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George Nelson’s Coconut Chair: Adding Style to Your Room

We have looked at some amazing modern design icons from the stable of Herman Miller before. While the likes of the fabulous Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman steal the show with their sophisticated design, the Coconut Chair designed by George Nelson offers beautiful and refreshing geometric variation to any modern space. The form of the iconic Coconut Chair mimics that of a sliced coconut shell and seems to bring along with it the same air of tropical freshness!

Gorgeous fireplace warms up the modern interiors

by Tom Sibley Interior Photography

George Nelson took over as the director of design at Herman Miller in 1945 and the Coconut Chair remains one of his most cherished creations during his three decade long stint with the company. Comfortable, classy and unique, the chair redefines our perception of plush seating as it breaks away from set conventions.

Here are a few contemporary inspirations that might entice you to bring home an original George Nelson Coconut Chair yourselves —

Coconut Chair in black leather makes plenty of impact
Create a lovely little reading nook with the coconut chair
Family room with Nelson Pedestal Tables and Coconut Chairs


Stylish living space with gray and metallic accents

by By Design

Noguchi Table and Coconut Chair – Meeting of design icons from Herman Miller

by Smith Designs

White Nelson Coconut Chair by Herman Miller for a contemporary look

by FORMA Design

Comfort coupled with Freedom!

There is a reason why the Coconut Chair today finds a place in some of the top design museums across the globe. The basic structure of this highly organic furnishing pretty much altered the face of décor industry in the 50s. Fresh new designs sprang up across the US in the 50s and the 60s that tried pretty hard to find the same ergonomic magic as the Coconut Chair. While borrowing from nature’s design is a more recent trend, George Nelson seems to successfully set the tone for several decades ago.

Bring in fabulous symmetry with a couple of coconut chairs

by Regencyshop

Beautiful minimalist bedroom with the coconut chair

by Chris Briffa Architects

Unlike many other chairs of the era, the Coconut Chair offers complete freedom of movement even as it offers ample comfort. The plastic base covered with one piece of thick foam rubber along with the bent steel base make it both aesthetically and functionally pleasing. It is this perfect balance between style and substance that has catapulted this charming chair into the design hall of fame!

Combine the coconut chair with a plush sectional sofa

by Peter Rose Architecture and Interiors

Pick a coconut chair in shades that match your existing decor

by Steinbomer, Bramwell & Vrazel Architects

Twin coconut chairs add panache to an eclectic backdrop

by Cincinnati modern

Smart addition of decor can lift the appeal of your interiors

by Max Strang Architecture

Colorful coconut chairs draw your attention instantly

by Baltis Architects

Visual and Geometric Contrast

Contemporary residences are quickly adopting a design scheme that is based on sleek and well defined lines. While this works out beautifully most of the times, too many cubic surfaces and square designs can quickly bring in a sense of blandness. The exclusive and exceptional form of the Coconut Chair adds geometric intrigue to any modern setting. Just the mere sight of the chair draws plenty of attention as it quickly turns into a conversation starter for your guests! Colorful versions of the chair help further highlight and create a focal point in the room. It also seems like a wonderful way to bring in vibrant accent colors into a neutral space.

Interesting use of the coconut chair in the bedroom
Fabulous interiors with plenty of color

by Poolehaus Residential Design

It goes without saying that the design of the Coconut Chair was well ahead of its time. This probably is the reason why it brought in a design revolution along with other Herman Miller creations of the time. Seamlessly becoming a part of any style and theme that you choose for your interiors, the chair seems to adapt effortlessly. From the minimalistic to the eclectic and from the modern to the retro, here is a home-furnishing knockout that carries with it loads of oomph!

Sleek contemporary kitchen with the coconut chair in the corner
Add a bit of color with tangy orange coconut chairs

by Laidlaw Schultz architects

Coconut chair goes along with the wooden accents in the room

by Gary Hutton

Lovely geometric variation in a sleek kitchen brought in by the Coconut Chair

by Jonathan Parks Architect

Elegant patio sports the coconut chair in style

by OBM International

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