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Organic Indoors: Woven Wood Shades And Bamboo Blinds For Contemporary Homes

Green is definitely ‘in’ with the modern consumer and home owner becoming more eco-conscious with each day. Eco-friendly products not only give you a sense of ‘moral high ground’ (that is understandable), but they are also great in adding a new dimension to the interiors of your home. Woven wood shades and bamboo blinds have always been a popular choice as they tend to blend in elegance and ergonomics with a sense of natural goodness that is inimitable.

Fabric band around woven wood shades for a softer and refined look

These beautiful shades have an ability to seamlessly amalgamate with the existing style of your home even as they offer wonderful contrast in both texture and color. A perfect way to dress up your windows (and even doors, at times), woven wood shades are indeed a must have for those who love relaxed and refreshing interiors with a tinge of gorgeous green!

Classy contemporary bedroom embraces bamboo blinds with style!

by Amoroso Design

Contemporary living room with large glass windows and woven bamboo shades
Create the atmosphere of a cool summer retreat with the light and natural tones of bamboo blinds
Elegant blinds provide privacy when needed

by Margaret Donaldson Interiors

Ergonomic modern kitchen with bamboo blinds

by Delishhh Blog

Gorgeous bamboo blinds provide a natural retreat-like setting at home

by Bosworth Hoedemaker

Stylish bedroom with woven wood blinds that accentuate the relaxed setting

by Talianko Design Group

Custom designed drapes and blinds give this bedroom a vacation suite style!

by Natalie Myers

Switch between Unabated Views and Untouched Privacy

One of the primary advantages of using blinds or shades is the ability to be able to switch between wonderful views and complete solitude when needed. Woven wood shades are available in a variety of patterns, designs and colors. This not only offer you plenty of options when it comes to the aesthetics, but one can also choose the exact amount of natural light they wish to let in thanks to the diffusion caused by the shades. While some of the shades are woven to make completely opaque surfaces, others are put together lightly for a more translucent look.

Control the lighting in your dining space using cool blinds

by nicole helene designs

Bamboo blinds offer a visually light and refreshing look that is easy on the eyes
Modern bedroom with gorgeous use of colors and textures

Woven wood shades come in a variety of natural fibers like slatted bamboo, grass, jute, rattan and many more. It is also possible to add additional layers of insulation in the form of drapes or fabric to increase the appeal of the wood blinds.

Eclectic dining room offers a blend of several different design styles

by Stonewood

Light up your room by using a blend of artificial and natural light

by Vanessa De Vargas

Refreshing bedroom largely in white presents a soothing atmosphere

by Joel Snayd

Roll down the bamboo shades for complete privacy and protection from the elements
Stone fireplace and woven wood blinds create a classic and timeless look

by Beth Rosenfield Design

Light, Fresh and Natural

More and more homes are option for planet-friendly products that ensure that their interiors are both savvy and stylish. Adding woven wood shades not only helps with the eco-quotient, but with wood being a wonderful insulator, you would also be able to cut down on your energy bills a tad bit come this winter. Woven wood shades coupled with other forms of blinds can offer the right insulation and do so without compromising on the form factor. They can be added to pretty much any room in the house and you instantly create a more warm and ambient backdrop!

Serene and stylish bedroom in relaxing hues with woven wood shades

by Becky Harris

Stunning contemporary living room with gorgeous drapes coupled with bamboo blinds

by Robeson Design

Use bamboo blinds in the bathroom to create a spa-like atmosphere

by Kate Jackson Design

Home owners often seem to ignore the fact that blinds and shades are as essential part of their residence as doors and windows themselves. If anything, with the contemporary trend of suing glass excessively shades in natural textures that are also great insulators become all the more significant from both a form and functionality perspective.

Twig blinds work well with the earthen tones that modern homes employ

by Becker Architects Limited

Natural texture of the window coverings keeps the ambiance soft and stylish

by Kathleen Burke Design

Fresh and colorful kitchen nook looks all the more appealing with wooden shades

by Cristin Priest/Simplified Bee

Exquisite and tranquil master bedroom uses bamboo blinds to enhance the luxury retreat-like ambiance

by Craig Denis

Doors with woven wood blinds make for a smart and ergonomic choice

Textural Contrast for a Spa-like setting

The urban jungle that surrounds us is dominated by metal, concrete, stone and glass. In a world that is overwhelmed by these man-made materials, it makes sense to add a natural and far more pleasant element. Woven wood shades are one of the easiest ways in which you can bring in the right textural contrast without having to make huge changes to the interiors. They can be used both on the inside and the outside of the window and their ‘natural presence’ instantly softens the place. Bamboo blinds and jute shades also bring in a pleasant and holiday retreat-styled atmosphere.

Woven wood shades offer a tinge of natural goodness

by Kate Jackson Design

Add textural contrast to your eclectic living space with bamboo blinds

by Elizabeth Reich

Bamboo shades go well with interiors in muted colors

by Blackband Design

Woven wood blinds are great for those who wish to give their home a more tranquil and comfortable look that borders on being casual. They automatically seem to evoke memories of that amazing vacation in a tropical resort where you enjoyed the sun, sand and the waves! Give them a shot and you will not regret going down the ‘wooden path’.

Jute rug and bamboo blinds combine to bring in some natural goodness

by Landing Design & Development

Large shade adds wooden hues to the family room

by Jane Ann Maxwell

Beautiful blinds help add greater variety to this colorful and bright setting

by Rachel Reider Interiors

Kids’ bedroom in green with natural bamboo shades

by Tracery Interiors

Woven shades combine privacy along with an ability to offer the right insulation

by Garrison Hullinger Interior Design

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