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50 Stunningly Stylish Bedrooms With A Distinct And Dashing Masculine Vibe

Fashion and design trends often come with a few predispositions that you simply cannot do away with. For instance, we love the classic case of ‘everything blue’ for the baby boy and ‘pretty pink’ for the little girl. Color scientists say that millions of dollars and research have gone into this. Others tell you that it is just a natural choice and babies do love those respective colors. And some of us believe it is just clever marketing! But no matter what the reason is, some decorating and design trends are here to stay. The perception of feminine and masculine interiors is pretty similar with a few obvious colors and decorating choices being attached to each.

Hint of leather brings elegance to the amazing bedroom with ocean view

A bedroom with a masculine vibe is all about finding that right balance between a deep, unassuming look and a comfortable, elegant hub. Colors used are often stoic in nature, and typically gray, black and brown dominate the spectrum. Yet contemporary bedrooms with a masculine style go much beyond the generic rooms clad in steely grey. And here is a look at the very best from across the planet!

Mirrors add glamour to the masculine bedroom without giving it an overtly feminine touch

by Michael Abrams Limited

Lighting and color defines this captivating bedroom in black

A simple and elegant way to create a masculine bedroom that is both trendy and relaxing

by Mackenzie Collier Interiors

Beach style bedroom in simple hues and luxurious decor

Expansive ceiling instantly elevates the appeal of the room

by Harte Brownlee & Associates Interior Design

Comfort, style and masculine overtones meet in this modern bedroom

Minimal modern bedroom with a hint of oriental charm

by Kristina Wolf Design

Refined use of gray and lighting in the bedroom

by Chris Jovanelly Interior Design

Flexible sconce lighting is a smart addition in the small bedroom

by Holland Design

It’s a Guy Thing!

For brevity, let us refer to these spaces as masculine bedrooms from here on out (though we are not too crazy about the term). Most of the modern bedrooms that aim to achieve this look of steely manliness tend to often have a color scheme that is all too familiar. Black and gray form the basis of the room, with black often being used to delineate spaces and give the bedroom better definition. Black also ushers in ample sophistication and ensures that there is a certain rugged calm about the bedroom without sacrificing urbane panache! Brown and blue are the other two popular choices that look great when used with restraint.

Exposed concrete walls and the glass enclosure for the dressing room steal the show here

Graphic circles on the wall and the dark backdrop lend sophistication to the stylish bedroom

by Maurizio Pellizzoni DesignLondon

Use iconic lighting to add sculptural value to the bachelor bedroom

Transitional masculine bedroom showcases a plush way to decorate the foot of the bed

by Stephanie Wohlner Design

Leather is an important part of the masculine bedroom, and most bachelor pads and apartments of single guys tend to have a touch of leather that truly drives the point home. Deep navy blue is perfect when it is used for bedding and drapes in the masculine bedroom, as it adds a touch of color while accentuating the distinct ambiance of the room. Sleek decor and simple, clean lines also are an important part of this sought-after look.

Dark blue and light gray are ever-popular choices in bedrooms with a masculine vibe

Fascinating bedroom puts a modern spin on the classic Spanish style

by Style De Vie

Stunning bedroom in black with tufted wall, ceiling LED inserts and an expansive entertainment unit

by The Interior Place (S)

Bright and beautiful basement bedroom looks like a stylish bachelor pad

by Madison Taylor

Sleek bedside additions and a cool platform bed give the room a more masculine vibe

by Yael K Designs

Vintage masculine bedroom with a touch of Mid-Century Modern appeal

by Kenneth Brown Design

Wonderful way to incorporate color into the bedroom without disturbing its masculine appeal

by Trust the Vision Decor

Colors of Nature

A masculine bedroom does not mean a dark and enchanting room with plenty of artificial illumination and walls in deep colors. In fact, the opposite direction works just as well and looks even more stunning. We love how so many contemporary masculine rooms are opening up to the world outside instead of staying concealed. This not only gives the guys a stunning view of the hills or the ocean in the distance, but also ushers in plenty of natural ventilation. It is a great way to start the day and it instantly forces you to shift towards a more neutral, light backdrop!

