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Masculine and Feminine Bathrooms: “His” and “Hers” Powder Rooms

This spring, we at Decoist have been exploring the world of “his” and “hers” design. What makes a space masculine? What makes a space feminine? Are the details themselves feminine and masculine, or is there an overall effect that sets the tone? While there are no easy answers, we invite you to ask yourself these very questions as you scan the images below.

In the “his” and “hers” realm, we’ve tackled bedrooms and living spaces so far, but today we venture into powder room territory. And let us make one thing clear: there’s no rule that says feminine spaces are only for girls and masculine spaces are only for boys. In fact, bathrooms are particularly interesting, as contemporary powder room design has increasingly favored clean, uncluttered spaces over frills. How can masculine and feminine touches be added to the bathroom? Read on for more details…

Masculine Bathrooms

We begin with spaces that bring the masculine style home. Some say one trait of a manly room is the presence of deep, rich tones. The bathroom below features dark wooden accents and sleek narrow tile. Throw in an abundance of metallic details and some crisp white trim, and this powder room is complete. [from Houzz]

Masculine bathroom in gray

Speaking of rich hues, it’s hard not to love the abundance of earth tones in the rustic meets modern room below. A shiny yet industrial-style towel rack adds to the rugged look, while gleaming tile and luxury features create a spa effect. [photo by Paul Bardagjy for David Wilkes Builders]

Warm colors in a masculine bathroom

One word for designer Kelly Wearstler’s marble bathroom: WOW! This elegant space brings the luxe look home. In addition to the gorgeous marble, there are other powerful features like a gold-toned porthole-style mirror and a sculptural hand. Add exotic flowers, an octagonal sink and designer soap, and it’s clear that attention has been paid to every detail. [from Lonny]

Marble bathroom in rich colors

Sometimes a masculine tone is set by the simplicity of details such as chic tile, quality bath products and towels in a shade of charcoal gray… [from Podesta Construction]

Unfussy touches in a masculine bathroom

Yet a masculine bathroom can still have manicured style. The space below showcases the elegance of striped wallpaper, dark wooden cabinetry, and shiny fixtures and accessories. [from Kitchen Interiors]

Masculine striped bathroom

Our next featured powder room has a bit of nautical style in the mix. Make that a LOT of nautical style. It’s funny how one model sailboat can make all the difference… Yet rather than basking in shades of red, white and blue with accents of shiny brass, this space veers into “earthy nautical” territory. And plush towel territory, which is never a bad thing! [from Lonny]

Nautical bathroom

For a sleek, contemporary take on nautical design, we have the bathroom below, complete with a deck-style bathtub and a porthole window. Yet rather than throwing in a captain’s cap and an anchor, a simple black and white photograph of a couple on the beach sets a wonderfully understated tone. Love that dark tub! [from Lonny]

Nautical bathroom with modern style

Who says masculine=sparse? The next image features a bathroom that is anything but minimalist. In fact, this layered space boasts details like shiny tile, dark wooden trim, charming light fixtures and a double sink with a marble top from Pottery Barn. The look is vintage eclectic, and once again, an abundance of deep tones creates a masculine vibe. [from Copperline Homes]

Eclectic bathroom with a vintage vibe

Why is this next space masculine? Maybe it’s the map-motif wallpaper that evokes the adventures of travel, or perhaps it’s details like a crisp sink with industrial style. An ornate mirror somehow fits right in, creating a “grand” vision in this small space. [from Lonny]

Colonial vintage bathroom with masculine style

Feminine Bathrooms

We now venture into feminine bathroom territory, thanks to interesting spaces like the one below. Red and white stripes set a rosy tone, yet it’s hard to put a label on this eclectic space. Many textile patterns combine to create a layered effect, and special touches like embellished oval mirrors and plush seating add a sense of decadence! [from Lisa Sherry Interieurs via Lonny]

Feminine striped bathroom

There’s nothing but elegance in this next room. And plenty of it! From the marble shower and tile to the chrome vanity and etched mirror, there’s just something special in every detail of this space. Note how the more ornate elements are balanced by crisp black and white tones, as well as the gleam of mirrors and metal. [from Platner & Co.]

Elegant marble bathroom

Chandeliers bring ornamental style home in the next featured bathroom, which maximizes the shine with apothecary jars that hold necessities, as well as marble tile and mirrored reflection. While this space has feminine frills, it’s not fussy, thanks to an abundance of cool tones and sleek surfaces. [from Pratt Home Builders]

Chandeliers in an elegant bathroom

In fact, when it comes to frills, it can really pay to balance them. After all, the most interesting of spaces can’t be pigeonholed into one design style. That’s why we love the bathroom below from Kohler! Fancy mirrors and lighting are brought down to earth by…a photo of a horse!

Traditional bathroom with formal details

Floral motifs are classically feminine. It’s interesting how the modern floral wallpaper below adds a touch of femininity while seamlessly blending two distinct styles–the girly (as shown by the vase of flower below) and the contemporary (as exemplified by flourishes such as the room’s sinks). [Image by Vicky Tan for Enviable Designs]

Modern floral bathroom

Speaking of floral wallpaper, the Asian style of the blossom-laden paper below is a lovely counterpart to room’s cool marble surfaces. Feminine meets upscale! [Photo by Shannon Fontaine for Leland Interiors]

Floral wallpaper in a marble bathroom

Sometimes adding feminine touches to a space can be as simple as picking an accent color and repeating it throughout the room. In the bathroom below, we see flowers in shades of hot pink, as well as a trio of rosy candles in lattice-print votives. The radiant pink hue accents tiles in polished marble and honey onyx. [from Georgette Westerman Interiors]

Bathroom with rosy accents

We’re also loving the sophistication of the next featured space, which truly puts the “room” in bathroom. A bubble motif can be seen on the lamp and chair fabric. And speaking of the chair, who can argue with the benefits of having a comfy seat during spa time? A large potted plant brings nature indoors, along with a large seashell in the corner of the tub. [from Mosaik Design & Remodeling]

Sophisticated bathroom with chair

Our last featured space is a modern design wonder that combines shades of lavender and pink. And even with these soft hues and the cherry blossom wallpaper, the room is anything but girly. Sleek cabinetry and clean lines anchor this space, creating an upscale modern vibe. [from Home Interior Design]

Bathroom with lavender accents

Tell us about your favorite spaces from today’s post. Do you enjoy a powder room that reflects minimalist design, or do like the spaces that catch you off guard with their unexpected and layered details? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below…

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