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Modern Interiors With an Oriental Charm by Vic Nguyen

Vic Nguyen is a Vietnam-based designer with a creativity that beats most. His fabulous work is nothing short of stunning, and we must say that it had a really big impact on us at Decoist.

In most of his works, the interiors crafted by Nguyen are contemporary while bearing an element of traditional design. From spaces inspired by Zen-like Oriental charm to stylish interiors that have a more global appeal, you will find a wide array of designs that all seem to reflect a sense of semi-minimalism combined with warm and inviting hues.

Stunning living room sports glossy surfaces and a golden hue

Today’s article is a tribute to Vic’s work. We’ll browse together through the spacious living rooms, compact kitchen spaces and the tranquil bedroom designs. You will be wooed by the innate simplicity and uniqueness of the designs — eclectic, contemporary to chic and classy — so buckle up and enjoy the visual treat.

Home office lounge in elegant cream and white
A sense of tranquil minimalism fills this bedroom
Stylish modern house embraces semi-minimalism with grace
Spacious bedroom with innovative design
Platform bed and minimal decor grace this bedroom
Modern furnishings and chic artwork for the girls’ bedroom
Luxurious marble flooring and interesting decor spice up this living room
Home office space and reading area with interesting seating options

Sleek, Stylish and Elegant

Clean and well defined lines are what modern architecture is all about and designing a home on similar lines brings out the very best in every contemporary home. One of the essential features of all the interiors crafted by Nguyen is the uncomplicated nature of the design and the gorgeous symmetry. Every time you lay your eyes on one of these, you are amazed at how the designer could create such a sophisticated look with so little.

Gorgeous living room in neutral hues and interesting art additions
Living room with an Asian-inspired theme

‘Less is more’ seems to be the philosophy here and none of these interiors try to go overboard with minimalism. There is a delicate balance between the livable nature of the homes and their aesthetic appeal, which offers a lovely blend of form and functionality.

A touch of metal for visual contrast in the modern bedroom
Vic Nguyen loves to add a tinge of color with some natural green or even fruit!
Beautiful pendant lighting and innovative lamps add a touch of symmetry
Living area filled with varied textural elements
Stylish bed offers ample storage options as well

Maximization of Available Space

A look at the way in which many apartment spaces are designed by Vic Nguyen is a lesson for all us wannabe designers who wish to decorate small home spaces to perfection. Use of shelves that pretty much disappear into the walls, platform beds that create more visual space, smart décor that multitask with ease and lovely lighting in the form of pendant lamps all add up to maximize the available space to hilt.

Compact dining area with an oak dining table set
Wooden textures give this grey and white living room an Asian theme

The designer seems to naturally use a single ‘white’ backdrop that also helps reduce a visual fragmentation of the available area. While muted colors are used extensively the addition of a few bright spots helps drive away any sense of ‘blandness’.

Small kitchen space with a counter that matches the dining area
Contemporary bedroom in muted tones – A view from the top!
Warm and inviting bedroom offers both lovely views and ample privacy
Art installation that doubles up as display unit
Modern platform bed and a leather topped ottoman steal the show here

A Gentle Kiss of Nature!

As you browse through the many images of interiors conceptualized and visualized by this cool designer, you will notice the striking way in which potted plants, flowers and even Bonsai trees are used. Nguyen seems to incorporate nature into pretty much all his designs and for all of us who love that tinge of natural green and freshness; it is a real perk indeed. Sometimes it is dazzling scarlet roses, while serene white lilies make an appearance on other occasions.

Contemporary apartment space clad in white
Fascinating and fabulous art additions spice up the contemporary home

From highly evolved Bonsai trees to something as simple as apples, this inventive designer finds captivating new ways to add a splash of vivid color. While we have enjoyed Vic Nguyen’s work before, we do hope that the future throws up more variety and equally enticing home interiors.

Bonsai plants bring in the Oriental touch
Floral print wallpaper and scarlet roses give this room a feminine touch
Gorgeous bedroom with a warm and inviting appeal
Modern living space with ample natural ventilation
Small apartment space designed in an ergonomic fashion

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