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Outdoor Inspiration: Cool Tiki Torches To Light Up Your Magical Evenings

Winter is in full swing, and there are many regions of the world that are having to deal with an inordinate amount of snowfall in 2014. It is that time of the year when we turn away from everything pale and white and find solace in warm hues, plush textures and wholesome design themes that bring home a cozy appeal. While imagining a clear star-studded sky and a warm evening might be difficult right now, pretty soon spring and summer will melt away your snowy woes. And the fiery Tiki torches are ready to enliven your outdoors with their dazzling charm – be it this winter or for the many seasons ahead!

Gorgeous torches create a spellbinding pergola setting

by Edmunds Studios Photography

There is something undeniably comforting and exhilarating about a flickering flame out in the open. Tiki torches bring this beautiful visual to your backyard without much fuss. Easy to install, affordable and exquisite, they are an absolute must for those looking to add a distinct tropical vibe to the outdoors. Here are some amazing inspirations that will surely fill you with a sense of warmth, even if it is a touch chilly outside –

Inspirational idea for a serene backyard
A closer look at those enchanting Tiki torches!

by Renaissance Custom Builders

Beautiful torches instantly elevate the outdoor space aesthetically

by Philpotts Interiors

Complement that outdoor fireplace with some elegant Tiki torches

by Green Scene Landscaping & Pools

Enjoy unabated ocean views under the shaded pergola
Tall Tiki torches next to the pool make for a compelling visual

by Shehan Pools

Versatile, Exotic and Enchanting

Tiki torches are a part of the Tiki culture adopted from the Polynesian style that was embraced by those in the US in the early 1930s and 1940s. These flaming torches were initially used in Tiki-themed restaurants and huts that specifically wanted to fashion a more romantic backdrop. Pretty soon, the Tiki torch found its way across many homes all over the world. And it is not very hard to see why this beautiful, flaming addition was gleefully invited into so many gardens and landscapes. For starters, it presented many in the US with a nostalgic memory of their visit to Hawaii.

A perfect backdrop for an unforgettable evening

by SBT Designs

Create a truly inimitable outdoors with the Tiki torch

An attempt to recreate Hawaii’s tropical backdrop is one of the biggest reasons for the popularity of the Tiki torch. But there is more here than meets the eye. The Tiki torch can easily and quickly offer an outdoor lighting solution that is both dreamy and enthralling! Unlike all those string lights and large fireplaces, there is very little work that needs to be done. Even as an investment, Tiki torches are a bargain when compared to modern lighting fixtures and outdoor fireplaces.

Tiki torches add to the natural ambiance of the waterfall pool

by Alderete Pools

A picture-perfect garden with a tropical vibe

by Designscape

Add some warmth to the brilliant outdoors with Tiki torches

by Dara Rosenfeld Design

An outdoor dining space for the lovely spring, summer and fall months ahead

Modern Tiki torch designs come in a wide range of options that can be fueled with everything ranging from oil to gas. Their designs have also been altered with time to ensure that they fit in effortlessly with a contemporary landscape. Apart from providing gorgeous ambient lighting, they can also help keep some of those pesky insects and mosquitoes away. (Might sound like a minor detail, but they can ruin an entire evening.)

Modern reinterpretation of the Tiki torches – Flame on!

by Terra Flame Home

Stylish outdoor torches stand out visually even during the day
Beat the chilly wind with some fiery torches

by Architectural Design & Construction

A master bath that invites the tropical greenery indoors

by Saint Dizier Design

Defining a Space in Dramatic Fashion!

Outdoor torch additions can also be used to give the space a better definition and help in creating a more organized garden or entryway. Obviously, placing these large torches on both sides of a walkway is a popular choice and a classic that never goes out of style. But the hip variation that is presently popular is the use of Tiki torches next to modern outdoor pools with waterfalls and natural stone. This again is an easy (even if expensive) way of designing a serene, vivacious and grand getaway that is a mere stroll from your living room.

Gas-burning Tiki torches steal the show here!

by Suzman Design Associates

Elevate the entryway with trendy Tiki torches this cold winter

by McKay Landscape Lighting

Despite the allure of the Tiki torches, it is important to remember that you are still dealing with fire and any lapses can be disastrous. Do not place the Tiki torch directly under any trees or too close to the edge of the pergola. A distance of 6 feet from the nearest structure is ideal and advisable. Make sure they are firmly fixed before lighting them, and always use the snuffer cap to put out the flame.

Combine contemporary Tiki torch versions with candles and string lights

by Suite 102

Fabulous garden pathway lined with Tiki torches

by Sun Valley Landscaping

Poolside lighting with Tiki torches

by Alderwood Landscape Architecture and Construction

The torches give the outdoor landscape a more regal appeal

by Clear Creek Landscapes

Tiki torches are a great addition to the winter porch too, and just the sight of an incandescent flare can transform both the outdoors and your mood! Whether in an idyllic backyard with pool or a theatrical entranceway, Tiki torches sure add some sizzling passion…

Outdoor lighting idea with a difference – Tiki Torches
Bring home some tropical magic with the Tiki Torches!

by GM Construction

Remote controlled LED lighting coupled with Tiki torches

by Cipriano Landscape Design & Custom Swimming Pools

Create an instant focal point with the Tiki torch

by McClellan Architects

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