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30 Stylish Floating Bed Design Ideas for the Contemporary Home

Floating bed ideas have a unique and exciting aura that surrounds them. Since most modern homes and interiors are designed around the principle of ‘clean and well-defined lines,’ they make for an appealing choice.

Aesthetically pleasing, space-conscious and offering even the smaller rooms an airy and open look, floating bed models tend to bring in an unparalleled sense of sophistication and style. While these beautiful hanging bed designs offer a more relaxed and holiday-like experience, floating beds bring in a more futuristic look.

Chic modern bedroom with a cool floating bed draped in gray

by Kia Designs

If the theme of your bedroom is sleek minimalism or even a contemporary urban look, then floating beds fit in seamlessly. But they can work pretty well in more traditional and playful settings as well. The collection showcased here will hopefully inspire you to add a floating bed to your own master bedroom as well.

Floating bed upholstered in chic eco-leather for the environmentally conscious
Beautiful floating bed offers a sophisticated look
Classy contemporary bedroom in golden brown hues with a floating bed at its heart

by Vicki Bergelt Interior Design

Colorful and vivid bedroom with a classy floating bed
Stunning floating bed with a bookshelf at its end and glass support

by Daniele Lago

The Air up There!

There are tons of floating bed ideas that actually look like they float in the air, which is something that has always fascinated people. Modern designers have taken advantage of this allure by coming up with some stunning decor and furnishing designs that look like they are levitating with no support whatsoever. While hanging beds offer a more casual look, floating beds bring a sense of innovation and refined class. Their refined form and unassuming simplicity ensure that they always steal the show in your gorgeous bedroom. A great pairing to this bed style aesthetic is a floating wood slab bedside table, matching the floating design of the bed.

Exquisite floating bed with interesting form
Floating bed design with storage units underneath

by Mark English Architects

High ceiling and accents of wood add to the beauty of this master bedroom

by Square Three Design Studios

No matter where you live all architecture is dictated by gravity. The magnetism of the floating bed comes from this apparent illusion that allows one to believe that they have defied this basic principle. Here there is another power that actually dictates the image of the design- Imagination!

Plush floating bed surrounded by wooden surfaces
Stylish contemporary bedroom with giant wooden floating bed
Built-in storage units under the floating bed help hide away the mess!

by Moon Design + Build

Extreme and exclusive floating bed with jaw dropping design
Interesting chandelier and ample views surround this floating bed

by Audrey Matlock Architects

Offering a Panoramic View

Contemporary residences and villas are all about offering a perfect view of the world outside. Most modern home owners and architects are spending a whole lot of effort and dough on getting the best possible view. Floating beds bring the additional advantage of being able to give those within a 360-degree view as they can be pretty much placed anywhere in the room. While traditional bed designs are often relegated to one of the walls or corner, you can position your exquisite floating bed right in the middle of your stunning bedroom surrounded by floor-to-ceiling glass windows.

Graceful and stylish floating bed can help lighten up the interiors of a small bedroom

by Susan Kennedy Design

Minimalist floating bed in white surrounded by dark wooden surfaces
Modern bedroom sporting a chic floating bed design

A floating bed is an ideal piece of furniture. It is a relaxing device that helps you kick out your woes. It is a piece of art that adds to its surroundings. Most essentially its image fills you with a sense of delight and calm.

Gorgeous modern bedroom in black and white with beautiful floating bed

by Imagine Living

Magnetic floating bed for the rich and lavish!
Compact and simple floating bed design perfect for the space-conscious urban bedroom
A floating bed in the center of the room gives the best possible views

by Bertram Architects

Sleek modern bedroom design with lovely lighting and a floating bed

Perception is Reality

Floating beds come in a wide variety of forms and you can even add wooden accents and surfaces to complement their design. This allows homeowners to incorporate floating beds into any existing theme that they are already employing. Most essential, though, smart design and savvy interiors are all about creating the right ‘perception’. If you live in a small studio apartment or a place that has limited space, floating beds can give your bedroom a fresh and light impression, especially if you choose one of the more suitable floating bed ideas.

Simple Floating bed design tucked away cleanly under a sloping roof

by Stanislav Ermolenko

Tranquil and spacious bedroom with compact floating bed

by Abramson Teiger Architects

Queen-size floating bed in a sophisticated and ergonomic bedroom

by FORMA Design

Floating beds are all about turning up the style quotient of your bedroom by several notches. They give your home an unconventional and revolutionary look. It is all about blending in modern minimalism with a warm and inviting atmosphere to achieve the perfect look.

Uber minimalist floating bed design with wall support
Playful bedroom design with a colorful floating bed


Modern floating bed in a soothing setting
Elegant bedroom with a stylish floating bed

by David Gray Architects

Open bedroom design with a minimalist touch

by Diego Bortolato

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