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35 contemporary teen workspace ideas to fit in perfectly with modern interiors

Long gone are those days when you just put together a table and chair in some corner of your teenage kid’s bedroom and asked him to use it has his work space. In fact, there were times when some of us simply pulled a chair up to a little space around the kitchen counter or even dining room and got the work done.

Modern homes are a lot more sophisticated, well organized and cater to the needs of everyone and having a work station seems like an absolute must in the age of the laptops and PCs.

Sophisticated and trendy teen room in the attic with workspace

Being a teen is definitely not all about just games, fun and partying. You also need to get some serious work and studying done (when necessary, of course). That is precisely where these lovely work spaces come in, the 35 workstation ideas on display here have a little something for everyone and will perfectly fit in with the rest of your stylish and suave interior.

Beautifully arranged boys home office
Bedroom design idea with integrated teen workspace

By Sergi Mengot

Boys work space with ample storage
Boys work station with a sturdy and strapping look
Chic girls home office space with varied colors and texture
Classy and compact teen girl work station

by Cindy Rinfret / Photography by Michael Partenio

Contemporary Teenage work space in the attic
Compact teen work space for those with an eye for fashion

Individual themes for everyone

Interiors designers with a creative outlook and home owners with growing expectations has ensured that there are a multitude of options when it comes to setting up a workstation. You can pretty much opt for a custom design that is exclusively crafted to meet your specific demands in terms of space, features, storage options, color palette and themes.

The idea is to create a distinct space that is ergonomic, convenient and seamlessly integrates with the rest of the décor as well.

Cute and personal teen work station
Ergonomic and beautiful work station in cool gray
Expressive teen work space clad in black and white
Exquisite teen girls home office space in gentle shades
Fashionable white and blue teen work space
Gorgeous teen work station in an improvised living space
Home workstation for boys showcases love for sports
Lavish teen bedroom with a sleek workstation
Mini Studio workspace for the tech savvy teens

Maximize the available space

Modern homes do put space at an absolute premium and just like we discussed in case of the collection of 40 under stairway storage space ideas, here is another great opportunity to use the space remaining in your home to the absolute hilt. A teen work station can be integrated in various settings that vary from a small little corner in their own bedroom to the attic that promises loads of room and great ventilation.

At the end of the day, it all depends on where your kid is most comfortable working! It could even be a DIY desk

Minimalist work station in stylish black and white
Modern Teen work space in neutral shades

by Marie Burgos Design / Photography by Francis Augustine

Multifunctional bedroom that sports space-saving workstation
Organized and functional teen workstation
Red and white teen work space tucked away in a beautiful corner
Sleek Teen Desk Space captured in black and white
Space conscious Teen Study Station
Sports-centric teen room with daft work space

Plan with an eye on the future

There need not be a great amount of difference when it comes to designing for a teen work station in contrast to an adult work space. Remember that it won’t be long before your teenage son or daughter goes out of that phase and that is the time when the workstation might need a bit of a modification so that someone else in the home can use it. Also remember that while they use it, teens prefer plenty of privacy and value it dearly.

So it is best to have the work space installed either in their own bedrooms or some other space where they are not disturbed.

Teen boys work space in lavish deep blue

by TRG Architects

Teen girl bedroom with work space in pink and white
Teen girls work space in simple shades
Teen home work station for those who prefer to tone things down!
Teen work station in white and green
Teen workspace laced with images that bring in inspiration from Hollywood
Trendy boys work station with a passion for sports
Work station designed for teens who dream of exploring the world
Work station in the attic that promises plenty of fresh air!

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