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Iconic Lights: Dazzling Pendants That Range From The Elite To The Budget-Friendly

When we talk about iconic pendant lights, we often think of the many creations of George Nelson or similar timeless pieces that were designed by the Mid-century masters. But today we take a look at three modern pendant lights that are quickly gaining an iconic status across the globe, thanks to the uniqueness of their design and incredible popularity. These modern icons are as appealing as any of the classic pendant fixtures, and the trio we have on display covers a wide price and style range!

Breezy modern living room with the iconic Bubble Chair and the lovely Coral Pendant

by Highshots Photography

While some of us might be able to spend a few hundred dollars on a pendant that we love, others might not be happy about shelling out that amount for a lighting fixture. Then there are those who can afford to splurge several thousand dollars on a stunning pendant lamp because they feel it is worth it. Today, we have one glittering pendant for each of you out there!

Indulge – Mercury Suspension & Skydro

Have a few thousand dollars to spare for a truly dazzling pendant light that steals the show every single time and stands out as a mesmerizing sculptural addition? Then may we suggest the uber-futuristic and glossy Mercury Sospensione by Artemide. This phenomenal pendant is well and truly a fascinating work of art with a floating assembly of large pebbles below a simple modern aluminum disc. The pebble-style additions are made from injection-molded thermoplastic material and are painted in chrome and steel. Setting you back by nearly $4,500, this is definitely a lighting fixture that demands your attention in every possible way!

Stunning pendant light above the dining table adds metallic magic to the dining room

by Moroso Construction

Fabulous modern living with the Nelson pendant and the Shiny Skydro from Artemide

by Dick Clark + Associates

Stunning use of Skydro as sculptural wall art in the living room

by SVOYA studio

A variant of the Suspension version of Mercury and its more futuristic cousin (if that is indeed possible) is the Skydro. Injection-molded reflective units are combined with LED lighting to shape this brilliant lighting fixture that can be used in multiple ways. Doubling as captivating abstract wall art, the Skydro ranges from $3,480 – $4,265, depending on the composition of your choice.

Entryway with high ceiling is the perfect place to showcase this dazzling pendant

by Charles Cunniffe Architects Aspen

Mercury ceiling lamp holds its own in the chic living room

Reflective brilliance of the Mercury Suspension light adds to the appeal of the semi-minimal setting

by Innenarchitektur-Rathke

Mesmerizing contemporary living room with the Mercury Ceiling Lamp at its heart

by Ministestrwo Spraw We Wnętrzach

Mercury Sospensione by Artemide in the contemporary entryway steals the show with ease

by Miriam Moore Design Studio

Mid-Range – Coral Pendant

It is pretty safe to say that not all of us are thinking about bringing home a $5000 pendant light this Christmas (or any time soon). For those who are looking to make a gorgeous style statement with lighting and can afford to spare around $300, the Coral Pendant by David Trubridge is an excellent choice. The New Zealand designer was inspired by the rich coral life down under and designed this fascinating pendant that comes in the form of a kit-set that you can assemble at home. Do not fret too much, though, as the bamboo or aluminum pieces are all identical, and even your kids can get this done in an hour or so!

Clean and simple design of the home lets the Coral Pendant shine through!

by Dyna Contracting

Multiple use of coral pendants to light up the stairway and the top level

by Three Legged Pig Design

Observe the beautiful pattern that the Coral pendant casts of the ceiling!

by Michelle Walker Architects

Available in five different sizes and several different subtle hues, the pendant is perfect for those who wish to create an instant focal point in the room with lighting. Once it is switched on, it casts wonderful honeycomb pattern shadows on the wall as it showcases your interior in an entirely different light, quite literally! Starting at $290, the Coral pendant combines elegance with a touch of playfulness and trendy geometric patterns.

Innovative use of the coral pendant as bedside lighting

by Ba Design Group

Coral pendant becomes the focal point in this spacious room with high ceilings

by Josh Partee – Architectural Photographer

Modern home office showcases the mesmerizing honeycomb patterns that the Coral Pendant can cast

by Susan Diana Harris Interior Design

David Trubridge Coral Pendant is equally appealing in rooms with lower ceiling

by Claudia Leccacorvi

Small coral pendant in white makes its way into the modern nursery!

by Portico Design Group

The light orange light filteing into the room adds to the beauty of the coral pendant

Budget Buy – Ikea Maskros

At first glance, the giant Maskros pendant looks like it could set you back by a couple of thousand dollars at the very least. Classy and sophisticated, it fills the air with a sense of festive joy, thanks to the pristine white look and the obvious reference to a dandelion. But depending on whether you take home the 22″ version or the 32″ version, this pendant shade will cost you either $49 or $89 at most! A beautiful Ikea find that is both exquisite and captivating, the Maskros is quickly becoming one of the most widely used pendants, especially once the holiday season arrives.

Dining room is the ideal spot for this delicate and beautiful pendant light in white

by Corynne Pless Photographers

Fill your chic bedroom with a cool dandelion pattern at night!

Gorgeous IKEA Pendant Light creates a wonderful interplay between light and shadows

by Chris A. Dorsey Photography

While the coral pendant casts a shadow of honeycomb patterns, the lovely Maskros delivers with chic floral patterns. This makes the giant pendant even more apt for girls’ bedrooms and glam settings that draw inspiration from Hollywood Regency style.

Fabulous Maskros Pendant looks as classy as any other expensive pedant light!

by Optimise Design

Pendant lights look lovely in small bedrooms with limited space

by Natalie Fuglestveit Interior Design

Smart dining room with lovely pops of color and a bold pendant light

Take your latest pendant light outdors to decorate the patio

The giant Maskros Pendant Light is an affordable buy

by Restyled Home

Smart use of mirror amplify both the light and visual space

by Lanefab Design/Build

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