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Toile Fabric: Add Cool Color And Chic Pattern To Contemporary Interiors

The ‘toile’ is not something all of us are that familiar with. But show an image of the design pattern and everyone identifies it in an instant. It is a decorating pattern that traditionally depicts a complex repeated pattern or series of events on a white backdrop. In fact, toile is short for Toile de Jouy, which translates to the ‘cloth from Jouy-en-Josas’.  The design has its origins in Ireland and it quickly spread to both Britain and France. It is the French though that truly took the style and it has ever since been associated with a rich French country style.

Gorgeous toile barrel-shaped chairs coupled with a zebra-print rug

by Atmosphere Interior Design

Yet, toile is not a design phenomenon relegated to the last century. In fact, modern designers have ensured a revived interest in the decorating style thanks to the ingenious contemporary versions of of the fabric. Toile bedding, curtains and even wallpaper have been revamped and repackaged to fit the modern home. From scenes that depict Brooklyn, London or Stockholm to chic prints in bright shades, toile is back with a bang!

Chaise lounge in toile print seems perfectly at home in a modern bedroom
Eames lounger coupled with twin chairs in toile – A blend of classic and contemporary!

by Chris Pardo Design – Elemental Architecture

Outdoor porch with chair and ottoman in toile fabric

by Vincent Greene Architects

Did someone say toile was not contemporary enough?

by Caitlin Wilson

Snazzy combination of blue and gray in the living room

by Sealy Design

Drapes bring in the toile print with ample elegance

Giving Toile a Modern Makeover

Traditional toile patterns have always had a countryside scenery or images from mythology being depicted in just blue and red. Other patterns and colors were always a rare find. That trend though has completely changed in the last few years. Creative designers are now offering toile fabric in multitude of colors and patterns. You can even have a custom-crafted toile fabric with an image of your choice! Apart from giving your home that distinct look, it most definitely brings in all the sophistication and refined panache that made it so popular among French aristocracy.

Contemporary bedroom with fabric that brings in the Toile touch
Cozy and bright dining space with toile curtains

by Martha O’Hara Interiors / Photography by Troy Theis

Some of the world’s best interior designers and fabric experts have revamped toile to a point where it is currently gaining popularity in the world fashion as well! The subtle, yet flowing colors, intricate patterns and the symmetry brought about by repetition give toile its distinct identity.

Comfy sofas go well along with the painted hardwood floor

by Whitney Lyons

Table top sports an artistic, modern take on toile
Modern bedroom with accent wall in toile – For those who love a dramatic setting!

by Lompier Interior Group

Birds and bees wallpaper along with the throw pillows presents an urban twist to toile

by Laura U

Tufted chairs draped in modern toile print

by Kendall Marcelle Design

Create Elegant Visual Contrast

Sleek and stylish décor, clean and well defined lines and neutral colors largely dominate residences today. This is where a hint of toile can help immensely. One of the things about toile that has us floored is the way it can add color evenly without making it an overwhelming experience. While using fabrics in solid color might disturb the current design theme you have going in your bedroom or living room, toile does nothing of this sorts. Whimsical patterns with minimalist approach have also found their way into the toile repertoire, making the style more acceptable to a wider base of audience.

Modern toile trends presents a multitude of improvised options
Throw pillows in the toile style add interesting patterns to the living space

The use of toile throw pillows is another design trend that is catching on. Since accent fabric are an inexpensive way to try out new colors and prints, home owners are quick to welcome in toile quilts, drapes and pillows. Adding geometric and visual contrast along with an inherent sense of opulence, toile now comes with more choice than ever before.

Lovely dining space with Tulip dining table and bench covered in yellow toile design

by TAS Construction

Mid century modern bedroom with wallpaper that draws inspiration from a toile style

by Andrew Snow Photography

Red on white toile design warms up the bathroom in white
Relaxing English country house blends in a variety of styles

by Dewson Construction Company

Touch of toile adds regal sophistication to this romantic bedroom

by Design West

Blend in with Different Styles

All you need is a bit of imagination to make toile work with the current style of your home. Much like everything else in the design world, there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution here. While you would be really lucky to have maybe a couple of toile barrel-shape chairs that sizzle in a modern living space, most of us have to make do with quilt covers and toile drapes in the bedroom. Not that it is bad thing! The traditional toile colors of red or blue on white still look great. But what really steals the show is intricate print in black on pristine white. A pattern like this allows you to use other colorful décor around it to enliven the room.

Toile cushions coupled with the chic curtains add contrast to the space
Refined toile curtains and fabric can bring playfulness to the kids’ bedroom

by Kingsley Belcher Knauss

Always remember to go light on fabric though and ensure that you use it sporadically and in a balanced manner. Too much of toile can be gaudy and disorienting because of the repeated pattern. Couple it with other geometric designs and you are assured of a lovely visual. Hopefully the inspirations here will help you in getting your toile decor just right.

Bathroom in blue and white with toile fabric drapes that anchor the color scheme

by Kristi Spouse Interiors

Golden yellow hues dominate this luxurious bedroom

by Tucker & Marks

Stylish toile designs add color without being overwhelming

by Sroka Design

Black print on the toile quilt seems to fit in with the modern color scheme seamlessly

by Judith Balis

Use the toile fabric in the bedroom to try out the style in an inexpensive fashion

by Signature Staging

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