Stunning view outside instantly elevates the appeal of this gorgeous bedroom with a masculine style

by Abramson Teiger Architects

Cool contemporary bedroom with a touch of modern minimalism

by Elliott + Elliott Architecture

Opening up the masculine bedroom to the view outside also compensates for the lack of bold color when it comes to decorating the room. Since pretty pinks or intricate, flowery patterns do not seem all that ‘masculine’, you can let the many colors and textures of nature take over. The view need not always be spectacular, and outside those sliding glass walls could be just your small patio garden or the skyscrapers and night lights of Los Angeles. It still looks equally enchanting!

Let nature add vibrant color to the bedroom filled with masculine hues

Creative decor pieces add inimitable style and sculptural value to the bedroom

Making complete use of the corner space in the bedroom with a scorching fireplace

by Carney Logan Burke Architects

Open up the bedroom with smart windows to give it an airy ambiance

Penthouse bedroom that oozes sophistication and comfort

Lovely use of color in a restrained fashion in the master bedroom

by Anthony Michael Interior Design

Sculptural decor and smart lighting instantly add elegance to the stylish bedroom

by Susan Brook Interiors

Hot Gray Hues

Gray is definitely the go-to color for designers and homeowners in the last few years, and when it comes to masculine bedrooms, it is almost a must. Gray brings the softness of lighter hues along with the elegance of black together in an exquisite and refined fashion. A ‘tone-on-tone’ approach with gray allows you to experiment with its various hues and shades while making sure that the bedroom is not monotonous. If you are not very keen on draping the bedroom walls in gray, then use it as an accent addition by bringing in gray bedding, drapes and accessories.

Curtain wall in the bedroom lends visual contrast to the space in a trendy fashion

by Morrone Interiors

Exquisite modern bedroom with a minimal style and a masculine appeal

by Imagine Living

Gray is a perfect choice for the modern bedroom with a cool, masculine aura

by Brooke Wagner Design

A room filled with only gray can look both dreary and depressing unless it is accompanied by the right lighting and some geometric and textural contrast. Add various layers of lighting, a few wooden accents and some sculptural decor additions to give the masculine bedroom in gray a sense of uniqueness and excitement.

Fascinating wall art above the bed using Ikea flooring tiles and lights

by DANFORTH Designed

Masculine bedroom has a trendy, urban appeal to it

Masculine bedrooms need not be dull and boring!

Small partition wall also acts as a beautiful tufted headboard in the bedroom

by wUNDERground

Iconic Swan Chair adds color to the largely neutral bedroom

by CCS Architecture

Bold bedside lamps enhance the distinct appeal of the relaxed bedroom

A Balance of Elements & Styles

A popular misconception among many out there is that a masculine bedroom only works when it embraces a posh, modern style that borders on sleek semi-minimalism. Nothing could be more far off from the truth! Masculine bedrooms range from the brilliantly eclectic ones to the trendy midcentury modern spaces that ooze class and comfort. All you need is the right color scheme and unassuming decor that complements this look flawlessly. The many inspirations featured below range from the rustic to the industrial when it comes to decorating style and yet have a distinct masculine vibe.

Masculine bedroom with understated bedside lighting and a midcentury style

by Mikel Irastorza

Rich array of textures and elegant decor bring sophistication to this urbane bedroom

by IMI Design

Butterfly chairs in leather add comfort to the eclectic bedroom

by Wolfe Rizor Interiors

Industrial style masculine bedroom with a cozy, inviting vibe

by Mistura Interior Design

Most masculine bedrooms have one common, unmistakable feature and that is a complete lack of clutter and perfect organization (which is super-strange since most men tend to go in the exact opposite direction). A sense of minimalism often prevails, but it is not an absolute must. Yet unlike more feminine rooms, there is simply no room for frills or over-the-top additions here.

A subdued and posh masculine touch in the bedroom

by Esther Hershcovich

Fantastic use of color, texture and shade in the bedroom with a distinct masculine vibe

Masculine bedroom for a professional golfer with satellite images of golf courses!

by elise irving flashman

Refined bedroom with a distinct New York City Soho style and a cool conversation nook

by Cathy Hobbs Design Recipes

Footstools give the bedroom a distinct masculine touch

Rich textures, color and lighting paint a picture of opulence in this masculine bedroom

by Ireko

A lovely compromise between a masculine look and a relaxing hub for a young couple

Photography by Chad Jackson

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