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30 Natural Thanksgiving Decor Ideas

Irrespective of how hard you try, it is often impossible to match the vivid brilliance of nature at its colorful best. That is one of the allures of fall that sees us spending so much time in the backyard and on the porch. The plethora colors, textures and shades that unravel themselves along with the freshness in the air, is what makes the season a truly pleasant time. And Thanksgiving is one festival that is all about celebrating nature’s pomp and glory! It is the ideal time to bring together design and natural goodness to create truly inimitable thanksgiving decorations that will light up your home.

Seasonal decor on the table spread out beautifully

Nothing adds elegance and style to a Thanksgiving table like some beautiful fall produce. Whether it is a stunning centerpiece filled with pumpkins and fresh flowers or even wall decor and colorful wreaths that bring in the good times; a nature-inspired theme and Thanksgiving always go hand in hand. So, why not celebrate the bright yellows, blazing oranges and fresh greens before white winter kicks in…

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Fall decor idea with flowers and candles
Amazing Thanksgiving centerpiece is filled with an array of colors!

from Celebrating Everyday Life

Gorgeous Thanksgiving table decorations with fresh fruits and pumpkin

from bhg

Keep it elegant and fresh!
Simple and lovely vase arrangement

from Style Me Pretty

Thanksgiving table centerpiece with pine cones and pomegranates

from Examiner

Simple and Easy Thanksgiving Decor

Adding natural elements to your Thanksgiving table not only makes the entire setting far more festive, but also helps you save up on a penny or two. When it comes to frugal decorations, nature is a pretty good source. From pine cones and pumpkins to fresh green branches and lovely flowers; bring in a natural Thanksgiving theme will not set you back by a fortune. They also make for lovely last-minute decorations as most of us either are too caught up with work or are too lazy to start preparations for the big dinner until Thanksgiving is barely a few days away!

Take your Thanksgiving celebrations outdoor!
Thanksgiving table decorations in natural white
Fresh fall produce brings together a multitude of colors

As we discussed earlier, fall colors are truly special and it is hard to replicate their full brilliance using artificial decor. Beautiful oranges, juicy grapes and a few berries also offer a textural contrast that is unique and exceptional. Natural Thanksgiving decorations can be simply spread out on the table or placed in your kitchen bowls and they still manage to pull off a stylish and gorgeous look.

Candles coupled with fall produce on the Thanksgiving table
Lovely combination of white and green
Never miss out on the warmth that candles bring!

from Vissbiz

Colorful Thanksgiving table with green goodness

from MNN

A brilliant celebration of fall colors!

Bright and Brilliant Centerpieces

A natural centerpiece is one of the best ways to really add life to your Thanksgiving table. In fact, most table decorating ideas for the festival use a natural centerpiece even if the theme of the table is contemporary or shabby chic. Natural centerpieces go along great with any color scheme that range from rich purple to the classic black and white look. Once again, it’s the ease of creation of these centerpieces and their organic appeal that makes them so special. One can even utilize them as lovely accent pieces to add some much needed softness to a modern Thanksgiving dinner table.

Beautiful and natural centerpieces
Bright reds bring the Thanksgiving table alive
Elegant and exquisite centerpiece for the Thanksgiving table

A natural centerpiece can vary from the extravagant to the understated. The size of your Thanksgiving table centerpiece should depend on the scale of the table and the other decorations around it. Something as simple as a beautiful vase with a few flowers and fruits makes an elegant statement when placed on a small table for two.

Just grab some hedge apples and berries

from Don’t Disturb This Groove

Natural Thanksgiving centerpieces are easy to create
Fresh fruits and vegetables along with a few pumpkins make a vivid centerpiece

from Dandelion Moms

Nature-inspired Thanksgiving decor is easy to create
Two-tiered centerpiece with fresh fall produce

Beyond the Table!

In all honesty, Thanksgiving celebrations largely revolve around the sumptuous dinner and unlike Christmas or Halloween, decorating the house is not a top priority for everyone. But adding a banner or two that ‘gives thanks’ and a wreath at the door to welcome your guests in a warm and festive fashion barely takes any time or effort. Wreaths made from fall produce are not hard to find. Keep them as natural as possible and if you have a few hours to spare this weekend then craft one on your own. A fireplace mantel is another great place where you can showcase your decorating skills by dressing it up elegantly.

Stylish Thanksgiving leaf garland inspired by fall shapes
Thanksgiving wreath made from Chinese lantern plants

from pagoda road

Thanksgiving is a unique festival that is all about paying a rich tribute to nature and being thankful for bountiful of riches. It is a time to enjoy the fleeting fall delights as winter waits just around the corner. In a sense, it is one of the last remaining pagan traditions celebrated across the world even till today. And that makes it one of the best times to invite nature indoors!

Decorated Fireplace mantel in the backdrop complements the table elegantly
DIY branch pendant light adds a unique touch to the Thanksgiving celebrations

More DIY Inspiration…

DIY Mini Pumpkin Wreath for Thanksgiving

from On Sutton Place

Lighting decoration has a minimal Scandinavian appeal
Draw inspiration from the many colors of fall

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