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18 Stylish Japanese Bathroom Design Ideas

There can be moments when a day seems a lot longer than it is and each moment starts to weigh heavily on you with the only thing that you look forward to at that point being a refreshing shower and a good night’s sleep. There is simply nothing like a rejuvenating and relaxing bath to soothe your aching sense, revitalize you with energy, and to offer you some much needed time away from the hustle and bustle of modern life. Using traditional and modern Japanese bathroom design ideas can do just that.

When it comes to delivering all of this and a whole lot more, nothing matches the silent eloquence of the Japanese design.

Exquisite Japanese bathroom with loads of space and green

The beauty of a gorgeous Japanese bathroom lies not just in its sense of minimalism and simplicity, but its ergonomic design seems to incorporate tranquil natural elements that help wash away all your woes gently and effectively.

Delve into 18 such designs and get inspired to invite one into your own contemporary home, summer getaway or penthouse apartment —

Japanese Bathroom Inspiration

Asian styled bathroom with sleek contemporary tones and light woods

If you have ample space to play around with and are looking for a Japanese bathroom that seamlessly merges with the rest of your modern home, then this lovely design draped in natural wood is a great choice indeed. Take note of how the ladder has been used as a stylish and offbeat accessory to hold the towels! [by CustomMade]

Beautiful spa-like Asian bath with sleek interior design

Thinking of inviting a relaxing spa-like environment into your home? Well, it is a look that is not all too hard to achieve as this tranquil design showcases.

There is an elegance, simplicity and the way in which a simple glass frame has been used to demarcate the shower area is remarkable. A bit of green in the corner and you are all set. [by David Wilkes Builders]

Black granite Japanese style bathroom with oval bathtub surrounded by stone pebbles

This is what most of us would think of when we imagine a Japanese bathroom design and this is one template that everyone can try and replicate, despite being handicapped by limited space. Black granite backdrop, pristine white oval bathtub and gray stone pebbles that add a touch of authenticity make it picture-perfect. [by Tracy Murdock Allied ASID]

Classic Japanese bath with simple teak stool and daft use of stone showcase use of natural materials

If ultra-minimalism in Japanese style is your thing, then this might be the one that tugs at your heart. Set in stone and using a rough and unpolished stone as footstep, the only discernible accessory here is a teak footstool with beautiful curves [by The Sakura Group]

Compact Japanese bath in a single flowing tone and soft lighting design

Love the single tone, the bowl-like bathtub and the mirror doors here. There is so much going for this design and the best part of it is that it is both space-conscious and does not appear to be trying too hard to fit in. Less is definitely more when it comes to this bath.

Ergonomic and small Japanese home for space conscious interiors

Neutral shades, plenty of white and ergonomic design ensure that this Japanese bath is for those who prefer to keep things organized, sleek and chic. The lovely oval mirror, the giant cabinet and again a sporadic presence of nature ensure that it is ideal for contemporary homes.

Feng Shui bathroom with lavish wooden presence

If you are thinking of a Japanese bathroom, then Feng Shui might not be too far away from your interests and this room surely incorporates it with lavish and at times exaggerated use of wood. That does not take away from its charm though and the transparent glass encasing of the shower seems to act as the perfect and yet apparent contrast.

Gorgeous zen styled Japanese bathroom idea using glass and stone

A dream Japanese bathroom clad in glass and stone and completely engulfed in white, this is a design that is both audacious and excessive. Yet there seems to be an innate sense of simplicity and the uncomplicated form along with plants and shrubs ensure that nature is invited inside.

Lovely Japanese bath with bamboo bath, wood floor, and mirrored doors

You need not always have loads of room to incorporate a lovely bath and that is probably the most alluring aspect of the Japanese designs. Sporting mirrored doors and plenty of bamboo covered surfaces, here is an inspiration for those who are cramped for space.[by Design Intervention]

Minimalist white color palette for a Japanese contemporary bathroom

Minimalism seems to be an intrinsic quality of most Japanese designs and the on view here is no different either. While we have seen wood and glass combination before, this uses plenty of stone and as is the pattern, sticks to gentle neutral shades.

Modern Japanese bathroom with opaque glass window

Opaque glass doors seem to be bit of a popular feature in most modern bathrooms, irrespective of whether they are inspired by Asian themes or not. The soft wooden tones and the creative walls give this one its inimitable loveliness. [by Gardner Mohr Architects LLC]

Relaxing and soothing Japanese bath with ample space

It is not very often that you find bright and bubbly blues and gentle turquoise shades in Japanese bathroom designs and that makes this all the more special. The unusual hangings at the center the dark cabinets, the light shades of the bath and a ‘glassy’ shower area give it a regal appeal. Perfect for those who love to express themselves!

Simple master bathroom in New York loft with strong Japanese culture overtones

This is particularly impressive as it shows that modern Japanese bath spaces can be incorporated even in the most urban settings. Nothing shouts out ‘contemporary and trendy’ like a loft in New York City and the simple master bathroom showcased here has been part of one since long. [by Vanni Archive]

Stunning Asian themed master bath with neutral shades and lovely bamboo cabinetry

This one is our own personal favorite as it seems to incorporate so many little into such a small space and does so without ever making it look cluttered. The captivating work of art at the back, the bamboo cabinetry, the open window that invites the green from outside and even the soothing and simple bathtub seem to come together seamlessly to create a perfect space. [by Signature Design & Cabinetry LLC]

Traditional Japanese bath with beautiful pebble stone flooring

Pebble stone flooring along with stone walls that are composed in contrary shades bring in a sense of serenity and sophistication to this design. Even the counter seems to be made out of stone, while the bath is accompanied by a simple footstool. Graceful and gorgeous [by The Sakura Group]

Tranquil Japanese bathroom with serene Shoji screens

Shoji screens do seem to add a sense of authenticity to anything that is Japanese! There are no contrasting shades here as the entire space seems to be flowing in a single tone and once again the smart use of glass screen ensures there is textural variety on offer. [by Orfield Remodeling, Inc]

Vivacious and breathtaking Japanese bathroom with dazzling details

And we round off our daily dose of design and interior inspiration with a creation that is filled with plenty of color and character. The bright lighting, intense tones of violet and maroons, the gentle sprinkling of flowers and green accompanied by dark stone backdrop ensure that this Japanese bath is a both a visual treat and a treat to the senses. [by Danenberg Design]

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