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Contemporary, Energy-Efficient Home Heating With Timeless Elegance

While we are currently enjoying the warmth and magic of summer and taking in its many delights by spending ample time outdoors, soon winter will once again make a white comeback! Depending on where you live, winter could be just a few months away, and now is a good time to think about how to beat those winter chills and ensure that your home offers a cozy and plush retreat for both family and guests alike. Unveiling their latest lineup of pellet-burning stoves, MCZ offers an amazing array of home heating options that help you in this regard.

Lovely Pellet-burning stove with a steel structure and a  front panel in ceramic

Combining the traditional appeal of a wood-pellet stove with modern-day efficiency and a stunning, sleek silhouette, each of these stoves offers the very best in terms of both form and function. The latest series of these fiery additions allows you to not just heat up different rooms of your home with multiple remote-controlled options, but also to power your radiators and warm up your home flooring. Coming in AIR, COMFORT AIR and HYDRO versions, the latest lineup contains the sleek and minimal CLUB 2.0, the elegant EGO 2.0 , the lovely MUSA 2.0 with its classic overtones and the glamorous SUITE 2.0 and STAR 2.0.

Beautiful pellet-burning stove with a hint of Scandinavian minimalism

Contemporary pellet-burning stove heats up radiators and your floors as well

Closer look at the stylish stove from MCZ

Make the pellet-burning stove an integral part of your decor

Stylish and elegant CLUB pellet-burning stove from MCZ

Energy-efficinet pellet-burning stove for the modern home

Ergonomic design of the stove makes it an easy fit in the contemporary home office

Exclusive pellet-burnings tove warms up your house with ease

Goregous EGO Pellet-burning STove from MCZ

MUSA pellet-burning stove offers Noiseless heating thanks to Still Technology

With an easy operating system, intuitive functions and a design that lets these pellet-burning stoves become a natural fit in your modern home with trendy decor, it is hard to find other heating options that are equally hip and energy-efficient. Accompanying this awesome lineup is the hydro-pellet stove SWING that promises to complete your spa-like bath, and VIVO 90, which brings the appealing 16:9 panoramic format to fireplaces.

Sleek and minimal pellet-burning stove for the modern home

Pellet-burning stove with painted steel structure

Stunning stove to serve all your hetaing needs

Trendy pellet-burning stoves warm up those cold winter days withe elegance

A closer look at LAM from MCZ

Stylish hydro-pellet stove Swing from MCZ

Swing becomes a natural part of your spa-like bath

Brand new 16 9 Panoramic format for fireplaces

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