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Small Bathroom Design Solutions With Trendy, Smart Sophistication

One of the hardest things to accomplish when it comes to decorating an interior is the smart use of a room with limited space. Decorating a small bathroom becomes even more difficult, as one needs to blend practicality with aesthetics in an almost perfect fashion! With the modern homeowner expecting much more from bathrooms and turning them into relaxing spa-like settings, elegant, space-saving appeal becomes even more essential. Leading this quest for small bathroom solutions is the wide array of latest innovations from Artceram, which combine sleek style with practicality and a hint of playfulness.

Desigining a small bathroom in an elegant and soothing manner

From washbasins that move away from the mundane to wall-mounted sanitary units that take up as little space as possible, this latest range of bathroom decor is perfect for those who wish to de-clutter their small bathroom and turn it into a relaxing and soothing hub. Many of these small bathroom compositions include the lovely Block washbasin, the unmistakable washbasin Cup and the beautiful Back washbasin that has remained a favorite with designers since its inception in 2011. The Blend Collection of sanitaryware and sinks steals the show with its serene, organic appeal that seems to be borrowed from traditional Japanese design.

Artceram Blend washbasin fits into the tiniest of spaces

Cool collection File from Artceram is both trendy and ergonomic

Barra in ceramic Sotto Sopra combined with washbasin from the Cow Series

Washbasin Cup gives your small bathroom a playful twist

Sleek wall-mounted washbasins for the small modern bathroom

Contemporary bathroom decor and accessories that save up on space

Stylish modern bath with an Art Deco twist

All the Artceram products that went into shaping these stylish and at times retro bathrooms were crafted by Meneghello Paolelli Associati, and each series has an undeniable charm of its own. Making a bold visual statement in an understated fashion, clean straight lines, a neutral color scheme and practicality take over these small spaces.  Whether you love the timeless beautiful black and white look or a modern makeover of the retro, there is something for everyone here!

Small space design solutions for the minimal modern bathroom

Wall bidets and wcs that save up on space

Sleek design and minimal form ensures that the bathroom appears a lot more airy

Ultrasleek washbasin for the minimal bathroom

Gorgeous wallsystem washbasins steal the show in the small bathroom

Artceram washbasins with a touch of retro charm

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