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Five Design Trends Making An Impact This Season

Are you shopping for new furniture and decor? Whether you follow design trends or you prefer to choose timeless pieces, it’s always helpful to spend at least a little bit of time reveling in the latest offerings. After all, many of today’s top styles have their roots in classic motifs, from the beauty of pastels to the evergreen allure of plants! Yet there’s something undeniably fresh about today’s featured trends. Enjoy browsing the eye-catching selections below, and let them inspire you as you embark on your design endeavors for the new season…


We begin with pastels, which are anything but washed out, thanks to their recent makeover. What makeover, you might ask? The design redo that’s cast pastels in edgy patterns such as bold geometrics and striking combinations involving deeper hues, as shown below. Say hello to the Spear Cushion from ferm LIVING, printed by hand and crafted of organic cotton:

Geometric canvas pillows

Also from ferm LIVING are the Stackable Jars shown in front of the colorful tray below. But of course, we’re smitten with the entire vignette, which includes a range of pastel hues, as well as rich shades such as deep teal and olive.

Kitchenware in soft hues

Anyone notice how retro-style refrigerators are making a comeback? And they’re offered in a range of shades, including candy-colored pastels that look good enough to eat. Below we see the Smeg Refrigerator in Pastel Green from West Elm:

Pastel green refrigerator from SMEG

Tropical Motifs

The tropical look never goes out of style, but there are definitely times when it truly seems to shine. Like the 1980s, when flamingos, parrots, watermelon and other breezy motifs made a big impact. The style is definitely experiencing a current revival, thanks to retailers such as Zara Home. Vibrant colors and exotic designs combine to create a lush vignette in the image below:

Breezy style from Zara Home

Here’s another summer-fabulous image from Zara Home. Note the vibrant colors and jute pillows:

Tropical summer style from Zara Home

Before we bid adieu to Zara Home, we must acknowledge the company’s stylish commitment to tropical patterns, often showcased on throw pillows, such as the Jungle Pillow featured in the image below. Fruit, a flamingo and lush vegetation are a few key features of this pattern.

Colorful jungle-themed pillow

The New Chevron

We at Decoist love the chevron pattern. And we’ve seen a lot of it in years past, especially the black-and-white/gray-and-white varieties. Which is why this beloved motif was clearly in need of an update. An update it got, thanks to a couple of new takes on the pattern, which push it in a retro direction. This Large Chevron Deco Table Lamp from West Elm showcases one such revamp, which involves the intersection of chevron stripes. The pattern seems to originate at the tops AND the sides, creating a true dimensional, Deco look.

Deco-style chevron table lamp

And when the chevron pattern is monochromatic, it has a retro-meets-modern feel, especially when wood grain is involved. This Chevron Grain Nightstand is geometric and chic, thanks to a walnut-veneered surface outlined in a chocolate-stained frame. Brass hardware is the icing on this fabulous cake!

Chevron nightstand

Here’s a stylish bedroom set featuring the Chevron Queen Bed and Chevron Nightstand, both from Crate & Barrel. The thickness of the stripes and the way they’re angled can’t help but channel the slanted wooden paneling of the ’70s and the ’80s. Yet because the slanting comes from two directions, the pattern is very on-trend.

Chevron bedroom set

Compact Pendant Lamps

Pendant lights are having a design moment, aren’t they?! Thanks to gifted designers such as Tom Dixon, a passion for pendant lamps has been ignited, and suddenly no room seems complete without one. Yet this season, every bit as popular as the grand selections are compact pendants, which are truly powerful in their minimalism. Hang them alone. Hang them in groups. Just don’t forget to marvel at their chic petite-ness! These Shaded Pendant Lamps from onefortythree feature cloth twisted cords.

Powdercoated pendant light with a cloth cord

Also from onefortythree is the Color Pendant Lamp, gorgeously simple with a powder-coated socket available in hues such as army green, aqua blue and red orange:

Colorful compact pendant lamps

We’ve been long-time admirers of the Rock Marble Pendant Lamp from CB2, sleek in its stone form. Our favorite feature: the way changing up the light bulb truly refreshes the look! Below we see the pendant lamp with the spiral filament bulb and the cut glass bulb. An interesting juxtaposition of styles!

Marble pendant lights from CB2

The Rope & Knot Light from CAMP Provisions is crafted from brass and linen rope. There’s something so bare-bones about this piece–and we LOVE that! Definitely reflecting the current trend of celebrating the materials themselves with simple forms!

Compact stylish pendant light with rope

It may be small, but this Mini Industrial Glass Pendant from West Elm boasts a cone shape that really makes the milky glass shade stand out. Display it alone, as shown below, or cluster it in a group.

Industrial cone pendant


We end with one of our favorite current design trends: a heavy focus on plants! It’s been interesting to see plants play a key role in so many of today’s interiors and outdoor spaces. Sure, they’ve always been essential, but a new range of pots and planters has given us even more reason to enjoy them. These iron plant stands from ferm LIVING will serve as the perfect pedestal for the pots and plants of your choice. There’s no denying that succulents make a strong statement!

Plant stands from ferm LIVING

Add a vibrant dose of color with these Carnivale Mini Planters from Crate & Barrel, distinct in their two-tone earthenware finishes. Once again, we see the power of succulents, this time heightened with the radiant hues of their containers:

Carnivale Planters from Crate & Barrel

Personalize your greenery with a Chalkboard Planter from West Elm. The chalkboard finish on these terracotta pots makes them the perfect canvas for words or images. We predict a geometric pattern or two coming on…

Chalkboard paint planter

Here’s to a stylish end of spring and a design-filled summer!

Kate Simmons

Kate Simmons is a freelance writer and design blogger with a love of all things decor. She spent her childhood writing stories and working on interior design-themed DIY projects. Kate’s published writing reflects her special interest in how design has changed through the decades. Her blog Mirror80 ( http://mirror80.com/) explores the fashion and [...]

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