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Interior Design Trend: A Celebration Of Materials And Simple Forms

Today we shine the spotlight on a modern interior design trend that showcases the beauty of natural materials and geometry. Rather than reveling in ornate design, this style is all about celebrating simple surfaces, from the pure grain of wood to the veining of marble. Let’s not forget the shine of metallics! Also of note are the simple forms that truly let the materials take center stage. Like chunks from the earth, the pieces below are powerful in their shape and sheen, as well as the way they combine materials such as copper and stone. Call them minimalist. Call them modern. We find them irresistible…

Let There Be Light

Today’s design world is in love with lighting. How else would you explain our current obsession with pendants? And we can’t forget about the beauty of a perfectly crafted candle holder. Designed by Andreas Engesvik, the Chunks series from House & Hold combines materials such as copper, marble, wood and brass. And you can bet those metallic tops reflect the glow of candlelight:

Chunks series candleholder by Andreas Engesvik

Geo forms are prevalent in today’s featured design trend, and nothing showcases them better than these Marble Candleholders from Fort Standard. Simple shapes allow the veining in the marble to truly shine.

Marble candleholders from Fort Standard

Marble meets lasercut steel in the Vulcain Jekyll lamp by Pool, available at Matter. The contrast between warm-toned metal and cool-toned stone is quite striking, as are the dot cutouts in the shade and the prominent key-like switch on the side of the lamp. 

Marble and lasercut steel lamp

A dome, a cone and a cylinder are three geometric forms found in Fovea by DAMM, a modern LED lamp available through House & Hold. The materials of choice: hand-turned solid ash, hand-spun copper and cast solid brass. Delicious!

Brass, copper and wooden lamp

Modern style, substantial materials and a bit of Deco flair combine in Terrace, another lighting selection by DAMM. In fact, this piece featuring ash, brass and hand-spun powder-coated aluminum pays homage to the Miami Terrace Reef, as well as the city’s beloved Art Deco architecture. [available through House & Hold]

Deco modern lamp of aluminum, brass and wood

Ah, the stunning simplicity of a hexagon. This Hex 750 Brass designed by Resident is available through Matter. Constructed of aluminum, treated with a layer of zinc, brass electroplated, hand brushed, and coated in clear matte lacquer, this piece is created through a design process that’s anything but simple.

Hexagonal brass pendant light

LED tubes and a unique form give the Helix Short by Bec Brittain true personality. Custom brass hardware, a brass canopy, a marble disc, and LED tubes wrapped around a central support make this piece a standout. [via Matter]

Marble, brass and LED pendant light

Less Is More Decor

We end today’s post with a selection of decor that proves sometimes less is more. Let’s begin by saying hello to the Hexagon Stand from ferm LIVING, a towel stand that combines solid brass with a marble foot.

Marble and brass paper towel stand

Did someone say “hexagon”?! Also from ferm LIVING, the Hexagon Vase is ideal for displaying flowers, but it has the power to shine on its own. Below we see the piece displayed with additional hexagonal items from ferm LIVING. Solid brass is the sturdy material of choice.

Hexagon vase from ferm LIVING

Oh marble, how we love thee! Especially in the form of Marble Trivets from Fort Standard. Geo forms and stunning stone seamlessly combine, and a hand stamped leather bottom protects the surface of your tables and counters from scratching.

Geometric marble trivets from Fort Standard

These trivets are available in a variety of colors, such as White Carerra. Suddenly we’re tempted to use them as anything but trivets…

Marble trivets from Fort Standard

Anyone else think today’s chunky finds look good enough to eat? There’s something so pure about design that calls attention to the materials themselves. Bring on the chic simplicity!


Kate Simmons

Kate Simmons is a freelance writer and design blogger with a love of all things decor. She spent her childhood writing stories and working on interior design-themed DIY projects. Kate’s published writing reflects her special interest in how design has changed through the decades. Her blog Mirror80 ( http://mirror80.com/) explores the fashion and [...]

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