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Four Decades Of Luxury: Contemporary Inspirations Sporting The Iconic Togo Sofa

Not many décor and furnishing creations live to celebrate their 40th anniversary. And few would ever do so with the colorful style of the Togo Series designed by Michel Ducaroy for Ligne Roset. The Togo Sofa and its compatriots have survived changing design trends for four long decades now. It has not always been a pleasant journey. Togo has a polarizing effect on designers and home owners across the globe. Some love it, others hate it. But what is certain is that nobody can ignore its plush and dramatic presence.

Togo by Michel Ducaroy draws your attention in an instant

by Natural Balance Home Builders

It is this bold and creative style statement of the Togo that put it in the headlines when it first arrived on the scene way back in 1973. Ahead of its time in design, the couch is once again gaining popularity thanks to the growing shift towards accent décor. Here are few contemporary interiors that incorporate this snugly icon with impressive charm –

Bright accents of yellow brought in by the Togo

by New Mood Design

Exquisite kids’ room paints a bubbly and colorful picture

Laura U

Multiple density foam of Togo pamper your senses endlessly


Put a gorgeous floor lamp next to the Togo to create a daft reading nook

by Mark Pinkerton of vi360 photography

Take in some stunning views as you rest in the Togo

by Daniel Marshall Architect

Togo sofa promises complete comfort with casual ease!

by Martin Holub Architects & Planners

Use the arched floor lamp to shed some spotlight on the Togo!

Contemporary, Creative and Colorful!

When it comes to unconventional and exclusive design, the success of Togo is simply unmatched. Available in a wide range of colors, the multiple density foam and the quilted covers make it extremely luxurious. Add to this the growing trend of neutral interiors in white, black, grey and brown and a furnishing with Togo’s visual impact becomes all the more valuable. It is the current trend of clean and sleek homes with semi-minimalist overtones that is making the Togo such an invaluable asset.

Apple green Togo in the kids’ room brings in some plush color

by Feldman Architecture

Bertoia Diamond Lounge chair gives the Togo apt company here!

by Ziger/Snead Architects

According to Michel Ducaroy, the design of the Togo is much like a tube of toothpaste folded over on itself like a stovepipe and closed at both ends. It is creative, anti-conformist and comfortable even as it brings in flexibility along with a timeless look. These rare qualities have ensured its success for decades to come!

Ergonomic Togo is a perfect fit for the modern home theater or media room
Iconic Togo comes in understated muted tones as well

by Kropat Interior Design

Light blue and white nursery with Togo Fireside chair in matching shade

by hoo Interior Design & Styling

Lovely living space with Toga in a light tinge of blue

by Shryne Design

Many shapes and sizes in which the Togo comes in make it easy to work with

by TreHus Architects

Luxury Ahead of All Else

Elegance and ergonomics go hand-in-hand with most architects and designers trying to achieve that ideal and often elusive balance between the two. Togo sofas, loveseats and corner seats make no such pretentions. Togo is more about your ease than the visual beauty of your home. This in no way means that it is a bad fit. But, unlike other classics like the Womb chair, Eames lounger or the Egg chair, Togo sports a look that is less aesthetic on a conventional and accepted scale. Despite this, the sofa is incredibly popular thanks to the opulence it rolls out.

Modern living room sporting an array of colors

by Kropat Interior Design

Multiple use of Togo sofas seems to lend interiors with great geometric balance

by Lisa Petrole Photography

While most modern designers tend to put form on par or even ahead of function, Togo puts ergonomics squarely front and center. When you bring home a décor piece from the Togo series, you can expect comfort and relaxation above all else. There are other obvious perks of bringing in this unique furnishing. Yet, it is the fluffy goodness that stands out the moment you lay your eyes on it.

Add textural and visual variance to a room using the stylish Togo

by Hufft Projects

Create an instant focal point with the Togo in bright tones
Sleek and peaceful interiors with fascinating art work on the walls

by Searl Lamaster Howe Architects

Small Togo in red offers a luxurious seating option

by INVIEW Interior Design

Togo lounge in interesting print for an eclectic living space

Adding Textural Diversity

Togo could be an unusual choice for some, but it does offer plenty of advantages of its own. As discussed above, the wide array of shades that Togo comes in makes it a perfect accent furnishing. More essentially though, the quilted covers and crushed surface provide great textural contrast in an otherwise glossy and rigid world. The sofa’s surface looks both novel and dynamic and breaks the monotony of concrete, glass and wood that we come across in most contemporary residences. Different chairs and corner seats from the Togo Series can be arranged to create large sectional sofas.

Orange Togo adds sense of playfulness to neutral interiors

by Sarah Greenman

Contemporary living room in white with Togo adding yellow freshness!

by Ligne Roset

Audacious and engaging, Togo is a versatile accessory in a world that is otherwise rigid and possibly sterile. Ligne Roset has a wide selection of fabrics and colors that allow you to bring home the Togo that you think is perfect for your existing color scheme, style and décor. From contemporary to classic and retro to minimalist, Togo blends in effortlessly with any style when used correctly!

Few seating options blend in contemporary style with sheer opulence like the Togo
Cool Togo doubles up as a sculptural addition to an refined living room

by twenty7 design

Touch of exquisiteness in the bedroom with the Togo in the corner
Sophisticated family room with regal purple Togo

by David Hotson Architect

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