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15 Black And White Bathroom Inspirations With A Touch Of Retro Charm

If there is one thing that we have learned from the decor and interior design trends of 2014, it is the growing fondness among homeowners and designers to draw inspiration from the past. This is reflected in the continuing demand for everything midcentury modern and the increasing popularity of bathroom fixtures that borrow from the Art Deco style. While we did already showcase some stunning and timeless black and white bathrooms in the past, today we take a quick look at some trendy washbasin, sanitaryware and accessories that add to this elegant and sophisticated look. If you love black and white, you will adore these inspirations from Artceram!

The hip stand below the sink adds a touch of organic charm to the bathroom

The collection of style ideas focuses on how to use modern sanitaryware in a black and white setting and how to use these fashionable additions to add refined elegance while keeping functionality at the heart of it all. Each inspiration also ushers in a touch of bold pattern and relies on pops of color and a dash of retro appeal to elevate the overall ambiance of the bathroom. You can obviously mix and match the accessories to either usher in a posh, semi-minimal look or a more warm and inviting organic vibe.

The Artceram Cow collection adds black magic to your art deco bathroom!

Black and white stripes and pops of gold bring sophistication to the trendy bathroom

White wc and bidet with black edges and matching floating vanity in the toilet

Orange accent chair looks captivating and fun in the cool black and white bath

Vertical stripes, sleek sanitaries and pops of red in the blacka dn white bath inspiration

Let the washbasin and sanitaries add to the beautiful black and white look of the bathroom

Lovely Azuley sink adds black hue to the trendy, white bathroom

Hexagonal shaped black tiles add style and pattern to the bath

A neutral backdrop lets even the simplest accent additions standout

We love how both vertical stripes and hexagonal tiles were used to bring in visual and geometric contrast to the space while sticking to the black and white color scheme. This drives away any sense of monotony or blandness and gives the bath an urbane vibe. Stylist Alessandro Pasinelli worked along with Meneghello Paolelli Associati to bring us these fabulous inspirations. Obviously, at the heart of each of the baths are exclusive washbasin and sanitaries from Artceram’s Collections, such as La Fontana, Azuley and Hermitage. Enjoy!


Give your contemporary bath an art deco appeal with the Hermitage lineup

Black framed door adds drama to the bathroom while pops of red enliven it with ease

Imaginative wall sconce addition steals the show here

White wc with black lids are one of the hottest trends in bathroom design this year

La Fontana Collection from Artceram with black and white bathroom washbasin and sanitaries

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