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Stocking Decoration Ideas for a Festive Holiday

I’ll admit it–I have yet to buy or create a Christmas stocking for myself as an adult woman. It’s true! I moved out of my folks’ house and into a series of small places, and I’ve always told myself that I simply don’t have any room to display stockings. I’ve decked the halls with small trees and other festive holiday decor, but even after I got married, I continued to snub stockings in favor of tinsel, garlands and holiday wreaths.

This year I’m going to stop making excuses! Yes, I’m on the hunt for some festive stockings to display at home. I’m willing to buy them. I’m willing to make them. I’m willing to purchase, then embellish them. And since this could turn into a DIY project, now is the time to start planning! Want to join me on my search for stocking inspiration? Today I’ve rounded up my favorite holiday finds of the stocking variety. Check them out below, then let’s chat again at the end of the post and see if any favorites have emerged…

Colorful Holiday Stockings

One possible direction for my stocking acquisition: a bold, colorful look. In fact, my current living room celebrates modern art and bold pops of color. So I was instantly drawn to this Confetti Multi Pom Pom Stocking from Crate & Barrel, crafted of a cotton-linen body that’s embellished with “confetti” pom poms…

Confetti-style stocking

Speaking of confetti, the dots on this Dot Stocking Ornament from Crate & Barrel evoke the festivity of a vibrant party! The ornament consists of a small felt stocking appliquéd with ornamental dots. This look would be fun to recreate–a larger version would be perfect for hanging over the fireplace…

Stocking ornament

And since we’re on the topic of dots, it’s hard to ignore this Felt Polka Dot Stocking DIY project from Living with Punks. The stockings are made of burlap, and the felt dots are embellished with rick rack. Crafty, colorful and fun! [via Brit + Co.]

Felt polka dot stocking

This got me thinking about felt… Why do we love it so much? How about the fact that it’s regularly available in bright colors, and it cuts without fraying! These felt silhouette stockings are created with the help of colorful felt forms secured to the stocking with fabric glue. I love how modern they look, and it made me wonder what other felt shapes I could add to the stockings of my choice! [from HGTV.com]

Felt stockings

The possibilities are endless! I was delighted to come across this Geeky Christmas Stocking tutorial from Set to Stunning. If you think those felt forms evoke Autobots and Decepticons from the popular toy line Transformers, you are correct, Sir! And don’t you love it when you can attach a stocking decoration with the no-sew fuss of fabric glue?!

Stockings with a Transformers theme

Don’t be afraid to veer into abstract territory. I have to admit–I’m kind of leaning toward abstract shapes for my stocking embellishments. These Hipster Holiday Stockings were designed by Jesi Haack, the and pleather shape adornments are so modern and fun! Check out the DIY here.

Hipster stockings

I’m a bit obsessed with diagonal stripes. From candy canes to the slanted wood that covers my fireplace, there’s something about tilted lines that can be so modern. Or so retro! These Candy Stripe Felt Stocking from West Elm are made from wool, and they evoke the charm of Christmases past. But adapting this look to your own modern stocking creation can take it in a “Christmas future” direction.

Striped felt stocking

For a deliberate retro look, here’s a fun, radiant option for Christmas stocking cheer… These Festive Christmas Stockings from the Etsy shop of Helen Rawlinson are screen printed by hand onto eco-friendly unbleached natural cotton. Hey, if you’re not up for making your own stockings, there’s no shame in purchasing a few, especially when they are this fabulous!

Retro holiday stockings

For a colorful holiday statement that celebrates the power of patterned fabrics, check out the DIY Christmas Stockings below, which showcase a range of hues and prints. If you’re not afraid of the sewing machine, this one’s for you! Check out the full tutorial at Hello Friend:

Homemade stockings in a variety of colors

Stockings in Wintery Shades

The glisten of new-fallen snow. The shimmer of icicles. The warm glow of the rising sun against a frosty sky. It’s winter images like these that inspire holiday decor in colors such as white, silver and gold. And there’s nothing like the ability of these hues to blend with the colors of your interior, whatever they may be! That’s why I was super excited to find these Tyvek® Silver Stocking from CB2, made of Tyvek® polyethylene. Don’t you love it when industrial materials are used to create decor?! Especially decor that you can embellish however you like…

Tyvek stockings

For more felt fun (this time in silvery shades), check out these Christmas Stockings in Eco-Friendly Felt from Etsy shop Rikrak. This ecospun felt is made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. And these items are a great reminder of how a little bit of felt embellishment can take your stockings to a whole other level…

Gray, charcoal and white Christmas stockings

I was tickled to find this Sequin & Pom Pom Stockings DIY project from Fabulous K blogger Kelly. Using affordable hardware stockings as a base, this new-sew endeavor is pulled off with the help of pom poms, as well as sequined and faux fur trim secured with pins. Why secured with pins instead of sewn? So you can easily remove the trim when you change your stocking style next year, of course?! Check out all the details at Glitter Guide

Sequin and pom pom stockings

Snowflakes, anyone? This gorgeous image from AM Dolce Vita reminds us how a few metallic designs on a background of snowy white can make the ultimate winter statement. Start with a white stocking, then add a little bling. Rhinestones, sequins, fabric paint… The possibilities are endless!

Snowflake motif stockings

How elegant is this White Felt Stocking Snowflake from West Elm?! Sometimes all you need is winter white for your stocking palette, as shown by this ivory on ivory creation…

White felt Christmas stocking

There’s no denying it–gold is “in.” There’s a warm-toned revival in the works, and it was only a matter of time before this new take on classic style reinvigorated the world of stockings. These Gold & Silver Stockings from Pottery Barn are 100% cotton and quilted by hand with a rosette pattern. The design also reminds us that a little embellishment can go a long way, especially when white snowflakes are set against a gold background.

Gold and silver stocking

Sometimes the most striking combination of silver and gold occurs when the silver is gray and the gold is deep in tone. This Set of 4 Christmas Stockings in gray and gold from Rikrak beautifully combines both shades for a powerful, modern effect. Though this particular set is no longer available, you can check out a slew of other stockings at Rikrak. And doesn’t the modern design on these stockings get the creative ideas flowing?! Dreaming up a DIY project of your own?

Gold and gray stockings

We end with a project that celebrates the appeal of gold, as well as the power of geometric design. This DIY Triangle Stocking from Ardor is created with the help of a freezer paper stencil and gold glitter paint. Such a fun, modern design!..

DIY triangle stocking

Hmmm… My head is now swimming with ideas! Shall I use my stockings as an excuse to create an explosion of color, or should I stick with winter whites and metallics that will blend with any color in my home? I’m a bit undecided at this point. What about you? Did any designs or colors catch your eye? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below…

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