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Small Dining Rooms That Save Up On Space

Small dining rooms and areas are inherently a lot more difficult to design than compact bedrooms and tiny living spaces. We often complain about the lack of available space in our own homes to find an excuse for pretty much every design conundrum. But for the imaginative, space is definitely not a constraint.

The many beautiful dining spaces, nooks and exclusive yet compact dining rooms on showcase today will tell you that all you need is a bit of planning and some ingenuity to overcome this common and perpetual problem.

Fashioning a small and stylish dining space is also about having plenty of patience. When you walk into a furniture store or shop online, you often come across scores of large dining room tables and expansive chairs that look great in the showroom setting. Bring them home and you soon realize the mistake you have made. But the gorgeous inspirations that we have put together will show you how to overcome this hindrance. So dig in and enjoy this resourceful dining room collection –

Small dining room idea for the modern studio apartment

by Wettling Architects

Louis Ghost chairs bring visual lightness to the room

by James Glover Residential & Interior Design

Compact modern dining space with a gorgeous table at its heart

by Peter A. Sellar – Architectural Photographer

Beach-style dining room with captivating pops of turquoise

by Kate Jackson Design

Contemporary dining room idea

by EJ Interior Design

Rustic dining room table placed in a vivacious setting

by Willey Design

The Anziano Chair is both classic and contemporary at the same time!

by Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs

Tiny dining table arrangements can look as impressive as larger ones when done right

by Lindy Donnelly

Lovely drapes and a large pendant add style to the small space

by Liz Levin Interiors

Love the sophisticated ambiance of this stylish space

by Room & Board

Dining with a Difference

As we often flip through the images of expansive villas and amazing apartments, we tend to stumble across really lavish dining rooms that almost appear unreal. While you cannot replicate the magnitude, there is no reason why one should not add a dining space that is equally sophisticated and charming. To achieve this in limited space, try to think beyond the usual formula of just one table and four or six identical chairs. As you can see with the many homes featured here, loveseats, small couches, acrylic chairs coupled with compact sofas and a combination of completely different chairs can be used to craft a stunning and eclectic dining room.

Add a fun twist to the dining room with a loveseat
Bring some visual drama to your small dining space!

by Incorporated

Tom Dixon copper lamps and bold patterned wallpaper create a striking setting

by Kati Curtis Design

Talk about a truly diverse dining room!

by Ana Donohue Interiors

But if you are a stickler for convention and an eclectic look does not tickle your fancy, then try bringing in a table that blends with the theme of the surrounding space. Decorating any small space is about avoiding visual fragmentation. Circular tables, transparent chairs and square tables with glass tops create an airy atmosphere and ensure that the small room looks larger than it really is.

Warm yellows grace this beautiful room

by Jo Alcorn

Cool blue and trendy grey in the dining room

by Dallas Rugs

Ingenious take on an eclectic dining room
Round dining tables are a perfect fit for small dining rooms

by Mandeville Canyon Design

Traditional dining room with additional seating space

by Walter Studio Interior Design

Small-space dining room idea with ample natural ventilation

by Becki Peckham

Make the dining area the focus of the room

by Cynthia Lynn Photography

Organic dining room with an American Coastal Style

by Dillard-Jones Builders

Size is Relative!

Size does matter, but at the very same time it is a very relative term. We say this after looking at many apartments and interiors that are dubbed as ‘small’, yet are sufficiently large enough in our humble opinion. In simpler terms, what might be a small dining room for you might be something that works perfectly well for others. Never design a dining area by simply borrowing the blueprint from a friend’s home. If you are a young couple that eats out most days and rarely entertains guests, you do not need a large Thanksgiving-styled table. A small table for two will do just fine most of the time. Why do you need a huge table that takes up space when all you bring home is takeout?

