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36 Dashing Industrial Bedrooms That Bring Home Trendy Refinement!

Authentic, unpretentious and trendy, industrial-style interiors have gained plenty of popularity in the last few years. The conversion of old existing buildings into smart industrial lofts and hip renovations has ensured that this distinct yet unassuming style has caught on quickly. What was once an interior born out of necessity at the nearest factory has now turned into a global interior design style that has seen many improvised variations and adaptations. While most often industrial-style interior inspirations focus on the kitchen and the living area, today we take a turn towards the bedrooms.

Diamond plate metal flooring is also soothing on your feet [From KuDa Photography]

Industrial-style bedrooms have an edgy, raw appeal that is undeniable when done right. Yet thanks to the inherent stripped-back look of the style, these bedrooms also seem perfect for the contemporary home that embraces a hint of semi-minimalism. From the humble and the vintage to the sleek and stylish, here is a look at the very best –

Gray cinderblock walls and a touch of color shape this stylish bedroom [Photography: Lucy Call]
Basic concrete walls and floor look amazing in this industrial bedroom [By Pangaea Interior Design]
Loft-style bedroom with high ceiling, wooden beams and low-slung decor [Photography: Laura Dante]
Smart use of space in the small bedroom [Design: Décorahh!]
White brick and dark accent wall add contrast to the NYC apartment bedroom [Design: Tamara Magel Studio]
Brick walls with graffiti in the industrial bedroom [By CityLoft / More Graffiti Inspiration]
Decorating an industrial style bedroom with panache [Design: Rad Design]
Bedside lighting steals the show in this bedroom [Delve into this Warsaw Apartment]

Utilitarian Metallic Magic

Exposed pipes, ducts and metallic surfaces make up an essential part of the industrial style, and this is no different in the case of the bedroom. In the case of the kitchen or the dining area, incorporating metallic decor and accessories is far easier and also seems a lot more natural. For the bedroom though, exposed pipes and ducts need to be carefully integrated with the look of the remainder of the room to get the right results. Remember that the style demands doing away with any sort of frills that hide the ‘bare bones’ of the room.

Modern industrial loft bedroom with exposed duct work [From: The Graces – ReMax Hallmark Realty]
Oxidized copper plates make for a dramatic accent wall in the bedroom [Design: Marco Dellatorre]
A unique take on the modern industrial style in the bedroom! [Design: Jensen Architects]

Modern designers have found unique ways to add metallic magic to industrial-style bedrooms where the ‘exposed pipes and ducts’ approach does not work. Oxidized copper panels or stylish metallic tiles with ornate patterns have been used to shape the accent wall of the room. With the right matching side tables and decor, one can truly shape a stunning and inimitable bedroom with such imaginative additions. Steel frames as room dividers or scrap metal additions also help in accentuating the industrial vibe of the bedroom.

Wood, concrete and metal meet in this industrial style bedroom [Design: PorchLight Real Estate Group]
Sleek bedside shelves double as a beautiful nightstand! [Design: Esther Hershcovich]
Metallic tiles create the perfect accent wall for the industrial bedroom [By Contour Interior Design]
Innovative industrial style master bedroom idea [Design: Les Collections Dubreuil]
Industrial style bedroom with a dash of Steampunk! [Design: Zin Home]
Large drapes separate the living room from the bedroom [Design: Luxe Architects]

Classic Exposed Brick Walls

If metal is one of the main ingredients in getting the industrial-style bedroom right, the brick walls and bare concrete surfaces make up the other major half. Once again, the emphasis is on keeping the atmosphere inside the room as natural as possible, and some homeowners have even turned to graffiti artwork to give their industrial bedrooms a more authentic appeal! Exposed brick walls can either be left as they are, or you can use white paint to take a turn towards industrial chic style. Large unpolished barn-style wooden doors also are a fun addition and usher in a hint of rustic style.

Basement bedroom with brick walls and large barn-like door [By VIP Interior Design]
Contrasting black and white surfaces with a brick wall backdrop [Design: Esther Hershcovich]
Wide array of colors and textures in the industrial bedroom [From: James Maynard- Vantage Imagery]

Unlike in the case of the kitchen or living area, the industrial-style bedroom has an overall look that is far softer and cozier. This is because of bedroom decor that inevitably involves a few cozy textures that visually soften the appearance of the room. One essential tip here is to opt for low-slung platform beds with sheets that are comfy but are devoid of any frills. You want decor that seems natural, simple and uncluttered.

Spacious bedroom with white brick walls and unique decor [Design: usona]
Smart industrial style bedroom with a slanting roof [Photography: Vantage Imagery]
Platform bed gives the small bedroom a spacious look [Design: Bennett Frank McCarthy Architects]
Custom wardrobe wall in the bedroom with hidden cabinets [Design: CONTENT Architecture]
Stylish and elegant industrial style bedroom [Design: K+Architects]
Small bedroom design idea with trendy industrial style [Photography: Corynne Pless ]

Chic Modern Reinterpretations

With heavy metal, bricks and concrete, and sleek decor sorted, it is time to look at the overall appeal of the room. Industrial-style bedrooms either work well with a dark, deep backdrop that exudes a sense of intimacy or a light, airy look with cool colors that complement the metallic additions. The size of your bedroom plays an important role in choosing the direction you take. As a famous designer once said, “If you want a dark room to shine through, then make it darker!” Small bedrooms benefit from the dark, moody look, but because we think it is healthier to have a more cheerful bedroom, we suggest the trendy chic industrial style.

Modern minimalism coupled with industrial style in the bedroom [Design: Architology]
Relaxing industrial bedroom with contemporary appeal [Design: Emerick Architects]
Restrained industrial style with a unique accent wall [Design: Gaile Guevara]

With gray being one of the hottest colors for the last few years, the choices here are simply endless. As in the case of any other style, you can reinvent and reinterpret the industrial style and combine it with other themes to shape your bedroom. Edgy art additions, reclaimed furniture and wood, flea market finds and basic flooring without any rugs or carpets complete this fashionable style.

Old Italian factory transformed into a unique industrial style home [Explore this Paola Navone renovation]
Teen boys’ bedroom with a chic industrial style [Design: PURE colour + design]
Trendy bedroom in LA with chic industrial style [Design: Marco Polo Imports]
An industrial bedroom with a more modern, softer vibe [Design: Dyna Contracting]
Elegant bedroom of a Spanish Loft [Check out this trendy industrial loft]
Large white drapes lend a soft visual touch to the industrial bedroom [Design: Crescent Builds]

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