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Breathtaking Pool Waterfalls To Fashion A Drop-Dead Gorgeous Backyard

Sitting lazily next to the beautiful pool and sipping away at your favorite beverage is one of the first images that comes to mind when one thinks about lovely holidays. Swimming pools have become synonymous with relaxation and rejuvenation. This is one of the obvious reasons why they are increasingly becoming an integral part of stylish modern homes. Why not take this amazing outdoor experience a notch higher with a stunning waterfall feature that promises to take your breath away? Apart from creating a spectacular visual, pool waterfalls also enhance the ambiance of your outdoor design with their soothing presence.

Peaceful pool retreat in New York

Even the Chinese design philosophy of Feng Shui advocates the many virtues of flowing water and how its sound can have a positive effect on your health and happiness. Brilliant, audacious and at times simply magical, here are some astounding inspirations to get you started on this fluid path…

The fairytale setting comes alive at dusk
View of the grotto beneath the waterfalls
Luxurious cabana adjacent to the pool with waterfalls

by Cipriano Landscape Design & Custom Swimming Pools

Exquisite natural infinity pool in Texas
Closer view of the waterfall feature

by Design Ecology

Extensive rock grotto includes a swim-up bar!

by JM Lifestyles

Dream backyard designs incorporates a multitude of glittering features
Use the natural terrain to fashion a unique landscape

by Highline Partners

An Exotic and Tranquil Getaway

Waterfalls most often are coupled with a brilliant tropical ambiance or a cool Mediterranean setting to fashion a truly outstanding landscape. Designers often employ natural stone along with faux rock in an attempt to create a versatile setting that is as close to the real thing as possible. With modern technology allowing homeowners to control the speed of the water flow, the various streams and also the LED lighting, the visual of a dynamic pool waterfall can be altered instantly depending on your mood.

Swimming pool waterfalls that flow naturally out
The sound of flowing water brings a positive and calming influence

by Alderete Pools

Tranquil waterfall pool surrounded by ample natural goodness

by Great Oaks Landscape Associates

Waterfalls cascade over natural stone and into the gorgeous pool

Apart from the rock you choose, greenery also plays a pivotal role in defining the appeal of your pool waterfall feature. While combining plush poolside seats with this setting helps shape a more modern vibe, one can opt for a thatched roof hut or a classy cabana to craft a striking and inimitable escape in your own backyard.

Waterfalls and grotto design comes with 32 custom-created light shows!

by Caviness Landscape Design

A hot tub and waterfall feature add to the grandeur of your backyard pool

by Swan Pools Southern California

Beauty of nature brought to your backyard in style!

by SURROUNDS Landscape Architecture + Construction

Magical outdoor space with a pool waterfall

by Alderwood Landscape Architecture and Construction

Large waterfall features also give you a wonderful opportunity to create remarkable grotto structures that can exude a mystical aura when coupled with the right lighting. Some of the marvelous waterfall grotto designs on display here also feature trendy swim-up bars, serving areas and hangouts that offer a relaxing hideout. Complete with spiral staircases and hidden rooms, you will be amazed by the fairytale-esque designs!

An expansive water feature like this could set you back by a good million dollars!

by Richard Lusk Landscape and Design

Bring home the brilliant tropical retreat!
Cool gas torches enliven the outdoor landscape

by Shehan Pools

Create a setting that comes to life after sunset
Swimming pool with a captivating and grand waterfall feature

by Dolphin Pools

Indoor pools can also feature equally impressive waterfall features

Think Beyond the Obvious

Ingenious pool waterfall designs can delve into a realm that is beyond the obvious. Adding both visual and textural contrast to your outdoor space, these waterfall features vary from overflowing fountains to structures that are flanked by playful water slides. Instead of focusing on one large waterfall that uses natural rock, these custom creations fit in perfectly with their modern surroundings and enhance the style quotient of your pool deck. They tell you that not all waterfall designs need to be massive and spectacular. At times, understated class works equally efficiently!

A dining space that promises an unforgettable evening

by Phil Kean Designs

Is it a fountain or is it a waterfall?

by Kadir Asnaz Photography

Twin slides on either side of the waterfall add a playful element to the pool design

by Platinum Poolcare

View of the Arched grotto under the waterfalls from the poolside pergola

by Marquise Pools

If you wish to incorporate a modest waterfall feature, do not limit yourself to the conventional styles. Use small, elegant overflowing bowls or even stylish custom water screens to create an outdoor ambiance that seems like a natural extension of the indoor space. Add a fireplace next to the pool and a lovely pergola to complete this graceful look. Remember that the waterfall feature you choose must fit in effortlessly with the larger design theme of the backdrop.

Amalgamate of an amazing array of textures

by Matthew McKelligon Design

An overflowing pool also creates a cool waterfall visual

by Shades Of Green Landscape Architecture

Elegant water features bring the visual of a small waterfall
Custom pool, spa and fireplace brought together to create the perfect patio

by Rue Group

Design a fun pool in your own backyard

by DeMaria Landtech

Give your waterfall feature a modern twist


Think beyond the conventional waterfall design

Sleek and Contemporary

Not a fan of the extravagant and the bold? Then take the semi-minimalist style that you have adopted for the indoors outside. A pool waterfall that is both chic and classy can be achieved by keeping things simple. For example, sometimes a simple water circulating mechanism with added frills can double as a wonderful pool waterfall. Water fountains can also do the job when used in a smart manner, and while they might not be traditionally defined as ‘waterfalls’, they seem far more appropriate when taking a contemporary approach.

Custom water screen with a rear projection system!

by Harold Leidner Landscape Architects

A perfect pool waterfall idea for those who love sleek minimalism

by Creative Environments

Keeping it simple and stylish!

by Mark Scott Associates – Landscape Architecture

Contemporary pool waterfall design with a clean and well-defined look

by Omega Pools

Adding a pool waterfall obviously elevates the grandeur of your backyard, but it often comes with a hefty price tag. For those looking to incorporate this feature in a more frugal fashion, improvised water fountains are the next best option. Dramatic, captivating and serene pool waterfalls transform the world that they touch with fluid charm!

Making use of the vertical space on offer

by The Anderson Studio of Architecture & Design

Lavish contemporary pool design idea

by Robinette Architects

Waterfall features need not always be expansive

by Sunmar Construction

Stunning pool design for a stylish modern residence

by Nicholas Design Collaborative

Water flowing out of the Jacuzzi and into the pool

by Ekman Design Studio

Negative edge pool keeps the water circulating

by Tate Studio Architects

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