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Small Black And White Apartment In Poland Exudes Refined Minimalism

Poznan is a historic city filled with majestic castles and an old world charm that still manages to transport you to an era gone by. Yet most of its modern apartments seem to embrace the minimal and the understated, thanks to their Scandinavian roots that place emphasis on visual simplicity and functionality. Designed with a more ‘contemporary minimal’ approach by Kasia Orwat, this beautiful black and white apartment has a less Scandinavian and a more international appeal. The two-color palette of the small and trendy apartment allowed the designer to turn the focus toward geometric and textural variations that give the space an inimitable aura of its own.

Black and white wall decals and bright pops of green welcome you at the entrance of the apartment

Black and white interiors have an enduring charisma, and this apartment makes the most of this classic color combination to give the home sleek sophistication and a sense of exclusivity. Bright pops of green and yellow enliven the living area, while plush decor in grey adds to the monochromatic look of the space. Sculptural dining chairs, sleek kitchen countertops, cabinets that disappear into the walls and a plush grey couch in the living area perfectly complement the dispassionate backdrop.

Refreshing pops of yellow and green appear far more prominently when placed against a black and white backdrop

Minimalist decor in grey adds to the cahrm of the black and white interior

Beautiful pendant lights above the dining table move away from the modern trend of large pendants

Sleek, minimal kitchen island in grey and black with kitchen shelves in gray in the backdrop

Sculptural dining table chairs offer geometric contrast to the simple, straight lines that surround them

Gorgeous black and white bedroom in a trendy Polish apartment

Keeping the bedding as neutral as possible in a posh black and white bedroom

Textured wall in the bedroom offers much needed contrast in the two-color palette bedroom

While the apartment is not blessed with ample room, the use of a simple yet powerful color scheme gives it visual airiness by ensuring that there is no visual fragmentation of the available space. A cozy bedroom and a sleek bathroom continue the tone set by the living area, while unassuming pendants, chic wall art and elegant tiles with intricate patterns bring some much needed contrast to each room. A gorgeous home showcasing that less is indeed more!

Floating vanity in grey and a sink in white paint a refined picture in the bath

Fabulous basin complements the semi-minimal look of the bathroom

Smart black and white bathroom with sophisticated minimalism

Contemporary bath area that is mainly clad in pristine white

Stylish shower area clad in black tiles

Black tiles with intricate, modern pattern in the contemporary bath

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