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10 Dining Tables That Will Attract Your Neighbors’ Attention!

I resolve to sit down for supper more: With friends, with family, with neighbors.

If that was your New Year’s resolution, then the arrival of spring is probably the best time to put it into practice! Decoist wants to help you fulfill this refreshing outlook for spring 2014. Sit down. (Don’t kick your feet up. Mother taught us better than to sully the food with the soles of our shoes!) Take a break, and enjoy the sustenance of living and eating well. Be the neighborhood hub, the one that only seems to exist in fiction.

Be the second home to your neighbors that brings the town together with your dinner parties and your generous spirit. Whether you have a large abode or a cozy house, there’s always room for a dining table, because there’s always a great cause to dine in. And here are 10 fabulous dining tables from Cattelan Italia that turn heads and enliven interiors –

Beautiful Brera

Straightforward with its streamlined cut and amazing finish, this dining table is a common denominator to many interior styles and dining needs. Be it a lavish gathering or a family game night (with room for few or plenty), it will grant you the title ‘”Hostess with Mostest.”

Glamorous Eliot

What comes around goes around. Good conversation, that is. I’ve learned that when you find yourself invited to sit at a round table, there’s little awkwardness that ensues. As if you’re sitting beside everyone, the opportunity to communicate and get to know those sharing your dining space is extended.

Ingenious Valentino

Sometimes, however, you need a table to match your character, to convey to your guests what you are about, without even having to open your mouth. Nothing does that more than a unique glass table with its symbolic transparency. There are many benefits to choosing glass. It exemplifies the illusion of more space; it offers a crisp effect and enhances the essence of what you’re serving. For those of us enslaved to foot fashion, even the shoes being worn can be spotlighted under the table. That should generate even more topics to discuss, should it not?

Kirk – Time to Fly Solo!

But maybe part of your resolution is to sit down to eat, and get to know yourself. A table for one doesn’t have to be lonely when it’s made to fit your needs. Breakfast, lunch, dinner or doing a bit of work in between- there’s nothing like a surface that supports your vast interests and taste buds. A perfect choice for small dining spaces!

Exquisite Zenith

Add a little contrasting beauty in your home beginning with a square table. It’s not as common as your oblong, rectangle or even circular tables, but that’s not because it’s impractical. Especially with this metal and glass top contradiction: The delicate impression of glass matched by legs of steel makes the square-shaped distinction even more pronounced.

Inspired by Mid-Century Modern Design

Bringing back the Mid-century style in the beginning of the year? These two table styles will aid you in accomplishing this endeavor. Both stand out with their own voice, but each speaks a different dialect of classic dining.

Casual and Artistic

Known for hosting cocktail parties? Release that spirit and splurge on a table that emotes dining and drinking with a party atmosphere right in the comfort of home.

She’s Got Legs!

Who said tables had to be four-legged beasts to get the job done? Let this one prove to you that it can stand proud on its own two feet. Resonating with an industrial look, it will fill your open space with its refined rugged appeal.

Transparent Beauty

Not only will the hungry be salivating over the pending food, but also they’ll be salivating over a table that unites many mediums into a picture-perfect piece. Caution, to those neighbors who attempt to steal this beauty, be aware that fingerprints will easily be traced! If you are still having a hard time picking up the right dining table, then check out this simple buying guide for some snazzy tips.

What table are you going to choose to capture your neighbors’ attention and kick off the party in spring / summer 2014?

Momina Khan

From a very early age Momina Khan discovered her passion and talent for rearranging furniture and indulging herself with interior design. Over the years this passion has only intensified as well as her education and calling in creative writing. As a writer Momina finds Decoist a perfect environment to creating art with words on the art of DIY d[...]

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