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Unique Halloween Party Ideas

Are you hosting a Halloween party this year? If you enjoy entertaining, Halloween is the perfect holiday to celebrate with a festive gathering. Let’s face it–Halloween is all about fun! Any day that’s filled with costumes and junk food is OK in our book! Yet often when we hunt for Halloween party ideas, we can’t help but get a “been there, done that” feeling…

That’s why today’s post is dedicated to those who are looking for a new approach to celebrating. Decorations that aren’t the norm. Food with a special twist. And favors that will have guests marveling at your creativity! We’ve rounded up our favorites–enjoy!

Halloween Party Decorations

Let’s get started with the decorations! There are two main approaches that we can’t help but love this year: super colorful or super elegant. Neither one represents the typical “orange and black” theme, yet both are undeniably festive. If you’re hosting a party for kids and you want something modern and different, consider a pumpkin motif. But don’t hold back on the color! By cutting your own pumpkins from honeycomb paper, you will have access to a range of hues that may not be available at your local party store. For more details, check out A Subtle Revelry

Row of honeycomb pumpkins

Then there’s the decadent, elegant approach. Vases overflowing with luxurious blossoms. Black goblets. You know–fancy, but with a dark twist. We were very inspired by a post on Peach and Black Wedding Ideas from Ruffled. The rich tones really caught our eye! Call it “upscale Halloween”… [from Amanda Watson Photography]

Upscale Halloween decor

You can also take the elegant approach in a mysterious direction. Torn book pages, candelabras, and unique plant selections create an overgrown, eerie look. Yet still classy! These Library Halloween Wedding Ideas from Ruffled celebrate a Victorian aesthetic! [from Danielle Capito Photography

Halloween decorations for a mysterious table

Did someone say “overgrown plants”? Why not?! “Conservatory Chic” is a phenomenal theme for Halloween–especially if you throw in a spooky twist. Ferns do a great job of providing ample greenery on a budget, while eerie touches such as cobwebs and wishbones make it clear that this is a Halloween party, not an elegant dinner party for plant lovers. Check out this fete thrown by Cassandra Lavalle of Coco + Kelley [via Camille Styles]:

Spooky, lush Halloween decorations

Halloween Party Food

It can be tricky finding unique edibles to match the unique look of your Halloween party. A couple rules of thumb–make each dish special, and go for the unexpected. Even if your party is a kid-friendly one, you can still take it up a notch in the food department! We were highly impressed by this Elegant Spooky Forest Halloween Party, featured at Hostess with the Mostess. Our favorite part: the Meringue Ghosts that adorned a rectangular platter!

Meringue ghosts

We’ve seen a lot of Halloween recipes for kids. But there’s something pretty cool about these Gooey Monster Eye Cookies from Lil’ Luna! Maybe it’s the neon green color. Or the clever use of candy eyeballs. As noted, just be sure not to place the eyeballs on the cookies before baking. Better to add them when the cookies are fresh from the oven and still soft!

Monster eye cookies

There’s nothing more Halloween-y than pumpkin seeds! And there’s nothing more festive than pumpkin seeds covered in party sprinkles! Wouldn’t these look amazing at a colorful Halloween party? So eye-catching, so celebratory, so easy to make… Check out the recipe at A Subtle Revelry:

Sprinkled pumpkin seeds

This last featured party treat is definitely for adults only. Because green slime punch and vampire blood juice can only take you so far when you’re wanting a drink with a kick!… But a Pumpkin Bourbon Slushie is seasonal and delicious. This might be a great option for Thanksgiving, as well… For the recipe, check out A Subtle Revelry:

Pumpkin slushie

Halloween Party Favors

We know–kids get so much candy at Halloween, do there really need to be party favors? While favors are never a requirement, they certainly are a great way to thank your guests for attending. Not to mention, guests will leave your party with a smile when a bowl of inviting goodies are waiting for them by the door on their way out. These Halloween Heart Face Boxes from Oh Happy Day are easy to make with Kraft pillow boxes, paper, and a few other supplies. Fill them with the treats of your choice, be they candy or stickers…

Halloween goodie box DIY

And check out the mysterious look of these BOO! treat bags… Simple, classy, and ideal for holding gourmet candies for grown-ups or lollipops for kids. Or crayons. Or cookies. With a BOO treat printable from Be Different Act Normal, you won’t be crafting each label by hand. Now that’s a time-saver worth celebrating!

Halloween treat bags and printables

Yes, kids get a lot of candy at Halloween. Which is why these slimy Halloween Gak Treats from Lil’ Luna are a great approach for little ones. Who doesn’t love playing with slime?! The recipe is super easy and involves little more than household products. And the payoff is big! [via Be Different Act Normal]

Halloween slime treats

Now we want to hear about YOUR original Halloween party ideas! Anything particularly unique or creative that has inspired you in your Halloween party planning? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below…

Kate Simmons

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