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21 Christmas Dining Room Decorating Ideas with Festive Flair!

Christmas always seems to come sooner than we expect, which can make decorating a pretty stressful job! While many of us frantically turn to some cool last-minute decorating ideas to get the job done, getting your home ready for the big day even at this late stage is not too hard or time-consuming. The key is to first focus on the areas of the house that make the biggest visual impact and play an important role in hosting friends and family. The dining room is one such space that is often at the heart of all your holiday plans and festivities.

Deck your dining room with festive joy this Christmas! [Design: Lowe’s Home Improvement]

While we often see ideas that focus on gorgeous table settings and centerpieces for the holiday season, it seems we overlook the space around the dining table itself. A beautiful dining room decorated perfectly for the holidays will make your family dinners even more magical, and these 21 gorgeous inspirations showcase how to get it done in style –

Cheerful and Modern

A festive dining room filled with the season’s joy need not be draped in bright baubles in red and green, expansive garlands and traditional holiday decorations alone. There are plenty of other ways in which you can embrace the festivities while keeping the theme and color scheme of your home intact. The trend of turning towards alternative Christmas trees is something that is gaining popularity, and the elegant Scandinavian-style dining room below epitomizes this style statement. For those with an open floor plan, modern Christmas ornaments along with a more elaborately decorated living room in the backdrop can do the trick.

Custom holiday decor and wall mural for those who love to innovate! [Design: Regina Gust Designs]
Elegant contemporary dining space with a sparkling Christmas tree [Design: LUX Design]

Think of brilliant cascading chandeliers for the dining space, which mimic the glitter and allure of shiny baubles or hand-blown ornaments. Such additions will serve you well beyond the holiday season and will come in handy once Christmas starts to roll in again next year! Use mistletoe, a few random Christmas decorations carefully placed on a dinner plate or even some candles to easily give the dining space a festive makeover.

Scandinavian style Christmas decor for the contemporary dining room [ From: 30smagazine / Photography: Louise de Miranda]
Dazzling dining room chandelier captures the snowy charm of holiday season perfectly [Design: Mindi Freng Designs]
Living room holiday decorations add to the dining space ambiance [Design: the gudhouse company]
Cheerful eclectic dining room with festive charm [Design: Lowe’s Home Improvement]

All About the Tree!

Have you thought about adding a Christmas tree to the dining room? If you have an exclusive dining room with ample space, it most likely is going to be the spot where your family gathers for a sumptuous dinner during the holiday season. Why not enhance the festive cheer of the space with a gorgeously decorated Christmas tree that becomes the focal point of the room? Most dining rooms will have an empty corner or two to spare at the best of times. Even if you lack such space, simply move around the cupboard or extra chair in the corner to make way for the festive Christmas tree.

Bring the charm of the Christmas tree into the dining room [Design: Dawn Hearn Interior Design]
Fabulous Christmas decorations for the modern dining room [Design: AMR Design]
Stunning dining room decked out for Christmas [Design: SAJ Designs]

Even those with really small dining spaces can tap into the brilliance of a Christmas tree without too much trouble. Simply place a smaller Christmas tree on the credenza and deck it delightfully so as to create a dazzling focal point in the room. No matter the style of your dining room or the color palette, the Christmas tree will effortlessly enhance the ‘holiday vibe’!

Farmhouse style dining space with classy Christmas decorations [Design: Susie Watson Designs]
Dress up the dining room in gold this Holidays [Design: Regina Gust Designs]
Cozy dining room with natural, rustic vibe [Design: Teakwood Builders]
Embrace the beauty of white Christmas in the dining room! [From: Michelle]

Lighting, Decor and More

No matter how elegantly you decorate the dining room for the holiday season, it all comes down to nothing if you do not get the lighting right. This Christmas, incorporate a few scented candles and string lights into your dining room decoration even while using them to complement the existing pendants or chandelier. Candles help create a dreamy, festive atmosphere, and if you are having a white Christmas, they seem even more magical! Adorn the fireplace mantel in the dining room (If you are blessed to have one!) to match the style and the color scheme of the table setting to further enhance this look.

Dazzling Christmas dining room with Mediterranean flair [Design: Spallina Interiors]
Brilliant use of string lights for the fireplace mantel in the dining room [Photography: Rikki Snyder]
Cleverly placed holiday wreaths add to the appeal of the dining room [From: Mary Prince Photography]

From the front porch to the kitchen and from the dining space to the bedroom, spread some Christmas cheer to every room of the house this year. And you can rest assured that these superbly decorated rooms will offer the perfect backdrop for fun and memorable holidays!

Give your festive dining room a bright, fun focal point [Design: Mindi Freng Designs]
Natural Christmas dining table centerpiece steals the show! [Design: Laurel Ulland Architecture]
Rustic dining room perfect for family Christmas dinner [Design: DA Interiors]
Simple and effective way to decorate the dining space this Christmas [Design: Jill Asher]

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