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Modern Penthouse Apartment Showcases Smart Usage Of Space

Space is a conundrum that often resurfaces when designing a house and this problem is all the more exaggerated in an urban setting. With modern studio apartments and urban residences trying to make use of every available square inch in a smart fashion, innovative architecture is indeed the order of the day. Kariouk Associates have created one such smart and savvy modern residence in Ottawa, Ontario where the shower and storage areas have been designed in the form of elliptical enclosures that double up as chic room dividers.

stylish penthouse balcony

The design of the Redeveloper Apartment is indeed both inventive and ergonomic to the core as it does away with the traditional notion of well-defined spaces that are bifurcated using large walls. With this particular apartment not having enough space to incorporate different segregated public and private quarters, the architects decided to opt for modern additions that save on space. Tall elliptical columns in silk stretched to steel frames and curved glass have been used as additional closet space and a cool shower.

The fact that the entire apartment is covered in one single tone of white ensures that there is no visual fragmentation of the area either. Drapes that offer privacy at an instant can be used when needed to separate the elliptical hubs from the rest of the home. A small home work station nestled in one of the closets and elegant shelves that blend in with the walls add to the tidy look of the setting.

ultra modern penthouse

Plush décor in neutral tones and a comforting bedroom complete the interiors of this creative apartment in Canada. Topping this off is an artificial ‘garden’ of sorts in the balcony made up of fiber-optic acrylic rods that dance to the tune of the wind. Talk about a home that seems ready to embrace the future!

modern penthouse kitchen

modern living room

modern home office

stylish kitchen

stylish penthouse kitchen

stylish toilet

stylish bath

stylish modern bedroom

modern bedroom

penthouse plan

Photos by: Photolux Studio

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