing collection that shines the spotlight on both the audacious and the understated –

Pendant lights that blend with the trendy coastal style
Silken magic of Link Suspension by LZF in cherry wood

by W. David Seidel

Octo in white exudes sleek sophistication

by Tim Cuppett Architects

The Nut Suspension light seems like a Mid-Century Modern marvel!

by Lawton Design Studio

Try the outrageous Link Suspension Light if you fancy more curves!

by Studio 512

Modern pendant light idea for kitchen and dining spaces

by Ecostruct

Love the serenity of this dining space

by Shirley Parks Design

Organic Brilliance from Seppo Koho

We start our pendant light journey with the array of organic and natural Scandinavian delights from Finnish architect Seppo Koho. Coming from his very own stable, Secto Designs, the wide range of hand-crafted birch pendant lights includes the round, cage-like Octo, the sleek Secto and a vivacious combination of both designs called Victo! The mid-century modern influence on these lighting installations is simply unmistakable, and you might even be tempted to believe that their design dates back to the 1940s and ’50s!

The Octo pendant fits in with pretty much any design theme you have going
Closer look at the Octo Lamp by SECTO

by Imke Laux

Elegant design of the Secto Light

by Think Contemporary

Pleasing and proportional in their form, the designs from Koho bring a touch of sustainable goodness along with them. Adding gorgeous curves to modern interiors that are dominated by clean and well-defined lines, they easily usher in ample visual and textural contrast. Yet, they seem to do so with plenty of panache and restraint.

Cool Victo Lamp with its Scandinavian style

by Kristen Rivoli Interior Design

Gorgeous handmade Secto lighting from Seppo Koho

by West Chin Architects & Interior Designers

Octo reminds us of a hanging birdcage!
Bring together the traditional and the modern

by Ike Kligerman Barkley

Get creative with your pendant light choices

Nut and Link from LZF!

There are plenty of things to like about these two maverick pendants from LZF. To start off, both Nut and Link seem to be names that we can get behind thanks to their simplicity! But it’s the wood veneer magic they unleash that leaves you spellbound. Complex, minimal, elegant, exclusive and futuristic; they seem to bring together a wide range of styles along with that compelling series of curves. Designed by Miguel Herranz and Ray Power, both suspension lights instantly elevate the ambiance of any space that they adorn.

A neutral backdrop is perfect to showcase the Link
Exquisite Nut Suspension Light in white
Large Link Suspension light in vivacious yellow

by KBI Interior Design Studios

While Nut looks like a fluffy, loopy cloud that is gently floating in the sky, Link takes this a step further as it seems like a tangled version of Rapunzel’s hair with a silken, golden glow. (Wonder what Disney thinks about that!) Each of these twisty, incandescent delights is available in 11 different wood veneer finishes that will leave you enthralled.

Is that a UFO flying above the hills?

by Claudia Interior Design

Pendant light that matches the kitchen bar stools

by Evoke

A splash of bright orange for the room
Curvy LZF Nut Suspension Lamp seems like an ideal match for the Cherner Chairs!
LZF Nut meets cool Fuchsia pendants!

by Steve Zagorski

Understated Charm of Caravaggio

Versatility is a trait that might come with the snazzy pendant lights from LZF. But if you are looking for something a touch more discreet and equally fascinating, then the Caravaggio is the perfect choice. Crafted by designer Cecilie Manz in 2005, the lamp’s Italian overtones are apparent; especially in the case of the elegant black version. When we first looked at this graceful suspension light, it seemed to pale in comparison when put next to the extravagant designs from LZF and Seppo Koho. But place it in your space and it reminds you of the old adage: Less is more! Coated in matte chrome, the simple form of this aluminum shade can give a room a curated and posh appeal.

A dramatic dining area with an extra large pendant

by Lightyears

Caravaggio is both bold and classy

by Holly Marder

In a world where perfect straight lines are the norm, pendant lights that bring a few curves are a welcome change. So, whether it is the kitchen island or the reading nook in the living room, it’s time to give your home a subtle makeover by just bringing in a brand new pendant light. Who knows, maybe all you need is one of these popular additions to truly complete your home?…

Elegant way to add some grey!

by Matteo Bianchi Studio

Stylish pendant lights above the oval dining table

by Aviad Bar-Ness

The Caravaggio looks apt in any contemporary setting
Beautiful kitchen and serving area with Caravaggio pendants above

by Collaroy Kitchen Centre

Smart pendant lights blend in with the color scheme

by Clifton Leung Design Workshop

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