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27 Ingenious Industrial Home Offices with Modern Flair

From old lofts and warehouses to contemporary homes that have deliberately adopted the look, industrial style is all about unpretentious aesthetics and perfect ergonomics. The charm of this simple, elegant style has ensured that it has slowly crept from the living room and the kitchen to the modern bedroom and the luxurious bathroom. Today we take a step further toward embracing the allure of industrial style by bringing it into the home office. Practical, smart and affordable, industrial home office designs place utility and adaptability ahead of all else.

Elegant industrial chic home office [Design: Cost Plus World Market]

Combining elements of industrial design with contemporary decor and accessories, these home offices promise to offer the best of both worlds! While some seem like a natural extension of the living space, others offer private, secluded dens that allow you to get the job done in peace. Exclusive and exceptional, these gorgeous home offices will tempt you to take a turn toward chic industrial style.

Industrial home office that seems like a natural extension of the living space [Design: Caitlin & Caitlin Design]
Table on wheels makes for an interesting addition in the home office [From: Four Point Design]
A unique backdrop for your trendy home office [Design: Oliver Burns]
White brick wall backdrop for the cool space [Design: Ashley Darryl Interiors]
Window panes give the interior inimitable style [From: Chris A. Dorsey Photography]

A Blend of Styles

With many homeowners finding it convenient to work from home, the idea of a dedicated and productive home office has gained plenty of steam in the last few years. Even those who carry work back home prefer a little workstation in the bedroom that allows them to check email and tie up the loose ends. An industrial-style home office is a great choice for those who wish to marry modern minimalism with a space that is inviting and organic. While minimal spaces can be hard to maintain and often seem sterile, industrial style brings with it interesting visual and textural elements that make the space far more cozy and elegant.

A colorful blend of contemporary and eclectic styles [Design: Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs]
Cool blend of contemporary style and industrial backdrop [Design: BoConcept US]
A beautiful blend of industrial and midcentury styles [From: Amy Sklar Design]

Instead of just strictly sticking to an industrial look, bring in other styles and blend them seamlessly with the existing home office. The neutral color scheme of contemporary spaces goes well with the stripped-down look of industrial style. Colorful, eclectic decor or even Midcentury modern furnishings can be used to give the unique home office a distinct aura of its own. If you are not keen on heavy metallic elements or exposed brick walls, simple industrial-style lighting can usher in the flavor without any major makeovers!

Innovative use of space inside the stylish home office [From: Kat Alves Photography]
Lighting adds an industrial touch to the home office [Design: PMK+Designers]
Craft a unique and stylish home office [Design: Z Gallerie]
Wonderful blend of textures in the industrial office space [From: Mark Teskey Architectural Photography]

Cool Textural Contrast

When we talk of the classic industrial style, the first thing that comes to mind is exposed brick walls and bright metallic surfaces. If you are going for this style, make sure the rest of the home office is as neutral as possible. Too many colors and patterns can create visual clutter, and the approach is counter-productive. Instead of using a wide range of colors, keep your focus on bringing a multitude of contrasting textures together. To visually balance the raw concrete surfaces, exposed pipes and ducts, and brick walls, add a plush rug and some comfy seating, which give the room a softer look.

Exposed brick walls and industrial windows in the home office [Design: Todd Davis Architecture]
Industrial interiors have an inherently spacious appeal [Design: Edgley Design]
Natural light adds to the aura of the home studio [Design: BWArchitects]

Glossy modern surfaces and warm, wooden accents can also be added to create an industrial-style home office that truly stands out from the crowd. Make sure, though, that there are a few transitional pieces that act as a bridge between these divergent surfaces. The key to getting the industrial style right lies in the elusive balance between these vastly different elements!

Smart use of space in the small London apartment [From: Nathalie Priem Photography]
Aged look of the bookshelf and the decor adds to the industrial appeal [Design: Geremia Design]
Gorgeous rug adds a touch of softness to the home office [Design: Pause Architecture + Interiors]
Track sliding door for the home office [Design: K+Architects]

Decor and Lighting

Storage units, tables and chairs make up the major chunk of the furnishings that define the vibe of a home office. While getting a rustic, metallic stool is great visually, think about how many hours you will spend on it before actually adding it to the space! Remember that if you do work from home, comfort is as important as form. A good compromise would be to get a modern office chair of your choice and to go industrial by using wooden tables and metallic shelves. Another key aspect of an ideal home office is lighting. The balance between classic industrial-style pendants and natural ventilation gives you a functional, pleasing home office.

Bookshelf crafted from salvaged timber for the modern home office [Design: Poor House Interior Design]
Home office that is detached from the house [Desgn: Sparks Property Developments]
Narrow space turned into a gorgeous home office [Design: Rad Design]
Industrial home studio with a minimal design [From: Esther Hershcovich]
Minimal and calming home office design [From: Smart Furniture]
Small home office design idea [Photography: Aaron Dougherty]
Home workstation between twin bookcases [Design: The Graces – ReMax Hallmark Realty]

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