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Inspirational George Nelson Designs: From Iconic Clocks To Ingenious Sofas!

George Nelson and Charles Eames are often credited with the invention of industrial design in the décor world. Innovative and inventive, many of the iconic furnishings conjured up and brought to life by both these gentlemen still captivate our imagination. Surviving several decades of changing interior design trends, many of George Nelson’s creations are considered mid-century modern marvels. In case of George Nelson’s designs, there seems to be amazing sense of playfulness and holiday cheer when it comes to design. The inventive Coconut Chair is a prime example of that.

Black Nelson Marshmallow Sofa in the home office

by YLiving

Today we have two more marvels from the George Nelson that are equally, if not far more, compelling. Both the Marshmallow Sofa and the Nelson’s Clock Collection are anything but mundane. Moving away from the more serious designs, they ushered in a whole new take on design when they were first created. Visually distinct and yet delightfully modern, they snugly fit into most contemporary interiors.

Marshmallow Sofa in bright orange flanked by interesting art work
Kitchen is a popular place to showcase the wall clock
Multicolored Ball Clock from George Nelson – A perfect fit for Scandinavian design!

by ARTerior Design

Lovely sofa blends in with the color scheme of the room

by Gary Hutton Design

Stylish Sunburst Clock above the fireplace

by David Lauer Photography

Cool white backdrop accentuates the beauty of multicolored Ball Clock

by Homework Remodels

Gorgeous collection of Nelson clocks

by Blutter Shiff Design Associates

Playful Marshmallow Sofa

It must be noted that designer Irving Harper was as much the brain behind the conception of many of the George Nelson décor creations as the man himself. While for decades George Nelson took the entire credit for these furnishings (which was dubbed s a business strategy and was something Irving Harper had no complaints about), Harper was the man who actually put the Marshmallow Sofa together in the manner we know it today. The idea behind this chic creation was to create a product that promoted 12-inch diameter self-skinning discs crafted by a businessman in 1954.

Design of the Marshmallow sofa makes in both aesthetic and ergonomic

by Unique Techniques

Marshmallow Sofa stands out in pretty much any setting

by Tanya Burley Design

Consisting of 18 such disks carefully placed in a steel frame, the sofa has been incredibly popular in recent times. Its casual, chic and trendy look makes it a must for those looking to spice up their interiors. Available at Hermann Miller in white, black and loads of snazzy colors, the Marshmallow Sofa looks like a whimsical and cheerful work of art!

Cool Marshmallow sofa in black adds geometric contrast to the basement

by Donahoe Group

Nelson Marshmallow Sofa in Crepe has a sober look

by Applegate Tran Interiors

Scandinavian styled home office with the iconic Marshmallow sofa

by Phil Kean Designs

Bring in a fun and casual atmosphere with the George Nelson creation

by Regencyshop

White walls make a perfect backdrop for the sofa

by Work Shop Denver

Charming Collection of Nelson Clocks

Another interesting piece from George Nelson Associates is the Nelson Clocks. Beautiful, fun and moving away from conventional design, they were among the earliest wall clocks that actually did away with boring numbers, and mundane designs. Created way back in 1947, the Ball Clock, Eye Clock and the Turbine Clock were all way ahead of their time. Probably that is one of the reasons why they seem to be so popular with contemporary designers. Minimalist in their form, most of Nelson clocks double up as lovely art pieces on the wall. There are plenty of George Nelson clocks out there and they come in a variety of colors, shapes and each one seems to vary ever so slightly from the other!

Colorful look of the Nelson Clock makes it a great addition in the kids’ bedroom

by Lindsay O. Creative

Classic Nelson Ball clock spices up the neutral color scheme

by John Lum Architecture

No design can exist in isolation. It is always related, sometimes in very complex ways, to an entire constellation of influencing situations and attitudes. What we call a good design is one which achieves integrity – that is, unity or wholeness – in balanced relation to its environment.

– by George Nelson

George Nelson Sunflower Clock steals the show!

by Stardust Modern Design

Moooi’s Non-Random Light coupled with the George Nelson Clock

by Holly Marder

Nelson Sunburst Clock in Multi Color by Vitra
Chic Wall Clock brightens up a lonely corner in the living room

by Ryan

Beautiful Ball Clock in bubbly orange

by Paker Architecture

Eccentric and bold, both the Marshmallow Sofa and the Nelson Clocks have a personality of their own. Many who worked in the design firm at the time say that this also showcases clearly the Irving Harper flair and panache. It is probably best to conclude that the duo simply rolled out several exquisite designs that both designers and home owners are harping about till today. So, which one is your favorite?

Block Clock in refreshing blue – Simple and elegant design!
Eccentric dining space proudly showcases the George Nelson Sunburst Clock
Fabulous Nelson Clocks bring in a hint of minimalism
Ball Clock placed ever so elegantly in a contrasting triangle!
The Sunburst Clock seems to be a bit more popular than other George Nelson creations!

by Jan Skacelik

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