A table for two that is all about ergonomics!

by Lisa Petrole Photography

Nandor chairs from IKEA coupled with the Tulip dining table

by Fiorella Design

The wishbone chair is another great choice for the dining area


You can convert pretty much any corner of your home into a compact dining area. From the space next to the kitchen island to the small corridor that leads to the bedroom; all you need is the right table! There are plenty of Murphy tables that can be easily folded away flat against the wall when not in use. Some others can double as a sleek workstation. With chairs being easy to relocate, you can easily create a dining room that vanishes away when not in use!

Acrylic chairs and dining table almost disappear into the backdrop!

by mango design

How about combining the dining room with the home office?

by Amanda Carol Interiors

Narrow dining table that can double as a simple work station

by Wettling Architects

Splash of yellow enlivens the dining room
Dining table that slides into the kitchen island when not in use!

by Diego Bortolato

The LZF Link Suspension steals the show here!

by Lucy McLintic

Perfect dining space idea for a small bachelor pad

by MAKE Design Studio

Cornering some Magic!

Borrowing from breakfast nooks is not a bad idea when you are trying to come up with a small dining room in a home that is struggling with foot room. In fact, we suggest you incorporate some of the features of a banquette booth and a lovely breakfast nook into your dining room design. Make full use of the corner space on offer. This could be a little corner in the living room or in the kitchen. By turning it into seating space, you have half the problem solved. All you need now is an appropriate table and a few chairs for the opposite side. You can even add a few storage shelves and cabinets to the wall to provide additional storage and display room.

Flea market chic style for the eclectic dining space

by Ryland Peters & Small

A cozy dining space tucked away beautifully

by Original Style Design Studio

Making use of every available inch of space

by AND Interior Design Studio

If you have not already figured it out by now, let us reveal the one big trick in decorating small dining areas: USE A ROUND TABLE. While this looks like an ultra-simple solution, it is also the best one. Circular or oval tables work well with corners, look graceful in the center of the room, allow you to accommodate more people and bring geometric variation to a room dominated by straight lines. We promise you that you will have no trouble with the curve! That is why you see so many homeowners opting for the classic Saarinen Tulip Dining Table. The sleek base is an added bonus…

Combine the corner bench with a couple of Eames Molded Plastic Chairs

by General Assembly

Bright and white dining area in the kitchen
A banquette booth is both stylish and ergonomic

by Robin Muto

Snug dining area next to the fireplace

by mtsolem

Custom-designed tables are a fine solution for the space conundrum

by Mueller Nicholls Cabinets and Construction

A breakfast nook might be all you need at times!

Who needs Walls?

Do not think of the dining room as a traditional dedicated room with four walls that serve no other purpose. With the advent of the open floor plan and its immense popularity, the ’60s and ’70s idea of box-like rooms seems all but redundant. Contemporary design is all about integrating the living room, dining space and the kitchen as one big, harmonious space. This is precisely why a small dining room is a good option, even if you do have some additional space to spare! Use an area rug to define the dining area. Large pendant lights, contemporary chandeliers and smart recessed lighting can also demarcate the boundaries in a subtle manner.

Industrial dining room with a creative room divider

by Living2Design

An open kitchen with a small dining area next to it

by Sabal Homes

Soho concept dining chairs and dining table

by Portico Design Group

Combining a chic, compact and efficient dining area with the kitchen is the modern trend. As the kitchen island often doubles as an informal gathering spot, there is little need for an expansive alternative. With designers offering some ultra-cool tables that allow you to play with different themes, shades and styles, small dining rooms and dining areas represent a hip trend that is here to stay.

Pendant light above seems to define the dining area here

by House + House Architects

Saarinen Tulip Table is a popular choice for those looking to eliminate the clutter of legs

by Nichole Loiacono Design

Simple and uncomplicated lighting for the small dining area
Sleek base of the Tulip chairs and the Cyclone Table create ample space

by Sarah Greenman

Table at the dining area seems like a natural extension of the wooden walls

by Daniel Paya

A room that serves multiple functions

by KSID Studio

An open floor plan with exquisite style

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