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Corset Wall Tiles Usher In Chic Pattern And Sleek Sophistication

Creating stylish and unique interiors can be a challenging task at times. With contemporary spaces sporting clean and well defined lines along with minimal decor and polished surfaces, interiors can quickly become repetitive. Wall tiles are a great way of breaking away from this uniformity and adding some exclusivity to a room without altering its existing theme or style. The lovely Corset Wall Tiles crafted by Arbutus+Denman Design Studio do precisely that. Not only do they give your home or office a sense of inimitable style, but also bring in some much needed textural, visual and geometric contrast.

nice wall

The Corset wall tiles are pretty versatile and can be used in a variety of arrangements to create a multitude of patterns. As they are offset from the wall, the tiles bring a 3D effect along with them and add depth to any wall that the grace. Each Corset tile comes with a hand laced cord that once again adds another texture to a modern space which is most often dominated by glass, concrete and stone. There are different color options on offer and you can even bring together several different hues for to shape an eclectic interior.

Corset square tiles by Arbutus+Denman

Corset wall tile adds visual contrast to the room

Wall tiles design idea

Corset wall tiles colors by Arbutus+Denman

One of the many advantages of using such wall tiles and decor is that you can alter the look of a space by simply varying the pattern in which these tiles are placed. While using a single tile can create a lovely focal point in the room or use them in a bunch to generate more intricate patterns. Adding depth, style and elegance, they are indeed a perfect fit for modern spaces.

Square wall tile decorations

Hand laced cord of the Corset tiles

Closer look at stylish wall tile

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