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The Hottest Poolside Landscape Trends To Shape Your Sizzling Summer Outdoors

The idea of exactly when summer starts and ends depends on where you live and also on the fickle global climate that is becoming even more unpredictable with each day. Regardless of the weather variations, it is safe to say that most of us love to get out and spend some time on the pool deck when the sun is indeed finally out. While not everyone is blessed with a pool right at home, those who do have one might already be thinking about a trendy addition or two that would make this season even more memorable.

Lighting waterfalls and fireplace shape the stunning poolside landscape

by Platinum Poolcare

From outdoor waterfalls to smart lighting and colorful seating, here is a collection of some of the most popular trends that promise to transform the poolside landscape. These snazzy updates will not only encourage you to spend more time outdoors, but could very well end up making your backyard the toast of the neighborhood next time you host a pool party; So jump in and enjoy!

1. A Backyard Waterfall

Why limit yourself to a simple pool? Outdoor water features have been making their presence felt in the last year or two, and while we do love koi ponds and reflecting pools, nothing beats the brilliance of a stunning waterfall. Pool waterfalls make a great visual addition as well, and you can bet your bottom penny that both the kids in the house and your guests would be thrilled to bits when they stumble across one! But waterfall features need not always be expensive, and even simple water fountains can add the same visual drama and sense of excitement.

Elaborate swimming pool with multi-level waterfalls and patios

Expansive pool with a water slide, waterfall feature and water jets!

Custom large scale swimming pool with a natural waterfall feature

by Land & Water Design

Modern cascade garden pool for the cool contemporary home

by Estate Pools & Landscapes

Raised patio features a stone waterfall that leads into a pool

by Artistic Landscapes

2. Some Fiery Magic

It is not too hard to imagine what we are going for here. Once you have the waterfall, it is time to bring a balance of elements with some fire! Thanks to the multitude of contemporary designs, you can combine a fireplace with the outdoor pool area in an innovative and ingenious manner. If a fireplace does not fit the design style of your pool area, then smaller fire pits or even Tiki torches can add some sizzling style without much hassle. An outdoor fireplace, though, will serve you well beyond summer and can instantly become the focal point of the cool lounge on the pool deck.

Combine the waterfall feature along with the sizzling hot fire pit!

by Cipriano Inground Pools

Fire pits at the four corners of the pool enliven the outdoors

Complete the poolside lounge with a trendy fireplace

A cool water feature and fireplace that complements a larger pool perfectly

Outdoor fireplace and pool design that serves you well in winter as well

by Zbranek & Holt Custom Homes

Fireplace next to the pool offers a wonderful focal point for the outdoor lounge

by blurrdMEDIA Photographers

3. Homegrown Tropical Paradise!

The tropical design style is making quite a few waves both indoors and outside in 2014. Summer is obviously the ideal time to drape your poolside landscape in the tropical theme with a smart and nature-centric makeover. This might mean an extensive renovation that turns the adjacent garden into a tranquil haven filled with natural rocks, waterfalls and tropical plants, or you could simply use a few summer bushes and greenery along with some sand to bring Hawaii home! The latter is a lot less work even if it looks a bit tacky, and it also is a wise option if you live in a region with a white winter.

Stunning glass bottom pool and a tropical vibe give the pool deck an exotic appeal

Create a tropical paradise in your backyard to complement the pool deck design

by Paradise Restored Landscaping & Exterior Design

The shade above and the tropical canopy offers a private retreat right at home

White and blue along with some tropical plants helps set the mood in this backyard

Tropical style pool area has a serene vibe to it

by Fulcrum Structural Engineering

4. Geometric Balance and Lighting

Just as your interior looks better with symmetry and a balance of textures, so does the outdoor landscape. Sometimes all you need is simple grass, a few shrubs and the right chaise lounge chairs to get the job done. A sleek, minimal approach to designing the poolside deck is as effective and appealing as a more ornate style. With most modern homes also presenting a silhouette that complements this style, your outdoor pool area will look like a natural extension of the living space indoors. Add a few sliding glass doors to the kitchen and living room next to the pool deck, and the transformation is complete!

Make the pool deck a natural extension of the living area

by Elad Gonen

Trendy pool embraces the sleek, contemporary look

The pool seems like a natural extension of the Boca style house

by John McDonald

The one aspect of the outdoor landscape that truly defines it after sunset is lighting. Modern LED lights make outdoor lighting not only far more colorful and fun, but also energy efficient. With sustainable design and green appliances becoming the trend in the last few years, now is the ideal time to take this approach towards pool lighting as well. Couple this with string lights and automated systems that allow you to set moods and create dynamic lighting options, and you have the perfect space for a rocking pool party.

Combine contemporary lighting with some lovely candles

by Coleccion Alexandra

Modern swimming pool inspired by the violin

check out the Stradivarius-inspired pool here

Gorgeous lighting can transform even a small pool deck into a captivating escape

by Craig Reynolds Landscape Architecture

Magical lighting transforms the pool at night

by Lewis Aquatech

Use lighting to define and demarcate individual spaces outdoors

by Harold Leidner Landscape Architects

Pool and spa area that mimics the starry night sky using LED lights

5. Getting Your Feet Wet

Yes, it is cool to have those relaxing lounge chairs and cozy daybeds, but why stay out of the pool when you are catching up on some sunshine and your favorite bestseller? Nothing makes a style statement like those audacious water loungers, which truly bring the holiday retreat vibe to your backyard or terrace. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, they can be combined with a cool umbrella or two to complete your summer retreat right at home. So, are you planning on giving the poolside landscape a new look this season?

Enjoy the sunset as you sink into the water loungers

by Beringer Fine Homes

Bring your TV viewing experience outdoors in grand style

Exquisite pool area with lovely little fountains and water loungers

by AquaTerra Outdoors

Relax in the pool with some stylish water loungers

by OBM International

Colorful seating additions to the pool in bright orange

by Ledge Lounger LLC

Keeping the poolside landscape design simple and minimal

by Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects

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