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Celebrate This Earth Day With Green Living Wall Installations For Your Modern Interiors

Each year, many among us pause for a moment and worry about the state of the planet’s health on each Earth Day. Some of us tend to make minor changes to our lifestyle and try to incorporate a few ‘green’ additions to our way of life. While the urban concrete jungle provides very little space for the addition of eco-friendly, natural delights to our home, living walls are a wonderful exception. With amazing development in hydroponics and innovative new designs, green walls are now both cool and contemporary in every sense of the word!

Contemporary living room in white with lovely living wall installation

No longer are these islands of foliage relegated to patios and gardens. A concept that dates back to the extraordinary Hanging Gardens of Babylon, you can add a delicate touch of nature to your own apartment space or lavish residence by cultivating a gorgeous green wall. Here are a few inspirations that will hopefully get you started on this year’s Earth Day –

Green Is In!

Add a living green wall to your minimalist dream as well!

Most modern homes seem to opt for a semi-minimalist look that incorporates neutral shades like white, grey and brown. While these colors fit in perfectly with modern design that employ clean and well defined lines along with sleek and stylish decor, a touch of color is an absolute must to eliminate any sense of blandness. Why not add that vivid visual contrast in the form of a green living wall? Rail lighting here further accentuates the beauty of the green installation.

Beautiful green wall along with wall art for the lounge

by designcanuck

For a long time, living walls have remained an addition relegated to the home garden or the pool deck outdoors. Yet, modern technology allows for such gorgeous additions to be part of your home’s interiors as well. A living wall on one side illuminated by track lighting and lovely wall art on the other gives this sitting area a relaxed atmosphere. It’s atural, fresh, and a perfect addition for Earth Day.

Gorgeous modern living room sports an equally appealing living wall


This living room is a perfect example of the beauty and the balance a green wall addition can bring to your modern home.  The green wall blends in perfectly with the more common features like the wooden flooring, stylish furnishings and floor-to-ceiling glass windows. Its placement next to the stairs and colorful presence does give this home a distinct identity.

Live Panel interior living wall perfect for contemporary interiors

by Mobilane

It is not just modern homes that can play host to living walls. They work amazingly well in commercial settings and office spaces as well. In fact, adding one such green wall to your work place design will ensure that those inside feel a lot more refreshed and far less stressed. Living walls combine form with functionality as they also help in purification of air as well!

Living walls add a dash of color to a largely neutral setting

Green wall designs and additions need not have to necessarily be gigantic in nature. A simple and compact living wall addition like this one will do just fine for Earth Day and beyond. With white being a popular choice for walls, green installation like this becomes all the more attractive. There is also a contrast in terms of geometric design as the various shapes in the living wall differ from the well defined straight lines of the décor here.

Lush green living wall in a stylish modern home

by Jason Lempieri

The placement of the living wall unit here is simply perfect. The short wall next to the staircase ensures that it does not dwarf the green wall addition and a lovely window right next to it promises ample natural ventilation. A perfect way to add some natural goodness to your breakfast even if you happen to live in a concrete high-rise!

Small herb living wall for the kitchen

by Bright Green

This is one idea that pretty much everyone can try to mimic in their own homes. And the best part is that you not only get a cool living wall, but also a fresh serving of an herb or two! A small and compact herb garden in the kitchen is something that is both manageable and elegant. It not only is easy on the eyes, but could bring aromatic delight as well; depending on your choice of herbs, of course!

Dynamic Additions to a Static Setting

Add a bit of natural green to the modern bedroom

by NXG Studio

Not all of us are blessed enough to have a lovely view of the waves and the sand in the distance as we wake up each morning. For those stuck in a ‘steel and stone’ setting, a living wall in the bedroom is a cool alternative. This bedroom in red and white seems to embrace ‘green’ in a stylish and “Eco”-nomic fashion.

Elaborate living wall idea for those who love ample green

While a living wall on the scale such as the one above might not work well in every home, it does make for a striking addition if you have ample space, a high ceiling and undying love for the planet! Pretty much engulfing an entire wall, this green wall proclaims to the world your green intent. Yet, it seems to amalgamate seamlessly with the modern theme around as plush furnishings in white and grey walls surround it.

Invite the living wall into your office space as well

by Green over Grey

Whether it is your home office or a meeting room in a corporate establishment, there is room for effervescent fauna everywhere. A variety of shrubs and interesting lighting make this living wall an impressive and grand addition to make every day an Earth Day. You can incorporate a similar design in home by placing it in a lounge area or even one of those long corridors.

Colorful green wall as an art installation

Living walls need not be completely covered in green at all times. There is ample room for more colorful and flowery additions. If you wish to give your home a more vivacious and rich atmosphere, then a green wall like the one here is an apt choice. Potted plants around it with different plants and shrubs also help bring in a more natural setting.

Wonderful fresh way to highlight the railing on the top floor

Most people seem to simply waste away the railing on the top floor by leaving it blank. Not this home owner, as the small railing on the raised level sports a thriving green wall. It is indeed an inventive and daft little way to add a fresh look to your interiors. A cushion with the motif of leaves on the living room chair is a smart addition as well!

Large living wall makes for a striking addition

by Watershed Architects

A living wall that is two-story high does take a bit of maintenance. But if you are willing to put in the effort, then the rewards are equally huge. A large living wall like this one will inevitably be the ‘show stopper’ of your home and a great conversation starter next time you throw a party.

Use the space in the entryway to add a fresh look

by Dana Nichols

As we leave you with the living wall ideas for your house, here is a great way to welcome your guests with some green for Earth Day. The space in the entryway is generally filled with giant vases or interesting art work. A living wall is an equally attractive and far more appealing option. Add one with your own personal touch and see the magic unfold!

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