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Elegant Melbourne Home Blends Luxurious Interiors With Beautiful Terrace Views

Melbourne is widely regarded as one of the best cities on the planet to live in. This gorgeous 4-bedroom house in the suburbs of this fabulous city is indeed designed for those who wish to live it up in style. One of the most apparent and amazing features of this lovely residence is the simplicity and pleasant atmosphere it exudes from the outset.

While most contemporary homes tend to go too far on an ultra-sleek design, there is a wonderful amalgamation of form and functionality here. The designers of the space have achieved this fine balance by using glass windows in an extensive manner.

bright bedroom with garden

ultra chic living room decor

The presence of a well-placed glass window in every single room allows for ample ventilation, while also keeping those inside visually bonded with the fresh and green surroundings. In some rooms, multiple giant glass windows have been employed to increase this connectivity. Large and flowing interiors seem even more spacious as one single tone of white has been used throughout.

An ergonomic contemporary kitchen, beautiful décor also sporting neutral shades and a splattering of wooden surfaces along with the flooring give the home a warm and inviting appearance. The bedrooms utilize sliding glass doors so that one can enjoy the lovely breeze outside on a lovely Melbourne evening. A terrace that promises unabated views of the city and its ever-changing sights and sounds tops off this luxury home. Currently awaiting its new owners, it could be yours if you hurry! [On sale with RTEdgar]

cozy living room decor

ultra sleek kitchen design

kitchen design in cappuccino shades

bright interiors

bright hallway design

small relaxing area

simple living area design

ultra-modern bathroom design with garden

stylish bathroom decor

melbourne residence


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