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40 Home Library Design Ideas For a Remarkable Interior

Modern homes are not just about living rooms, the kitchen, bedrooms, the dining space or the bathrooms. While they do constitute the bare minimum, home owners across the world always wish to add an extra dimension to their homes — which not only makes the house unique and special, but also caters to the specific interests of those residing in it. From media rooms to stunning stone fireplaces, every single special element has been put in place to reflect their individual design choices and priorities.

The latest and hottest trend is the advent of amazing home libraries.

Bermuda blue home library housing a Chesterfield Sofa

by Crisp Architects

Home libraries are considered not just a symbol of once aptitude, but rather they simply showcase how much you love your personal book collection and the amount of care and attention you give them. And as you will see from this amazing collection of 40 home library designs, there is a place for one in every home, no matter big or small!

Books storage space for those who like to keep it light
Inspiring home library for those who need loads of shelf space
Living room library at the Goodman Residence

by Abramson Teiger Architects

Lovely couch next to window offer great seating space for simple home library
Beautiful natural wood and ample natural lighting accompany this Home Library

by The Owings Companies

Space conscious home library setting with stylish furniture
Stylish library with great natural ventilation
Summer home library that comes along with gorgeous views
Vibrant home library with a traditional touch

Home Office Library Ideas

Home office library with a compact look and a gorgeous chandelier at its heart

by Elizabeth Gordon

One of the reasons for home library designs being back in demand is the growing number of home offices around the globe. With technology bringing work to people’s home, many are opting for a lavish and elaborate home office that includes a wonderful library along with it. Simple, convenient and visually appealing; they are becoming popular by the day.

Home office library with some patriotic zest

by Hull Historical

Bookshelves with an interesting twist for the modern home library
Classic home library with rope lighting and next to a fireplace

by Camber Construction

Cozy and comfortable couch at the heart of innovative home library
Creative home library design the integrates the stairs in its visual appeal
Custom built books storage unit for a Chicago home

by Bud Dietrich, AIA

Dark mahogany of the home library unit offers lovely contrast to the yellow décor

by Jerry Jacobs Design, Inc.

Delightful home library unit comes with a spot to perch at the top
Ergonomic home library under the stairs

Modern Minimalism

Sleek and contemporary home library design

The current trend in design asks for sleek lines with well-defined edges and interiors that are both futuristic and ergonomic at the same time. This has meant the use of neutral shades and more space-conscious models has become much more prevalent when it comes to home libraries. They no longer need to occupy an entire room on their own and can fit in pretty much anywhere- from the attic to a corridor that connects two different rooms.

Home library in stylish black and white
Exquisite home library in a dark shade
Giant modern two story home library in single tone
Home library design sporting a giant TV
Home library integrated with modern media room

by Deep River Partners

Home library that embraces minimalism to the core
Home library that is a minimalist’s delight
Home library with a beautiful circular staircase

by Mark Dodge Design

Home Library with an integrated fireplace

Creating vertical space

Jaw-dropping home library nestled up top

If you are one of those limited on space, then you need not fret too much about how to incorporate a home library into the scheme of things. Architects and designers are now planning ‘vertically’, with book storage shelves now taking shape without encroaching any space on the ground. All you need is a high ceiling and a creative idea to store you book in style.

Stunning home library that surrounds you with books
Stand alone wooden shelves make up the home library at the San Marino Residence

by Ron Yeo, FAIA Architect

Two story home office library with hand carved limestone fireplace and an antique Belgian brick interior

by Joni Koenig Interiors

Lavish and spacious library perfect for book lovers
Innovative partition holds effortlessly home library shelves
Unusual home library employs gray and glass
Vivacious home library full of dazzling color and vivid shades
Ultra-sleek and chic all black shelf with white backdrop

by Ian Moore Architects

Which one is your favorite?

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